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  1. Once I did the classic "tie down the squirt-nozzle on the kitchen sink so they get sprayed when they turn it on" trick. Except the rubber band I used was too tight, so it wound up breaking the squirt-nozzle! It's a good thing we didn't use it much.


    Next April Fool's I intend to enlist my mom's help e-mailing out this report. I wish

    I didn't have to be at college, 'cause I know some of our friends(one in particular who believes everything she reads) are gonna fall for it hard.

  2. I'm allergic to lanellen(or however it's spelled), which is a chemical used in liquid soaps and lotions. Nowadays it's just in the really perfumey stuff, but about ten years ago(when we figured out I was allergic) it was in almost everything. Luckily it's not a severe allergy, I just get mild eczema.


    I'm also pretty sure I'm allergic to pollen and/or dust, since I sneeze so often.

  3. Mine is a mess. I've got lots of boxes of stuff I don't use all over the place, plus the two bins of stuff I DO use that I brought from college. And all the random stuff on the foot of my (unmade) bed. I actually manage to keep my dorm room fairly clean, though.