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  1. Yeah me too! I'm really sad there's nothing else tbh. I let the dragon eat me because I already have one upside-down Mint from last year and I'm happy with just one, so I gave someone else a chance
  2. This bad luck has been unbroken since August. I need Sunset offspring from these three dragons... I'm about ready to give up! I cannot BELIEVE I still haven't had a Sun egg from ANY of these pairs!
  3. I'm on Android, just downloaded Firefox Mobile to see if anything worked that way but nope it's having exactly the same problem as Chrome on mobile. Can't even access the sidebar menu on either of em
  4. Not only does the filter by, the sort by and the groups menu not work for me, I ALSO can't even access the main menu (I'm on mobile) 😑
  5. I saw - and missed - two CB Ice Dragons within the space of an hour today 😭 I swear I clicked as fast as I can! What the hell man!
  6. Anyone else suddenly having their new pigmy eggs show up as hidden, even when they're not?
  7. I'm sure this has been asked 1000 times before, but I can't find the answer ANYWHERE: What happens when I make an offer on a trade, but I can't currently accept the trade because I'll be egglocked? In other words, if I'm egglocked and I offer a hatchling in exchange for an egg... Does the trade host get blocked when they try to accept the offer?
  8. Can anyone give me some idea of how rare Leetle Trees are these days? I remember them being one of the very rarest things when I was on here back in 2013, but now, I've actually seen TWO in the cave within the past 5 DAYS - and I spend very little time in the cave! Anyone else managed to catch one recently after years of never seeing one? I'm curious as to whether I'm incredibly lucky or not!
  9. Wait, this is a reference? I literally just saw that description. Oh, is it that really weird anime that's getting a live-action film soon?
  10. By the way guys, as you may have noticed I am now officially BACK from a six month hiatus and am now reviewing and writing descriptions once more! I still won't be using the forums much because I'm on Tumblr now but I might occasionally pop up here if I get any particularly amusing comments on my descriptions... like this one. •Accept: Interesting... o_O ~D I see I continue to baffle Dimar with my silly fandom references Just Google "sober Gamzee" if you're interested... Honk. Oh and I might as well post my other Grave Dragon description while I'm here: •Accept: Haha, puns. ~D Thanks Dimar! Almost all my Grave Dragons have stupid pun names, I might describe some more of them soon. EDIT: Oh my God I can't stop laughing at this comment I got on another Grave Dragon: •Accept: Nice! ~G •Accept: DO THE MONSTER MASH! •Accept: I need another Halloween Dragon called "Do The Monster Mash" now! Thanks for making me laugh, anonymous commenter! And thanks ~G too, whoever you are.
  11. Oh well, I guess I might as well join in... But PonPonPon is better than the Caramelldansen song! Ponpon dashite shimaeba ii no zenzen shinai no tsumaranai desho heddofon kakete rizumu ni nosete Wayway akete atashi no michi wo ~
  12. Definitely. I can't stand the Caramelldansen thing.
  13. This. Exactly this. I'm the only one who ever actually contributes in History, and I know all the answers, but I find it SO ANNOYING that no-one ever says anything OTHER THAN ME. It's so embarassing just giving the answer for EVERY SINGLE QUESTION and now everyone thinks that I'm stopping everyone else from making a contribution. DAMN YOU HISTORY SET WHY ARE YOU ALL SO DAMN USELESS
  14. Well, it's not showing on this computer, so... nope.
  15. Are those girls really doing the Carameldansen thing? Oh Lord...
  16. Oh wow, so many amazing people around right now! This place is awesome.