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  1. Have: CB blue Zue Want: Any other CB Zue colour. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Yeah that's why I asked about it. I have a few groups of specific dragons, usually contest related species, but it's hard to find species I may only have a handful of.
  3. I know this may be more towards the big collectors, but personally I'd like to see at least a way to go from an encylopedia entry to the dragons of that type that I own. I know I could create groups for each indavidual species, but some I only have 2-3 of, while some of the bigger groups I could have a few hundred of. OR some way to quickly find a specific species. I know this isn't a big deal for someone with only a few hundred dragons, but when you get into the thousands it would be a huge help. It can take me 10+ mins to find a specific dragon because of sheer number.
  4. Okay lowering it to 200 works. Funny how there wasn't any problem before now, but who knows what FF is complaining about.
  5. Yes I have, and I've tried resetting too. I'll try opening the page again maybe that will fix it. But I've tired 5 or 6 times and nothing. Edit: I shut the page down and reopened it. The moment I tried to sort by ungrouped firefox shot back this error at me:
  6. Just started tonight. I've been grabbing eggs for the holly contest, as well as a few others I collect. I went to see which ones I haven't moved to groups yet, and when I try to sort by ungrouped nothing happens. I can sort by BSA, unamed, ready to breed, basically any other sort but ungrouped. Whenever I try, the game just keeps me on the current sort method and doesn't do anything. Never had this problem before not sure what's up.
  7. Finally after three years I got a special mint! Sorry whomever I sent to be eaten.
  8. I would like to join with this group https://dragcave.net/group/84282 Also I have a holly or two I can use as prizes, I'll need to sort though them.
  9. Well all the more reason for that one to last longer so more people get eggs. I mean either way you look at it, people who grab up to 7 are egglocked, there's no way to hatch eggs in 3 days, even with incubate.
  10. Nice got my pair. But one question I have, is why are V-day and X-mas eggs around for three days, while Halloween are only around for 1?
  11. I was wondering if market eggs could end up in the AP? I ask because I have a winter hatchy on my page from the market, that I DID NOT buy. All I can assume is I picked it up from the AP as I tend to grab a number of eggs from there. I just find it odd if this is the case that you can not trade market eggs, but you can abandond them.
  12. Have: All holiday CB EXCEPT hollies, and one of my garlands is bred. Want: Enraged Aegis linage.
  13. This is mine https://dragcave.net/lineage/bdi3n I wanted to do gold instead, but my only CB golds are female.
  14. I got my first CB holly! Been trying to get one since last year, and no luck. Edit: I got TWO! This makes me happy!
  15. I have CBs of everything but hollies and I bred one of my Garland Dragons already. I also have random bred dragons in this group if anything takes your fancy: https://dragcave.net/group/33963 I would like to get my hand on another garland dragon bred with a silver CB dragon.
  16. Have: Green CB Siyat hatchy Want Purple CB Siyat hatchy Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Firstborn Dragon Forum name: Firstborn Dragon Birthday: Dec 15 List: 1. Neglected 2. CB Aeon Wyvern 3a. Any Aeon wyvern any gen 3b.3g Goldxblack 4a. Black hatchy/egg (My favorit dragon) 4b. Guardian hatchy/egg
  18. I would love to see prizes in the market, the problem is as the market is CURRENTLY set up, only players who've raised a certain number of eggs of a given speices can buy them. IE I have 7 paper dragons and STILL can't buy a paper egg, so I'm not sure that as the market is currently working it will help players who have no luck with raffles. I agree some other way of obtaining prize dragons would be amazing. I've been playing 10 years and I only have 8th gens and higher.
  19. I have over 6K and I started 10 years ago. I wouldn't mind a trophy I had to work towards, because even when the last one came out, I just got it.
  20. I have a 2nd gen orange magi egg for anyone who needs one. Offer a dummy egg
  21. Just a note that my scroll isn't linking right. It should have the dragon in the link it seems the site cut the dragon part off my scroll. A Firstborn scroll doesn't exist.
  22. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/15557-firstborn-dragon/ Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/Firstborn Dragon Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/73932 Wishlist: 1. Neglected 2. CB Copper 3. CB Aeon´╗┐ 4. CB Zyumorph (Pink or yellow please) 5. CB Fire Gem 6. Aeon´╗┐, any gen is fine. 7. Any red. Black or guardian hatchy. Breeding abilities: I have most CB dragons, except prizes and hollies. I have plenty of CB vamps as well. I have a fair number of CB blacks, and Uldines to try for alts. Catching abilities: Never have much luck catching anything rare. Trading abilities: If you can trade for things that you can't catch or breed, list those here. Teleport abilities: Plenty of magi, TYVM.
  23. Ohh yes! I was going insaine last night trying to catch even ONE egg, with no luck. Login now and get a full scroll.
  24. Forum name: Firstborn Dragon PM address: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=15557 Okay my Halloweens aren't super organized, but I have some second and possibly 3rd gen BP Black Marrows I can breed. https://dragcave.net/group/71266 shows all my CB ONLY Halloween dragons, these I will trade for swaps. https://dragcave.net/group/31689 shows ALL my Halloween dragons including CBs, these I may be willing to breed for free if they are not CB. I do NOT have any CB prize dragons so please don't ask for these. I have at least one CB of most other dragons, check with me if you need something specific. Willing to breed non Halloween or Halloween offspring, but I want them off my scroll by 11:59 Oct 30 so I can nab new eggs, AND space may be limited as I'd like to nab more Black Marrows.
  25. Let's see my big ones are vamps and blacks. But I'm also partial to armored dragons like Guardians and Plated Colossus.