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  1. Thain had kept his comments to himself about weather they should have practiced with their new found weapons or just charge straight into the dark maws of the Citadel of their enemy. He knew he could trust and follow Castor anywhere as even though he was younger, Thain had always trusted him and knew that Castor was smart enough to get them out of trouble, but as for the rest of their group he just hoped that they could hold their own and not become trouble for the group. He decided that he needed to send up a prayer to the gods so that they could provide safe travels on this dangerous journey. Please hear my call oh mighty gods. I pray that you will guide us on our journey to defeat the Dark Lord Malfaul and provide that we will all return safely. He prayed this in his head as he leaned on the golden hammer. Why should I help you on this journey? I still do not know if your even worthy to wield my mighty power. Thain was puzzled for a moment as he heard the voice in his head and than realized that the gods had finally answered his many prayers. Oh mighty god, why do you doubt your devote servant? Well first, you haven't proven your worthiness to me, so maybe I won't even lend you my power and you'll just end up wielding my majestically crafted hammer. The voice said in his head as it was still reluctant to reveal itself. Thain was getting frustrated with the god's voice and reluctance to help in their journey. Well how can I even trust you? You still haven't identified which god you really are. The voice scoffed him his head. How dare you not recognize your very own patron god, for I am the Minor God of the Forge, Cragnus. Forgive my rudeness. Thain made the symbol of the gods on his chest which made the chain mail he wore under his white cloak chink. I never thought you would ever speak to me personally. It is alright. I guess I will accept your humbleness and will share my power with you. I shall teach you how to wield my powers properly so that you will not have to train like the others may have to. I do hope you can keep up with my teachings or I will have to use you as fuel for my forge. Cragnus told the young blacksmith who now wielded the power of metal in his hands.
  2. (( Sorry I haven't been posting just have not had a great post and didn't want to post anything mediocre in this amazing thread.))
  3. Sep 29: The Day of Archeops in the Reign of Landorus, Season of the Air Sweet a fossil pokemon.
  4. Thain hung onto every word that the priest said as if it was the gods' themselves talking to him. When the priest disappeared back into the sky he leaned on the giant hammer that was at his side and saw that it seemed to be forged of gold with ivory inlay circling the pole and marveled at its design. He hefted the hammer in one hand and it felt lighter than any blacksmite hammer that he had ever felt before but knew that he would still need two hands to wield it properly. He than looked over at Castor as he spoke up and wanted to take the lead which Thain had no problems with as he wasn't much of a leader himself. "Castor, good to see you again my friend. How is that armor my father and I forged for you holding up?" Thain said as he walked up beside his old friend while using the golden hammer as more of a walking stick for now.
  5. (( Thain would be able to repair your sword if it did snap because of his ability to command metal to his will.))
  6. ((Only 3 more spots remaining and if Thael allows for Dragon's reservation than only 2 spots remain. I can't wait for this to get started.))
  7. ((That sounds pretty awesome Thael. I just hope more people can come so that we can get this thread off the ground.))
  8. Username: Monkeyboy225 Character name: Thain Smither Age: 22 Appearance: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/m...6/anime_boy.jpg Personality: Thain believes in always working hard and does not like people who don't pull their own weight. He will take care of anyone he is with only if they will share the work load but he looks down at those who think they should be given everything and not have to do anything for it. He is also a religious person who takes the faith serious even in these dark times filled with shadows. Gender: Male History: He was born into a blacksmith family and was raised to follow in his father's trade and create majestic items out of blocks of metal. He moved with his family to Altain when he was very young so that he doesn't really remember life outside of the city much. He didn't only follow in his father's work but also in his faith and became very religious just like the rest of his family who never lost their faith even when the shadows spread across their city. He tried to stay pure during the time of shadows before the light came back but he wasn't able to hold out and did things he wasn't proud of to protect his family like kill those who threatened them. He now sees the weapons of light as a chance to redeem himself and wants to jump at the opportunity. Weapon: His weapon has the form of a giant square hammer at the end of a long pole that needs to be used by two hands. The trait has not yet shown itself. Other: I think I want to become a hero ((Thaelasan, I've always liked your ideas for plots even while I took a year break I still recognized your name after coming back. I shall leave the trait up to you Thael.))
  9. Thaelasan this looks really amazing. I shall start creating a person right now. Edit: I shall finish my form later tonight after I'm home from work.
  10. Yea, Otto shalll yell and he will yell loud.
  11. Sorry I've been gone. Yard work most of the morning. I'll started reading back on everything that's happened.
  12. ((So, if Polo approached the Enclave wanted to sell them items. They wouldn't attack him and would allow him to enter peacefully?))
