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  1. I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: 2nd gen PB white Link to lineage: Lineage Gifter: Nadat Recipient: herobrine745 Point Gain: 4 (+8 for purebred, I believe?) My Current Total: 15, so this makes either 19 or 27, I'm not sure. Oh right, and this is a bump to stay in too.
  2. But how many do this? It's so few that it should be a non-issue. Yes, there will be people who get excited. There will also be new arrivals who scoop up eggs and get excited, and then don't get how to raise the eggs for a few rounds, who wind up killing what could be valuable and other people would have wanted. So? What someone does with the eggs they've caught is... what they do with the eggs they've caught. It's part of the game. If someone grabs 7 of these scarlets and locks, then that's what they've done, and they're out of the way of your hunting, now.
  3. None, but still trying, lol. One day.
  4. I spend a fair bit of time in the AP, often if I've just got one egg slot left, because then a misclick doesn't always lock me. I've found a bunch of good eggs there, including CBs.
  5. I would like to join! One of my several magis is here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ODFIW (Also, if you wind up needing magis in the future, I can help provide.)
  6. I have a couple of goals. The first is what I'm getting close to - one CB female and one CB male of every breed possible. I'm a couple breeds short. The second is to get a second pair of each as well, so I can make checkerboards or really just about anything. That's a few more breeds short. The third is to complete my rainbow lineage project. I have all of the dragons I need for it. They just need to cooperate more. I've got http://dragcave.net/lineage/gvqK2 going up and http://dragcave.net/lineage/aePgH going down, and they'll meet at pink. And finally, I want to describe all of my dragons. I'd say I have roughly a hundred or so described, which means I have about 500 to go atm.
  7. I understand wanting it as an option all of the time, but that then creates an alternative mode of hunting, and that's not what this is for. It's to make the biomes move when they're stalled. At all other times the biomes work very well. They're a fantastic addition to the cave. But a few stall out, especially in the evening after-work hours of EST to PST, and this is a suggestion to help move the flow of eggs. Or spice. But mostly eggs.
  8. It might not happen. A lot of suggestions get made and most never get implemented. It's all right if it doesn't happen. I like the idea, but that much is obvious since I made the thread. If it doesn't happen it won't change anything for me. I could certainly support a longer abandon/teleport timer for this. I agree that it shouldn't be a main method. The suggestion isn't to make it easier to get rares. Far more often than not it'll net you a bunch of commons. It's to move the cave when sometimes it sits. This'll never show up in the desert, for instance, rarely show up in alpine or coast. The other places move a lot more slowly, and so it can pop up sometimes.
  9. You still have to be the fastest to click that option. It's an interesting twist, and I've put the suggestion up in the first post (along with much of what's been mentioned through this thread) but as you mention it could be faked, and it does set a preference for one specific group. I'm trying to keep it as fair-for-all as possible.
  10. But you can take the exact same gamble. It's not a gamble that only a few people get. Anyone can take it.
  11. Whoops, sorry about that, PF13! Darth Krande has a point - a max of four would be fair to every user. And I have a gold trophy too, so I'm not skewing it in my favor or something. About multi-scrolling... I know it happens. I see huge lists of "we have all of these on family scrolls!" but there's no getting around it. With a two-minute limit, though, they can't fill up all that fast, and it'd still be competitive. I'm going to go edit the first post to take into account suggestions and concerns both. Editing to add: I'm not sure I'm getting how these are 'free eggs.' Can you explain what you mean? You're still making a click, and you're moving the cave that's been sitting there for a time.
  12. It does reduce the desirability. But someone had a good point about instantly filling up with eggs, and the point of this is to make the biome move. It's still a gamble. Hm. I wonder if there's a way to balance it out. Maybe make someone able to use it only once a week, and they can set the number in their settings...
  13. There are a lot of good comments here. The take two option instead of take x actually sounds the best, because then there's no typing. It keeps the competitiveness to a click. And it can't be abused if there's a two-minute no-biome-movement time limit. Things will have had to sit for a time. It's not like you can fill up all that quickly. They're still clicking. They're still taking risks, and they're still going to, more times than not, wind up with a cave blocker. And while they're looking at the two they got, someone can get whatever else shows up. How is this unfair? You have an equal chance of using the take-x or take-two function. They can still take. It's a two minute wait. Short enough to be worth it, long enough to dissuade everyone sitting and waiting on it. It only pops up when there's been a delay of two minutes. It's not there the whole time. And everyone can still see eggs/click on the ones that are there. ...And then the biome moves. Which is exactly what this is for.
