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  1. I give many kudos to those who are able to go vegetarian/vegan (personally I cannot, for various health/living reasons, though I do plan on buying more locally when I have the means to). However, the instant I see posts like this one and this one, I lose all respect. (Be warned, there might be language in there)
  2. I'm having a real hard time getting Steam to work, and I'm at my last straw with it. Whenever I try to open it I get a popup saying "could not connect to steam network." My internet connection is totally fine, so I don't understand what the problem is. I made sure my firewall allows it, restarted computer/internet connection, tried to run as an administrator...I logged into the Steam site and had to verify my computer, but I still can't get it run.
  3. That is pretty! I'll have to try for one like that too, I like it so much. Congrats
  4. Some people just aren't comfortable with the fact that a potential person is being aborted. They equate it to murder, which isn't necessarily religiously motivated.
  5. The newest member of my Bluna family grew up. I found him in the AP and he's a little messy, but always glad to rescue them
  6. Got my first female Neglected today! Now I just need a name for her... That would be a really pretty lineage.
  7. I caught a CB Gold off the desert earlier, and it was completely by accident. Then just now I was flipping through the biomes, there was another one in the forest....but I flipped right past it into the jungle and volcano biomes until I realized that it had been there. So I rushed back to the forest and was somehow able to get it. >_> I guess no one was paying attention. Yay?
  8. I used to not care about lineages when I first joined....but now I really only want CB stuff. And if it's lineaged, it would need to be a perfect stairstep/perfect spiral/EG/etc etc. The only times that I don't care about lineages is if I'm being gifted a Bluna, Hellfire, or Golden Wyvern, or if I see one in the AP. My scroll acts as a shelter for them since they're my favorite breeds, so I don't really care what their breeding is.
  9. I go through episodes of being completely enthralled in a game. For about six months it was League of Legends, now it's Dragon Cave. I've only had one complete hiatus from DC and it was in 2009 (because I missed the Snow Angels and Pumpkin dragons >_>). As for what I do about inactivity...well, there's really nothing I can do. My interest in games gets resparked for absolutely no reason at all. So I just have to wait for the spark to happen when it happens.
  10. Caught yet another metal today, making for 3 CB Silvers and one CB Gold. Still hoping that I might be able to trade them and some other stuff for a 2G prize. x_x And I woke up for work this morning to find a PM telling me that I got nominated for ARK. Definitely a nice thing to wake up to! I'm not sure who nominated me or what I did, but I feel honored.
  11. CB Black/Golden Wyvern/Tsunami probably, I would say. Something around there.
  12. Ah, nuts. Guess my dream of a 2G prize won't happen for a while. Oh well. Thanks for answering my questions
  13. I haven't had so many rares on my scroll at once for a long time. Yay for getting lucky! But if only there was an open CB prize owner somewhere. x_x
  14. THIS. The second I heard about the 'having to connect to the internet every 24 hours' thing, that was it for me. I like being able to take my consoles around with me, thank you very much. And I despise having to connect to the internet in order to play games, I can barely stand having to connect to Steam in order to play Skyrim or Bejeweled Blitz. I'm not doing that on a console.
  15. If 3G Shimmers aren't getting traded for CB Golds, what the heck are 2G Shimmers getting traded for? o_o Not that anyone has lists open right now, but still...I was hoping to pool some stuff together to try and trade for one.
  16. What do people generally get for 4G Shimmers? I see people ask for CB metals for them, but do they actually get them?
  17. Does anyone here own a fursuit from a good suit maker (or know someone who does)? I'm looking to have one made and have questions. Please PM me or post here!
  18. Caught a CB Blusang today. Saw another one but I let it go so I wouldn't be too greedy.
  19. He could, but I feel that if he did he would at least tell the artist since it's their dragon. And since the artist says they're not supposed to rare, that should be fact. However, this insane breeding that people are doing with the Coppers that they DO have probably won't cause them to be more common in the cave anytime soon...
  20. Ooooh, that looks very pretty, I'm jealous! Nice grab
  21. I'm not even sure what to say about the worth of a CB Tsunami...they (along with Luminas) have seem to become much more common than they were before.
  22. After weeks of nothing, I've finally caught a CB metal off the cave! I didn't lose my groove after all. And DC even told me that I missed it, so I was very surprised.
  23. Saw that in the DC chat and got a real kick out of it. It's so perfect.