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  1. My personal experience tells me something different, but I'm not a coder so I can't back that up with numbers. There is a noticable slow down when refreshing, and if the ad starts to load before you can refresh again, the page will not refresh until the ad finishes loading. I don't know how it would affect your monetary income, but have you considered removing ads from the biomes and the abandoned page? Leave them on all other pages, but remove them from the pages that we hunt on. Those of us stuck with slower internet speeds would be very appreciative.. my DSL is wonky enough already and our lines are NOT fiberoptic.
  2. Truth is, thanks to TJ's inactivity and unresponsiveness, I've pretty much quit playing DC. A game that doesn't expand and improves dies.. and I'm watching DC die. I think DC would be better off if TJ would sell it to someone who actually cares.
  3. Yeah, that's part of the problem. We discuss things over and over and over, and TJ doesn't tell us anything.. not what he plans, not what he will or won't do, etc. etc. etc. Most of the time I feel like everything we say, we might as well have not said anything at all. We've been discussing things for over a week.. TJ has said a few things, but hasn't really told us anything. Can anyone point to any one thing that TJ said he will or won't do? Not a clarification, not an explanation.. just any one thing that he has planned and is telling us about. Personally, I think everything he has said, has just been to confuse the issues. I think he enjoys confusing us and leading us on.
  4. Most definitely, because even if we 'knew' something was in the works, we'd still be surprised when it actually happened. And with my memory, I would have forgotten all about it anyway by the time it happened, lol.
  5. I'd like a few sprite updates myself... BUT not sprite 'changes'.. keep the poses, keep the colors, but fix the anatomy issues and improve the shading. I agree with all the breeds on olympe's list, except the balloons.. Seasonals definitely need improving, but I LOVE the Balloons as is; they've totally adorable and I love their silly smile.
  6. I will occasionaly like something on YouTube, but it is very rare. That said, I would prefer that a like/dislike system NOT be added to DC. Too much of a popularity contest and we have enough trolls already.
  7. How long does it take for a dead dragon name to be removed from the database? The dragon in question has been dead since Oct 04, 2016 .. https://dragcave.net/view/8lHRT and I'd like to reuse it's name, but 'the ink keeps disappearing' Can you name a dragon after it has been turned into an Undead Dragon? (aka Zombie)
  8. Probably asked thousands of times, but I sure as heck can't remember the answer..... How do I check to see if a name is already taken?
  9. So how about a straight answer? Are you going to go back to the original thing... some folk have alts, some don't and alt owners will always breed alts, but only if they stay on their scroll? Are the alts going to be retired? (My personal preference) Or are you going to keep the new method that makes alt owners even more special because they can have alts AND pinks. (Which pretty much pisses everyone off) Make a decision, stick with it and don't screw up again. I'm totally sick of your waffleing and wish you'd listen to us for a change.
  10. I wish he'd gone ahead and retired the black sweetlings. The original reason for giving them out was stupid anyway.. it would have been easier to replace them with pinks to start with, then we wouldn't even be having this issue. Now he's gone and made it even MORE unfair.. so I'd rather he just retire them completely and let everyone be pissed.. that seems like what he wants anyway; for no one to be happy.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I've got the badge, so I'm not worried about anything else. But I shouldn't have to use a different browser or turn off my ad block to participate in an event, that's bad coding IMO.
  12. OK, what am I missing? All of my Dragons (33) are grayed out and I only have 66 flowers.. and not all of them have flower images, just blank boxes. Is this another case of my ad blocker messing with the event?
  13. It's definitely that 'you can breed in 1 day' thing that is so annoying. Let's say I bred my dragon at 10:42am on Tuesday 02/06/18.. why can't the system say, you can breed again at 10:42am on Tuesday 02/13/18. The clock is already coded in the system The calendar is already coded in the system The 7 day wait is already coded in the system So why isn't the exact info we need already available?
  14. Sorry, but 'Because I Said So' sounds like either a frustrated parent or a petulant child that doesn't want to deal with something. And IMO, that is NOT the response we'd like to hear from a responsible site owner.
