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  1. Even though my pygmies are smaller than the other dragons, I probably wouldn't sketch it smaller. Even if you tried to draw the sprites to scale, a pygmy would be barely visible while a stone would take up half the screen. (Oops! I'm supposed to be inactive... eh, whatever...)
  2. I love Chicken Smoothie. I usually play it for the forums more than the pets, though.
  3. I added the rest. Sorry for being away for a while.
  4. I totally support this idea. There are so many great descriptions that can't exist, simply because there are no question marks.
  5. Lately, I've been doing pretty good concerning breeding. I've gotten about a 7/10 ratio.
  6. oceandragonz


    I didn't realize allying with the Grox would make everyone hate me. Now I'm faced with an infinite number of empires who hate me.
  7. I just bred my dragons, they had an egg but I forgot I was locked and it got auto-abandoned. Its code was hhola....
  8. I had a dream where the dragons that I killed for zombieness (only the ones that disintegrated) teamed up and chased me through a meadow with all kinds of bunnies. "I'M SORRY, Shiny! It was for SCIENCE!" (Quote from my dream)
  9. I LOVE the new Shadow Walker dragons, especially the description. I can't wait until mine grows up.
  10. I love all of the water horses, and for some reason I draw water horse feet on practically everything I do now. They're so easy and round. I also like the deep sea dragons VERY much, and the white and zombie hatchlings are the cutest things ever.
  11. This is real. It made me laugh. if you don't get it, look at the URL.
  12. Dragon's Code: SXIg Name Proposed: Tininess Breed of Dragon: Pygmy Stage of Dragon: Frozen S2 Female Hatchling Description (optional): (It says optional.) Other Things to be Said: It's tiny. Dragon's Code:7MKi Name Proposed: Rawr Breed of Dragon: Red Stage of Dragon: Adult Male Description (optional): (See above.) Other Things to be Said: Wow, CB.
  13. I also cannot catch rares. Whenever one shows up, I'll just kind of stare at it for twenty seconds.
  14. Wow! I would have expected this to be dead by now! I added the new names. Thomasgold, I couldn't get to your dragon for some reason, so I didn't add it in case it doesn't actually exist for some reason or other.
  15. Awww. RIP all of your dragons that died.
  16. I tried with practically all of my extremely common dragons- massive amounts dodged the blade, so I moved on. Here are my actual deaths/zombies. Purple dragon-dust Hellfire Wyvern-dust Sunsong Amphiptere- dust Night glory drake- Zombified Pillow dragon- Zombified
  17. Am I weird that I have clicked on every single boss and looked at them all? The Enderman in that video scarred me for life.
  18. Watch this. I'm going to make an enemy of practically everyone in Dragon Cave in one small paragraph. I'm a little scared. I actually like the cave blockers. Why, you ask? If they weren't there, Dragon Cave wouldn't be a challenge. If we weren't blocked from picking up the decent eggs by the cave blocker eggs, the decent eggs would get boring- possibly even become cave blockers themselves. If we all managed to get the rare eggs easily, they wouldn't be rare. Practically the only challenge in Dragon Cave would be getting neglecteds, zombies and possibly tinsels, although in the next few years they might get gradually more common. Plus, they give us something to complain about. I mean, it would be nice if there were a few less, but I'm happy with it right now. I'm hiding in my bunker preparing to be bombed by the army of people who disagree with me.
  19. I do agree with this. The BSA's would definitely prove to me that freezing hatchlings isn't putting them in a block of ice and keeping them like that (what I originally thought when I first started out and saw the action). However, the idea of giving the hatchlings BSA's does seem a bit illogical to me, as it seems like if it was done for practicality and getting a BSA quicker, most people would simply wait the three days and it would practically make no difference. Sorry if this doesn't make sense in anywhere but my already confusing mind. Overall though, if you are too lazy to read the above giant paragraph, I would support this idea.
  20. Dear Journal I am not quite sure why I am writing this. Maybe it is for fun. Maybe I'm doing it because I think I'll need it in the future. Maybe I'm doing it to help fill the hazy spots of memory in my life. My memories are hazy. My name is Dark Misfit, which fits me perfectly. I don't remember much as an early hatchling or an egg. My master has researched my lineage and found that my mother was a geode dragon and my father was a black dragon, like me. However, the differences between us were immense, the biggest being that he was the rare 'alt' black, meaning that he was much darker, much smoother, much sleeker than me. I was, and am, a simple common black dragon, with nothing interesting to define me. My master and I assume I was abandoned because of this, because I didn't possess this incredible beauty. My memory starts stumbling around a pile of eggs, all of them abandoned by other masters. I think there was a day glory there, but I am not sure. I was soon picked up and given a home in the large network of caves on the side of a cliff where I live now. I was raised with quite a few other hatchlings, although I only clearly remember one. Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover, a female geode dragon, always stood out to me. The other dragons often show aggression towards me because I am a natural warrior. It is true, I often feel the need to fight and am good at it as well, but that doesn't mean fighting is my life. It's gotten to the point where I have moved deep within the network of caves, living in a small private cave that can barely fit me curled up. However, I love it here. What else could I do? It's the only thing I know of life.
  21. If spiders didn't exist, we'd all be overrun by insects. Interesting fact I've known for about as long as I can remember.
  22. Well, I guess they're shiny. And they (at least used to be) are very rare. Ok, you guys might yell at me for this, but I think that they are a bit boring- my favorite part of the dragons is the description, and tinsels have none of their own.
  23. I pair my dragons up, but I always end up breaking the rules and breeding with others.
  24. Thanks. Do you mind if I take that form?