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  1. What Christmas dragons do you need to catch this year? Looking for any particular lineage?


    Just a Holly and the new release. Don't really care about lineages.


    What are you planning on breeding your Christmas dragons with (If you have any)? What lineages are they?


    My Snow Angel is paired with a White. His lineage is kinda messy, but its short and has a lot of rares in it. My Ribbon Dancer is paired with a CB Neotropical, and my Winter Magi is paired with a CB Royal Blue.


    Are you planning on gifting, trading, or dumping your bred Xmas eggs in the AP?


    *Points to sig* I'm planning on gifting them, but I don't have any recipients yet. If I don't get any I'll probably just throw them in the AP and hope for the best.


    What do you think this year’s event will be?


    No clue.


    What do you think this year’s dragon’s theme will be? What are you hoping to see in it?


    Again, no clue.

    Which is your favorite Xmas breed?


    Holly! I was devastated when the Yulebucks were first revealed because I couldn't get one easily.

    What are you favorite Christmas pairings?


    Meh, lineages aren't really my thing. I only bother when I know I'm going to gift the eggs. I am happy with my Winter Magi x Royal Blue, though.

    How difficult do you think the holly hunt will be this year?


    As hard as it was last year, at least. Which means I'm probably not going to get one sad.gif