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  1. I re did my wreath but it is full of rubbish >> dragcave.net/wreath/Tigdra
  2. oWAY5 - Oh Ways QrBeb - I always see "Dr Bob" WDIeD - Who Died? Di5NY - Disney A373A is cool code That's all I can think of
  3. I had some fun with my wreath It looks awesome
  4. Tigdra


    More than 3 teas a day could kill u like u drank any alcohol. That's what my doctor told me after blood test :/ So, I cut it down to 2 a day and lots of water. My liver return to normal now.
  5. Well "Tig" which is Tiger and "dra" which is dragon and I used to write a book about them and I was thinking about name and I put name like puzzle and I was thinking about Dratig but it seems wrong so Tigdra is stuck and I used it everywhere since.
  6. I am fear to be close people or animals dead cos I thought they would come alive and scared me I am fear of bugs, yeah including bees and wasps
  7. I had a worse ones, When I peeled potatoes and I accidently peeled on my inbox finger and the skin was well off, I was shocked and pale. I still have scar on it. When I was 11 years old I went to ice staking with school. I fell over and someone past me and I didn't realise that my forearm was opened and blood everywhere! :| That's all I got, I think.