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  1. It has a similar ring to "Name that pokemon!"
  2. Guys, please don't repost anything from Wikia. Again, this is a comprehensive list from what WE have seen. I don't want to assume anything by taking anything off Wikia
  3. I've been hearing a rumor they are hiding in Jungle, but I haven't heard of any confirmed sightings
  4. Please be specific which biomes you see the dragons in Gray/Fog/Storm appears to be omnipresent with rares.
  5. Everyone up to this point has been added
  6. Just redid the ordering system. Will add biomes in a second
  7. This thread has been closed for lack of updates. If users find a topic such as this useful and would like to handle updates, they are free to re-create this thread. ^^ I didn't see a thread about this yet, so voila. I know wikia has a page going up, but so far there's still a few holes hopefully we can come together and fill in. Also, it'll give everyone an idea of where to find their favorite egg until Wikia is finished playing catch up. Please post if you've seen a sighting of a dragon species somewhere. Also, feel free to discuss the oddities of some dragons and where they appear...like...storm in dragons in desert? o.o If you notice an egg where it isn't normally, it is possibly a result of this: Albino: Forest, Jungle, Volcano, Alpine Balloon: Forest, Alpine, Coast, Jungle Black: Everywhere Black Cap Teirmar: Coast Black Tea: Desert Black Tip: Coast Bleeding Moon: Alpine Bloodscale: Volcano Blusang Lindwurm: Coast Bright-Breasted Wyvern: Jungle Brimstone: Desert, Volcano Canopy: Jungle Coastal Waverunner: Coast Coppers: Orange: Alpine, Forest Brown: Desert, Volcano Green: Coast, Jungle Day Glory/ Night Glory: Forest Daydream: Forest, Coast, Jungle Deep Sea: Coast Dorsal: Jungle Duotone: Everywhere Electric: Alpine Ember: Volcano Flamingo Wyvern: Coast, Jungle Golden Wyvern: Alpine Gray: Everywhere Green: Forest, Volcano Guardian: Alpine, Volcano Harvest: Alpine , Forest Hellfire: Volcano, Jungle Horse: Jungle Ice: Alpine Imperial Fleshcrownes: Everywhere Lumina: Everywhere Magi: Everywhere Magma: Volcano, Desert Mint: Forest, Alpine, Volcano, Coast Moonstone: Desert Nebula: Alpine, Desert Neotropical: Jungle Nhiostrife Wyvern: Alpine Nocturne: Alpine, Forest Ochredrake: Forest Olive: Forest Pillow: Alpine Pink: Everywhere Purple: Everywhere Red: Coast, Desert, Volcano Ridgewing: Alpine Royal Blue: Alpine Royal Crimson: Volcano Seasonal: Forest, Alpine (only winter confirmed in the alpine) Skywing: Coast Speckle-Throated: Alpine Spitfire: Desert, Forest Split/Two-headed: Volcano, Desert, Alpine, Jungle, Coast Spotted Greenwings: Forest Stone: Coastal, Desert, Alpine, Volcano Striped: Forest, Jungle Sunrise/Sunset: Coast, Alpine, Desert Sunsong: Jungle, Alpine Sunstone: Desert Swallowtail: Forest Tangar: Jungle Terrae: Volcano?, Forest Thunder: Desert Tri-horn: Alpine Tsunami: Coast Turpentine: Desert Two-headed/Split: Volcano, Desert, Alpine, Jungle, Coast Two-headed Lindwurm Green: Forest Two-headed Lindwurm Purple: Alpine Vine: Forest, Jungle Water: Coast Waterwalker: Forest, Jungle, Coast Waterhorse: Coast Whiptail: Forest White: Alpine, Volcano, Coast, Desert Pygmies: Crimson: Volcano, Jungle Dark Myst: Jungle, Forest Misfit: Jungle, Volcano Nilia: Jungle, Alpine Sea Wyrm: Coast, Alpine Normal: Forest, Alpine, Jungle Gold: Everywhere Silver: Everywhere Dino: Jungle Cheese: Alpine, Volcano, Forest, Coast, Desert Paper: Everywhere Chicken: Everywhere Leetle Tree: Forest I will update this list regularly Sock and ruby will be trying to update this list, as the OP seems to have disappeared from this. <3 There are also two other lists in progress, if you prefer it by biome. https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet...=CLHr0sAH#gid=0 ** Courtesy Fengari http://preview.tinyurl.com/3bvfwnb ** Courtesy Seraphinu Here is also a link to the dragcave wiki page - http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Types
  8. I take away your internets for that. One dayish! can't wait Any ideas on if one-way teleporting is possible with this? or just two way?
