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  1. Bit late with this, but many thanks to @Sacred_DuskRose & @Dracaena for the lovely dragons.
  2. Adopted, thank you! Hope next time you get your purple!
  3. Thanks for a great exchange @Aqub Love my Xeno, thank you @Sunrunner You're most welcome @Terces & @purplehaze
  4. Adopted, thank you! My friend collects / breeds prizes, so I'll offer it to her first, if she's not got this bloodline she'll breed me a prize from it. If she's got the bloodline, then I'll lovingly keep in my own horde.
  5. Thank you @Sunrunner I love the xeno! Thank you @Dracleia I love the yellow-crowned, those are great coded parents! As always love the exchange @Aqub😎
  6. Since all three were still here, I adopted them all, thank you! ----- Also adopted the hellhorse, thanks @GalacticSketch!
  7. Thank you @Terces, I love the white egg, its such a pretty lineage, + I've not got that spiters alt. grandparent. Also thank you to the anonymous person for the xeno, its the perfect mate, for a silver that I got from another anonymous person the exchange before last. You're welcome @Dracleia (that's such a cool name!)
  8. Thank you @Dragoness I love Eastern's especially the silvers. I've not got a mate, but hope to rectify that asap! Thank you @Natayah for the xeno, I'm pretty sure that its my first linage (a lovely one to!), with an Alt. Yule in! This is a fun game, dragons willing, I'll be entering again next week. Glad you like the Spessartine @purplehaze
  9. Entered. Such a fun event, thanks for creating it Aqub.
  10. Thank you @Purplehaze & to whomever supplied my bonus gift! I'd have loved whatever I was lucky enough to get, but both types happen to be faves of mine! Thanks again. I'll be playing next week.
  11. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered -- Doris Day
  12. Thanks Hazeh! 😃 Oh I totally agree. I am looking forward the next season and seeing how they play it out. I'd type more, but have done a bit too much on here / in chat and hurt my hands.
  13. Just finished reading the Mercy Thompson (10 books) / Alpha and Omega (5 books) book series + an anthology book by Patricia Briggs, they're all set in the same universe and tie into each other. This is my third time reading some of them, I'm impatiently waiting for March next year which is hopefully when 11th Mercy book will come out. The last A & O book just came out and she's rumoured to have a book starring a couple of side characters coming out before the Mercy book, since I really like those side characters in their couple of appearances, I'm also impatiently waiting for that book. I'm trying to decide what to read now, of those series that have stuff coming out, its still not out, so trying to figure out if I want to re-read them and then be even more impatiently waiting for the next books!