  13. The walled city finally came into view after two years of traveling and the man who used his spear as a walking stick have a sigh of relief. "Наконец я сделал это." Petro said to himself in his native tongue has he walked through the large gate in the wall that lead into the city and he pulled his hood down lower over his face so that no one would see that he was of he was from the East. He pulled out a piece of Cyprus paper that Altair had given him that told him the location of the Assassin's HQ when he looked at the paper with his Eagle Sense, he looked at the paper and started to head in the direction that the paper told him to go. Petro walked through the streets and drew odd starts from the people that he pasted as they seemed to not get many people from the North-eastern region of the world. The man finally reached his destination and walked through the doorway that was located in the alley and as he entered the door he looked around and drew odd looks from the assassins that were located in the lounge room at the moment. "I look for leaders." He said with a heavy Russian accent as well as struggled with the Germanic words. He received no answer which made him a little frustrated but pushed it away as these people were his family and plus he probably out-ranked almost everyone that was present. He went over to a dark corner and sat down to eat the last of his food that he had brought for his journey as he waited for a Master. ((Translation: Russian: Finally, I made it.))
  14. Polo entered the Solar System of Dantooine and drifted into orbit around the planet. He took his helmet off and started to stroke his breaded beard as he decided to pay a visit to the Jedi enclave that was stationed on the planet's surface. He punched in the coordinates of the Enclave and watched as the planet continued to get close as he entered the atmosphere and he saw the enclave from the sky. "I hope they like the gifts I brought them and they want to buy some stuff." He said to himself as he looked over at a belt holster which held five Jedi lightsabers that he had found in the old wreckage of that battle which had surprised him.
  15. Username: Monkeyboy225 Name: Petro Gender: Male Age: 25 Birthplace: Moscow, Russia Side: Assassin Position: Assassin Assassin Rank: Fourth Rank Appearance: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/m...aaf1f719df4.jpg Clothing: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/m...ins-creed-1.jpg Weapons: Broad-bladed Spear, Throwing knives Personality: Petro is a very loyal assassin and will follow any order that is given to him. He also has a huge sense of family and sees all assassins within the creed as his family and will defend all of them with his life. Petro is also a very friendly person who enjoys other peoples company and finds it very easy to make new friends no matter where he is. History: Petro was not introduced into the creed but was rather born into it as his father was an assassin while his mother was a peasant farmer in a town close to Moscow. His dad was reassigned to Moscow from China after killing enough noble men in China that he became to well known and had a large enough bounty on his head that mercenaries were hunting him through out China, so the Chinese branch sent him to Russia to get away from the mercenaries. He grew up learning how to kill someone in the most efficient way possible since he could walk. He was always taught that if he couldn't finish his missions than he brought dishonor on his family and shamed the Ancestral spirits as his father taught him from his Chinese heritage. He learned quickly that he did not have much skill with knives, swords or even the hidden blade, but he read up on a famed assassin in China who was called Wei Yu who and used a spear to kill a Qin Emperor and soon picked up on the skill of using spears instead of other weapons. Soon after he reached the age of twenty-two he was ordered by his Master Assassin to head to the Middle East so that he could learn more from the Middle Eastern Branch of Assassins which was also the birthplace of the Creed. After almost a year of traveling to the Middle East, he found that he wouldn't be able to stay there for long as Altair ordered him to continue to move West into Europe and learn what he could from the European assassins and how they ran across roofs and blended into the shadows much better than their Russian counterparts. Abilities: Spear mastery Weaknesses: He is very limited in his ability with anything else other than spears and has almost no abilities with roof running and climbing. He sometimes stands out in crowds if he doesn't wear his robes because of his Russian and Chinese heritage and has almost no tolerance for drinking the European mead. He also doesn't feel very comfortable at heights over one story. Strengths: He can take in a large amount of information quickly and is very quick on his feet. Likes: His family, the assassins and meeting new people. Dislikes: The Templar and anyone associated to them. Other: He keeps his assassin's symbol hanging from a sash wrapped around his waist. OMG, ALTAIR IS SO SEXEH' Appearance: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/m...aaf1f719df4.jpg Clothes: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/m...ins-creed-1.jpg
  16. Oh oops, well ummmmmmmm. Spoiler Alert!!!!! And I understand where you are coming from.
  17. Remember in AC 2 when you had to collect the seals? There were two of the assassins from Asian branches. One was a Mongolian and the other was a Chinese man.
  18. I can pm the form to you before hand to see what I was thinking of if you want?
  19. I guess your right. I just had a great idea for an Asian assassin and knew that there were branches of the creed spread throughout Asia. Oh well, I'll save him for another time.
  20. TMD, I was wondering why there aren't any assassin's allowed of Asian origin.