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My Scroll -- GMT-0 (DC+5) --  Returned 25/5/18! -- Happy to breed & gift, just pm me with who you'd like me to try breeding for you! (FYI my stripes refuse to breed stripes, but I'm willing to try 'em.) -- if locked, will breed asap -- IOU friendly -- I love to adopt homeless 'breedable' hatchlings of any lineage. ---- I grow all to adults & name asap. -- Current goals: 1 of each version of breedables. -- Missing: 4? variants + Most holidays + Sinomorph. -- My scroll is sorted by name using 'titles' = CB (cva/i) / Lineage (lna/i  - with X means ended) / PB (pra/i) / Hybrid (pral/il)/ Messy (xmsa/i) / Inbred (xxiba/i)

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    If I have egg space & the types you need bred, I'll happily do so. :) -- I'm often egg & /or hatchie locked, so am more than willing to take IOUs if you don't want a gifted egg.

    I'll get back to pms asap -- check my scroll to double check if I've space to breed before you message me please! Unless you don't mind waiting for me to have space.

    Breeding pairs: (CB / PB / Lineage -- those successfully tried so far)
    Autumn (x2)
    Shallow water (both from magi mother x water father)
    Silver Tinsel (4th male) / Spring
    I owe

    Accepted IOUs
    Is being kind enough to wait while I try to get one of each non holiday / get to gold level.

    Dragon names: B'Wolfe = mine -- von = bred by me -- Cva = CB -- Pra = Purebred -- Pral -- 'Purebred' Hybrid from 2gen -- Iba = inbred -- Lna = lineaged -- (ending with) x = can't continue lineage -- Xmsa = messy
    None are off limits if anyone wants me to breed particular dragons for them - these are more to remind me for my own lineage creating.