  14. Lots of editing after the dash, keeping the original idea here though. So you're sitting in the Forest/insert place here that isn't desert, hunting with the other 14 people there, and the Forest isn't moving. At all. Hasn't for the last three minutes, and that's a lot of refreshes. You decide to make it move, hoping what pops up is cool. Click the egg, backspace, refresh... and you see That Egg You Wanted but you're too slow to get back to get it. Or you see another one of That Egg You Really Didn't Want Because You Have Five Billion and there's another long pause as no one clicks anything. Here's the suggestion: a button that shows up after (two minutes?) of a biome not moving at all, saying take next [x] eggs. You click it, enter the amount that you want AND have room for, and it takes that right-most egg as well as the other couple behind it. Say you have four egg slots. You can type 4 into the pop-up and you get the right-most egg that's been sitting there and the three queued after it. They may be all the type you don't want. They may be awesome. Either way, you've just wagered *and* made the cave move at the same time. Say you have 7 egg slots but don't want to risk locking yourself, so you just enter 5 in and get five eggs. This idea may be too code-intensive. It does take away some of the thrill of hunting. But I think it might be safe to say I'm not the only one who fills up six of seven egg slots with eggs they don't particularly want while making a biome move, only to wind up with no one else moving it. --------------------------------------- Editing to add: -It's the first to hit the button, keeping the competitive nature of egg hunting. -The right-most caveblocker is always one of them, so there is a visible change to anyone who does not take this option. -If people click eggs to get the biome moving to avoid the take-x or take-two option showing up... then the biome is still moving and that's exactly what we want. -Suggestion: Instead of take [x] and requiring someone to take a certain number, the suggestion of a 'take two' button sounds a lot more practical. One takes the egg that's been sitting there for two minutes and the one after it. ---Further Suggestion: is that you can choose, in your scroll settings, to have it fill up your available egg slots, up to a max of four so that it's fair for people of all trophy levels. (I do like this one and support it) -Suggestion: Only available to people with slower connections. I'm not sure if this would still move the biome as much, and it does give preference to a set group. -Suggestion: Longer abandon/teleport timer for those who take this option, ten hours to a day or two. This sounds like it would bring a really good balance to it, and make it a heavier decision. I like the day idea. -Concern: Makes multi-scrolling easier. The two-minute time limit may help with this? -Concern: Unfair. Except anyone can take the option. -Concern: What happens if someone hits it/hits and types at the same time? Same thing as happens when two+ people hit an egg at the same time - the fastest gets it. -Concern: People clicking eggs randomly to make the option never show up. This still gets the biome moving, and it could be good. -Concern: People winding up with more CBs that they don't want, only to abandon later. I think hunting does this anyway; when I make the forest move I've already got enough waterwalkers and ochredrakes and harvests. I drop them after five hours. I don't know if there's a way to avoid this. -Concern: These eggs will be 'free', or unclicked on directly. There's still clicking going on, but if this is a problem then it's a problem. I've not heard of this before so I have no idea of a response at this time.
  15. 144321 And my first egg stolen was Sept. 22nd, 2008.
  16. My scroll's family name is Fate. Every dragon, except the two lineages I made with specific names to match a theme, has it. The inbred dragons are a'Fate. Some of my breeds have different themes as well: Pinks are named after pink flowers. Reds are alphabetical, two times around. Valentine's are "I love you" in different languages. Nebula are named after Nebula. Ridgewings are named after mountains. Dorsals are named after Centauri characters from Babylon 5. Otherwise a lot of them are named after breed characteristics.
  17. There are thousands of players. Tinsels are already not all that rare, but CB and 2nd gen will likely always be on the rarer side, and thus always have some value.
  18. Holiday breeding does not seem to be on; just bred a ribbon dancer with a red and got a red.
  19. It has started. Go to your scroll and you'll see the header and links to begin.
  20. Because this way there's an actual fair chance for everyone, especially as peoples' tastes differ when it comes to decorations. This is equal; you have one chance for every day you visit. The other wasn't, especially when some trees glitched and suddenly wound up with all the ornaments and things on them even after someone spent a lot of time decorating. I would know. My tree was one of the ones that flipped out after I submitted it.
  21. I did that just yesterday, forgot I was in Volcano and thought I saw a stripe. But with more eggslots it's even less of an annoyance. So one was taken overnight; I could drop it in the morning and find something else, and I still had more than four eggs. I think what I'm saying is that it used to be annoying, but now it's not.
  22. I'd vote for the paragraph symbol, and I think this is a very good idea.
  23. Except if one biome is blocked by balloons for a time you can move to another to look for CBs, and by the time you wander back to that biome there's a good chance of it being cleared out and moving again.
  24. Collector/Breeder. I want at least one of every kind, but I also want to breed them for people. And I don't need them to all be CB, because I just plain like dragons. ...And then I guess I'm a bit of a hoarder because I keep every nebula I come across, CB to inbred. They're my favorite.