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  1. I tried really hard to stop myself from buying a 3ds last year when X and Y came out, but with so many away trips this football season, looks like I'll be giving in. 7 hour trips get OLD fast, this will be a good way to placate myself.
  2. I'm going to pair the scales of these guys with the blue nebulas.
  3. This is the most frustrating thing! I can't make my eggs softshelled if I tried, and yet some scumbag who keeps viewbombing my babies can make it happen >:C
  4. All right, So this apparently won't solve the issue. Thanks for your thoughts, I'd like to close this thread.
  5. What if we required you to be logged in to view dragons in the first place?
  6. I propose an additional feature that, below an egg/hatchling/adults description, the owner can see the usernames of those individuals who have recently viewed an egg or hatchling. The purpose of this would be ultimately to narrow down or look for trends in who is looking at your egg- both a neat feature to see who follows your scroll, and who may be potential egg bombers. I would like to see this implemented because when I catch my rares at work, I notice almost instantly (especially on silvers and golds) views, meaning someone is vehemently adding them to click sites. I think having a way of viewing who has viewed that dragon's page (especially if you keep notes like I do over weeks at a time) could tell who is potentially view bombing eggs. The option could be disabled from the account settings, and could have one of a few options: views from the last hour, last 24 hours, or last three days (or week?). Thoughts?
  7. Can someone elaborate what this was like? I was MIA for a few years and missed this.
  8. There no way this is true. I caught a gold egg a few days ago, immediately fogged it, unfogged it three days later and it still acquired enough views to hatch. #rage.
  9. Am I the only one that can't see the sprites for the alpine dragon?
  10. I really wouldn't call it 'cool'.... I'm college age, so all it amounts for me as a non-religious person is to go out drinking on Easter, which earns you some looks....soooo looks like I'll be partying next week instead. Oh, also, the number of texts I got today saying "Happy Easter" instead of "Happy Birthday" kind of kills it.
  11. I love this idea, mostly because I get a lot of requests to breed holiday dragons based on the fact that people see the '2010 egg festival' icon, and assume I've been around to collect all of them. I haven't, and I imagine it must be frustrating to someone who just joined yesterday to have a banner that reads 2010 on it. Edit:// a simple way of fixing this would just be to remove the '2010' bit
  12. Cadre Saggitaria Clackers I'm really surprised about Cadre, the other two are variations on different names but Cadre is a pretty common military rank in basic training O.o
  13. You know you don't have to play right? I can't wait to see what these noise eggs look like paired up to the night glories. So excited!!!
  14. I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons! Forum Username: Kecemis Scroll Name: Kecemis Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: 17 frozen common hatchlings 39 adults without children (to save time, I didn't include any with children) Codes of eligible adults: Leub, 60Gg, PaXB, qt4b, GWLM, nQu82, b8CXY, bJROL, Jr3r6, 7WWkl, WnGHL, F92b, YIcI, v1sr, GJ7F, tNNC, oYF8s, 6cRmT, pGDEX, nrVmZ, NWfvT, MJ3AW, f9rpo, dXPg6, iYU4, tMTg, bdfr, Ia5P, Ki0e, GuOp, 5Wjs6, LjCZ4, J6MB1, H0tno, P0l7, H3j8, kCApn, N9Ga5, CoVWF (56 total) I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following: Any low lineaged Tinsels Inbreeding preferences: No Inbreeding. Forms of contact: Forum only.
  15. I would like to become a donator! Forum Name: Kecemis Scroll Name: Kecemis Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Kecemis Unavailable Dragons: Anything else?: While I have a number of silvers and golds, they have yet to produce any true offspring so these are unavailable until I can get them to cooperate.
  16. I'm excited I just got around to describing some of my dragons. Green Nebula: Firefly, just as all nebula dragons, is constantly on the move in search of a permanent mate. His playful and curious nature often leads him to explore the fields and grasslands of the alpine home he hatched from, tormenting the firefly population with his dazzling wing patterns. Younger and less flashy than the more dominant, "cave-raised" nebula dragons, Firefly is covered in superficial scars and healed wounds from failed attempts to win his chosen female's heart over another. Red Nebula: Keahi is a solitary sort of nebula dragon in that she is one of a handful that call the Hawaiian islands home. She is more commonly seen perching on the long dormant volcano of Hualalai, gazing for hours at a time at the galaxies and stars above. Her vibrant colors and brilliant patterns often inaccurately suggest she is a fire-thriving species, and the natives of the area thus named her Keahi, meaning "Fire" in Hawaiian. During volcanic eruptions, she is often spotted flying behind the flames, watching helplessly in vain as the villagers scatter to avoid disaster.
  17. RL work is rendering me useless as far as keeping up with this.
  18. To be honest, I've just been building up a Vampire army. Once I reach my 500 dragon goal and have another slot (roughly 90 or so away from that) I'm going to unleash them on the AP on a problem see, problem fix basis.
  19. This. Also, Gray dragons in the Desert?
  20. I still find the idea that our dragons have not sniffed out LBD's stash of chickens and eaten them all alive to be quite illogical. Also, where does she get all that seed for them!?
  21. -has a sudden lapse of maturity and giggles at the topic- -regains composure- My Summon egg got softshell, I presume because it's one of those eggs that not everyone's seen really or hasn't grown accustomed to like a gold.
  22. The list is based on actual sightings. So unless someone is monopolizing my list with inaccurate and wild accusations of seeing this dragon there....
  23. I've added both Seraphinu's and Fengari's lists to the front topic, if anyone would prefer the dragons sorted by biome instead.
  24. Sorry? I don't quite understand. Also, I apologize for not updating sooner but everyone's contributions have been added thus far (: I had a lengthy party to attend last evening and I'm moving out of my dorm today. #funfunfun
  25. This makes me uncontrollably excited. Especially because, like the volcano, the desert eggs are picked up often and makes them easier to grab