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http://dragcave.net/user/kitari13I Accept IOUs on Occasion

I own ALT Sweetlings. I accept breeding requests for a nominal fee for Non Holiday breeding.

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    My name is Kit, I dont have much personally but in the end I don't bite over breeding requests. I am willing to breed my two alt sweetlings anytime of the year that is not valentines breeding.

    In general I don't care what happens to eggs I gift or abandon however I do not take kindly to eggs from these dragons dieing. Deaths of requested sweetling fails will most likely result in you never getting another egg from them. I will however take each situation into consideration.

    Other dragons I don't really care what happens to the resulting eggs. I'm just picky about my sweetlings.

    If requesting a breeding feel free to PM me. I breed when I am able and if an egg is bred it needs to be picked up within 24 hours or it becomes vampire food. If you PM me saying you are locked until this and this time, that's cool. I will stave off my blood thirsty vamps for the time being.

    I love biting things. If you have something you dont want but is pretty (such as 2nd gen metals) let me know, I'd gladly bite it. Please keep in mind however I generally do NOT keep bitten eggs so unless you want it back immediately, assuming of course it lives and stays on my scroll, it tends to be gifted or tossed to the AP.

    Vampire biting requests. I Have 2 vampires that are related directly to TJ09's Vampire Wahc Lumfaho Thuwed through Bite Lineage. These dragons are available for bite request on Special Terms only

    I Accept and Give IOUS, unless requested all IOUS from me and to me will be posted below.

    Updated 9.30.14

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    Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/kitari13