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  1. Ohh I didn't see him? earlier, adopted, thank you!
  2. Adopted, thank you! @biruko Black#2 were still there, so I also adopted them, thank you!
  3. Adopted, thank you! I grow all to adults, so they'll be fine.
  4. Adopted, thank you! Interesting fact.
  5. Adopted, thank you! ---------------- Thanks @elihris adopted the undine hatchie.
  6. Adopted, thank you! I'm really adding to my army of black dragons today.
  7. Adopted the 2nd one, thank you -------------------------- Adopted 1st of the 2nd batch of Corina eggs, thank you @GalacticSketch
  8. Bit late with this, but many thanks to @Sacred_DuskRose & @Dracaena for the lovely dragons.
  9. Thanks for a great exchange @Aqub Love my Xeno, thank you @Sunrunner You're most welcome @Terces & @purplehaze
  10. Thank you @Sunrunner I love the xeno! Thank you @Dracleia I love the yellow-crowned, those are great coded parents! As always love the exchange @Aqub😎