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  1. For me it's zombies.. And I know they're not real but I'm always looking over my shoulder just in case! Doesn't help that friends all play up on it too >.>


    More realistically.. Knowing I'm about to die or something (Like falling from an incredibly high height and watching the ground get closer and closer) *shudder*

  2. First death in an MMO (Final Fantasy XI), I thought that if I clicked return to homepoint it'd be gameover :x Was extremely stupid looking back on it, waited the whole hour hoping for a raise before the game kicked me back to my homepoint just inside the city I was next to ._.

  3. You got that far and then had to restart? That sucks big time D:


    I really enjoyed the later levels, mostly because that is when they started breaking out the real big monsters. Nothing like taking out a tusked tortise elephant to make you feel like a badass.


    Without summons, btw.

    Heh, I only tried one of those things the once.. It ended very quickly lol


    This time around I have a better idea of the best ways to upgrade weapons and stuff at least smile.gif It's made a big difference to how quickly I've breezed through the chapters up to this point.


    Looking forward to landing on Pulse, was my favourite part of the story. I just know I'm going to be so tempted to do all the cieth stone things and I'll never get around to part 2 though!

  4. @Fortune86


    I've just started chapter 10, though I have been as far as Orphan's Cradle in another save, only the xbox broke and I had to start over :/


    These last few chapters are the longest

  5. I own:


    Final Fantasy IX

    Final Fantasy X

    Final Fantasy X-2

    Final Fantasy XI

    Final Fantasy XII


    I've played some of 7 and 8 as well, but wasn't so keen on them.. My overall favourite is 9 though, and I absolutely love 11, the online game! I've been playing it for 5 years now and I'm still not bored tongue.gif I'm looking forward to 13 and the new online game, 14 :3