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  1. aaah This happened to me too! A year later and I still haven't gotten any silver eggs from mine :[
  2. ... >> << Joined the IRC chat as "TJ10.....Tj was in the room. He didn't find it funny >> <<;;;
  3. Did anyone else have a deliberate theme for their tree? I made a rainbow heart and put 5 birds and an angel on it- you'd never guess but it was in memory of the 5 kids who committed suicide this past year. Just curious if anyone else did something like that
  4. A contest for prize eggs and potentially CB hollies? >
  5. I'm a little fuzzed on the new limits thing... Does it mean that say for example a person with no trophies, bronze or otherwise, can have a total of 4 eggs, but 8 additional hatchlings? or am I getting that wrong?
  6. I'd bring Old pinks back, mostly because I never really liked the frills- they were ok. I grabbed two just to get them out of my needed list a while ago, sort of sad I never finished the family... but I never even got a chance at the old pinks, and they look so pretty....
  7. 1. Die before I hit 50. I want to see my grandkids, but I don't wanna get so hold I start falling apart. Preferably quickly. 2. Graduate College with a worthwhile degree 3. Someone said this before, but having the exact amount of money I needed when I reached in my pocket. I'd never have to worry about needing change or going to the bank ever again!
  8. Can't wait till they hatch! thanks TJ!
  9. Maybe they (unless pygmies) Just sort of gradually continue to grow throughout their lives? Kinda like the dragons in Eragon- once they mature into adults the dragons slow their growth, but they enver STOP growing. If you've read the eragon BOOKS, (not the movie, which makes Saphira grow in about 2 or 3 seconds instead of months and months), I think somewhere in Eldest they talk about how the red dragon Thor is smaller than Saphira, because he is still barely an adult, but they're the same species. Something like that?
  10. Right, but "Its" Can't have an apostrophe because It would be confused with "It is". I retract my statement, I was getting the rule mixed up. Its CAN be posessive, just can't have an apostrophe. Just like He has = His She has = Hers Neither of those have apostrophes
  11. I don't think so... Because where an "It's" is you should be able to make it back into "it is" without a weird sounding sentence. "It is has grown fins" doesn't make sense.
  12. Actually I think you're mistaken... "Its" Can't be posessive.
  13. i am intoxicated by the Day and Night Drakes. Absolutely intoxicated.
  14. o_o -drops everything and starts dusk/dawn hunting-
  15. My orange got soft shell day I bred it, but thankfully I rescued it before it was too late. 61 clicks in two hours....that has to be a record....
  16. For anyone who doesn't know what they look like I have an orange new egg on my scroll
  17. This is the first time I've been non-locked for an egg release
  18. I got one! 3rd gen, but heh. My CBxCB pair gave me nothing >
  19. I first looked at the Abandoned egg page, and was like "Holy crow, Magi rape D:" I just logged on, can someone give me a heads up on the one you need to breed for?
  20. ..... Well now I'm totally baffled. I thought those were the Valentines. I think I'm going to go find a corner now and beat myself with an AP book, like I SHOULD be doing But thank you for straightening that out
  21. I know this is a stupid question, but the bright pink dragons that are sitting....those are the Valentines, yes? If so do you know of where I could find an old pink? I'd love to see what they look like.
  22. Aye, but it's my understanding the artists here are not paid, therefore not employees but volunteers. You see a bunch of strikers sitting outside a building, and after a while they will get their results. A bunch of volunteers striking outside a company building does nothing but rub fur the wrong way. So I'm sorry, but I really do disagree with you. TJ has whatever responsibility he pleases, and if any one of us doesn't like it... ... ... Well, there are other pixel hatching sites to explore, I suppose.
  23. I'm a huge fan of this idea- Is this the only dragon/sprite Lyth has helped make? (I really don't pay attention enough, I know). If it's not, whose to say Lyth won't get touchy feely about the next sprite/dragon they've helped create? A contract would definitely put a stop to it, and give us dragonkeepers a little security. Also, to those who are angered or disconcerted about the deadline misconception, whether or not there was a misunderstanding about WHEN they would be retired, the fact is they still would be retired. If an artist wants it pulled, as TJ quoted from Lyth earlier, Lyth doesn't get the right to say when she wants them done. TJ isn't whipped, he shouldn't be responsible for whatever date Lyth wanted it to happen. TJ did it, Lyth wanted it, it's done, it's TJ's site. I am discouraged as well about not getting a frozen frill pair for my family, but hey, that's life, and I'll pursue other, more stable dragons in the future. On a happier note, green is my absolute favorite color and I 'bout fell out of my seat when I saw the new skin. Just another reason to glue my forehead to the face of the Dragoncave Forum D: Edit: Spelling Fail. Edit 2: Double spelling fail.