  15. State of the Cave/frequent update or newsletter on potential changes, etc. cave wide polls or surveys more communication from TJ with users/more input into site threads more communication between TJ and mods addition of more mods/global mods/site coders/mediator between TJ and users advance warning about changes less deletion of posts/censorship more openness about the site more power to mods more communication from mods extended communication within threads after TJ "vetoes" a suggestion/topic instead of sudden closures 2-week feedback after the implementation of a change mods compiling a list of suggested changes for TJ to review, which result in him weighing in on the topic tell people in advance/request feedback about sprite changes have a mod (s)/designated person look over news posts to make sure that TJ is as clear as possible have additional work delegated to mods instead of just falling on TJ more openness between mods and users about the site more communication about suggestions/requests that have been around for years team work Interesting list, but it all boils down to one basic thing... TJ needs to quit being so secretive. But before everyone says I'm an idiot, I don't mean about new releases.. that kind of secrecy is good, and we expect and anticipate it. What I mean is that everything revolves around TJ talking to us.. not just the mods.. EVERYONE. He needs to explain himself and give us solid reasons behind his no's and his yes's. I'm sorry, but I'm not 5 years old and the 'because I said so' excuse doesn't work for me.. and it shouldn't work for anyone else either, unless you like being treated like a child.
  16. The problem has been known for AGES... the ratios are BROKEN, and have been for years. 'In The Beginning' the ratios did a lot of different things, including keeping rares rare. But as the user base grew, the ratios couldn't keep up with demand... I 'think' they've been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked, or at least TJ has hinted at it.. but I don't think the tweaks are working anymore. The coding probably started out simple, then grew complicated over time... and now I think it should be retired and a new system put up in it's place. Just as a point, the abandoned page used to be EMPTY FOR HOURS at a time.. we celebrated successful breedings and players scrambled for the extra eggs (this was when multi-clutches were standard). Today we have so many eggs available that they DIE on the AP. There was also a time when we cursed the AP for blocking the main Cave, because there was only 1 Cave. Ten years is a long time and many things have changed... so why not change today's problem? The broken breeding system
  17. Why not simplify the breeding mechanics.. common x common - 50/50 common x uncommon - 75/25 common x rare - 90/10 uncommon x rare - 50/50 to get an egg at all, 90/10 otherwise rare x rare - only 10% to get an egg at all, then 50/50 on which rare breed is produced Then it doesn't matter what breeds are involved, it's based on rarity.
  18. I still prefer TABS, as in something like old windows folders. I don't mind sorting things one at a time, if by doing so I can sort the way I want and not some arbitrary 'group'. I want total and complete control over how I sort my dragons. Other players got the tags/groups they wanted, so let me have my tabs/folders.
  19. It's not the Mods fault.. I say again, the problem is TJ and his ego. He won't relinguish ANY control over anything site related, and the game is stagnating because of it. Similar discussion on another site has led to some conclusions.. pixel collecting games like this, just aren't as popular as they once were and the decline is affecting EVERY similar game. However, the other site is doing everything it can to hold player interest and improve their game.. even if it wasn't something they originally wanted/didn't want to do. They have done what was needed to improve their game, keep player interest and still maintain the integrity of the game, without making the game something totally different from the original intent. TJ could do the same thing, if he wanted to.. but he's more concerned with maintaining control than improving the game.
  20. Every other complaint/suggestion aside, the biggest problem I see is TJ himself. As long as TJ is the big, bad wolf and the only person making decisions, it's always going to be TJ's way or the highway.. regardless of what any of the rest of us think. I've been here almost from the beginning and TJ spends less and less time with the site.. and since he got a real job it's been even worse. But until he realizes that the game is bigger than one person, nothing is going to change. So if TJ would just allow someone else to handle the day to day stuff, with full powers, maybe we'd have a better game. Until then, I'll just ignore almost everything, like I have for the last several months..
  21. My personal preference isn't popular.. get rid of black sweetlings altogether.. so meh for that. I think the best option would be to have them act like spriters ALTs.. only the original owner has caveborn blacks, but the rest of us could get 2nd gens. Otherwise, just put it back like it was.. the new fix is worse than the original problem.
  22. I'm not near as active as I used to be, but I don't see a downside to this suggestion. So yes, 100% support.
  23. Sounds like a good idea.. I'd just change it to adding a whole row, instead of just an extra egg.
  24. Totally unfair as usual. Retirement SHOULD have been implemented and all ALT sweetlings disappeared. They should NEVER have been released in the first place, and they should not be continued.