  9. The more I think about it, the happier I am about these changes. Especially for the biomes, map, and just dividing the different species of dragons overall. We're getting to that point where there's just too many dragons in one cave, and it makes hunting for them difficult. Plus, this site is constantly growing; having 600+ people refreshing ONE cave for specific dragons (rares) is just a hot mess for the rest of us. It'll be nice to divide and conquer Fertility makes me scratch my chin in suspicion that these tragically lower breeding rates weren't just mere coincidence, but what do I know? Teleport will be nice just because I'm sort of tired of people whining in chat because they always lose something and then other people talk about things they've lost and I just curl up in the darker corners and put my headphones on..
  10. --Michigan fans --Those people from highschool you were never friends with, but insist on constantly sending you friend requests -- Invites to big events like graduation parties and baby showers over facebook (No, really. If you want me to show up with a 30+$ gift, send me a 2$ invite letter.) -- Smokers. At least, the ones I work with. There's an 'open door' policy on complaints, but that's sort of a moot point when you want to complain about how your workers take 7-9 smoking breaks in a 4 hours shift and the people you're complaining to take 12-15. -- To continue the above rant, that's about an hour of breaks that they get paid for to do and an hour of work extra that I am not getting paid extra for.
  11. I don't mean in regards to the event happening. I was referring to how if one biome is blocked up, you can simply move to another :3
  12. I love the idea of the biomes, it's going to be much nicer to be able to avoid those caveblocks with all one type of egg until someone picks it up.
  13. I don't think he'd release anymore eggs....at least, I hope not. I still have to catch up on my pygmies. The "and more" part scares me....I just double checked the original post about incoming features, and there ARE no others he hasn't already implemented or listed o.o
  14. I had a sneaking suspicion biomes would be coming out soon, just because of how the new pygmies were organized. But the other features, that's a surprise And all this is happening the day I come back from school so I can abuse my time unwisely
  15. Gold x Albino: Albino egg. Silver x Black: Nothing. Silver x Pink: Nothing. Silver x Balloon: Nothing Silver x Sunrise: Sunrise egg. Silver x Purple: Nothing Silver x Hellfire: Nothing Silver x Ridgewing: Nothing Silver x Daydream: Nothing Silver x Ember: Nothing Silver x Bluna: Nothing Silver x Sky: Nothing. ...Damn. Never realized how many silvers I had. My Neo x Alt Neb pair produced a Neo egg, but my stripes were unresponsive as ever.
  16. kecemis

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    Lost two CB hellfire eggs....and all that freezing fodder I'd gotten hold of yesterday. and I have a huge midterm tomorrow -epic sad face-
  17. Dear DC, Anyone notice the trophy says "2010" egg hunt? Sincerely, Had to double check my calender.
  18. I think I might have to question TJ's numbers, too. Even though silvi's lair only shows a small part of the number of eggs on this site, it's not like everyone who uses that site all at once decided not to breed metallics, not to breed blacks, etc. etc. It would take a collective effort of everyone who uses Silvi's Lair to not enter in their Metallics/Blacks/Stripes for the ratios to be THIS off (as someone said before, 80%!) Surely, While Silvi's can't be used for /exact/ numbers, this should provide a mild warning system of some kind.
  19. This happened when the Canopy, Limestone, and (???) dragons were released. They plagued the cave for over a month if I remember correctly, around a year ago in March. To my knowledge TJ has put into place something that will gradually increase ratios so that this never happens again, so if that is the case the only time you should see the cave have nothing but new dragons is the first day or so of their release. What happened with the Canopy/Limestone *I think the other dragon released then was the electric? Correct me if I'm wrong... It really was one of the worst times I've ever been on DC. I hated it, start to finish.
  20. In which case, wouldn't we experience a huge backlog the likes of which we've never seen before? Everyone with a purple would be using it to breed metallics. If the ratios did go back to normal in addition to Fertility being implemented, the backlog...would be a bit horrifying.
  21. What is Silvis? seems like a pretty interesting site to go visit
  22. Easter, never fails. my mom buys a huge ham and sometimes....just sometimes.... they forget to cut out the veins and stuff. SO GROSS. I quit pork for about 2 months after easter....but then I give up and eat it again.
  23. Are they getting dropped on certain days?