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  1. I've been trying to get some for a long time. I got two silver's and my sister just gave me my first tinsel, so I'd be happy if there were more to go around.
  2. Kamena


    I have a cat named Loki. He's black and short haired; with a very sweet temperament and a ton of energy. He likes to get into things and has to smell everything! My fiance loves cats, so I have a feeling that we'll end up with quite a few more lol
  3. thank you, at least its a start.
  4. I have a few questions: does it have to be a hatchery to be posted here? and where would I post to see if anyone would be interested in helping me make a fansite?
  5. once apon a time I didn't name many after their codes, but now almost all of the dragons on my scroll are.
  6. I just got a purple Thuwed! http://dragcave.net/lineage/51jWD edited to lineage link, please use lineage links on the forum - ruby
  7. I don't remember my first eggs... they didn't make it... and that was almost a year ago, my memory isn't that good.