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  1. Getting frustrated will do nothing for you Find a breeding project and focus on that, that's what I'm doing ^^ It will be a while before I start seeing Avatar lineages I actually like, anyways. I'm trading most of my GON's babies. And kicking myself for freezing my second one >.<
  2. You don't even know. I took almost two years off from any real egg raising, Not only do I have a pitiful number of CB holidays but things like Golden Wyverns and Nhiostrifes and all the dragons after them are a nightmare DX I basically left right after spitfires were released (I think)
  3. Can we please also request that people leave their scroll unfogged? I just bred a creation avatar and the first person's scroll was fogged, the second already has a creation egg, and there's no other people with this specified pairing on there :C
  4. Also came here for info on it, came out sad :C Guys I actually had to look up on wiki what section of the cave drops green coppers. How barbaric.
  5. I want to be an official breeder! Forum name: Kecemis Scrol Name(Make scroll link): http://dragcave.net/user/Kecemis PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=04&MID=15525 Do you breed certain lineages/type of avatars? If so, specify please. Just a note, I'll hold eggs at my discretion. I'll put at least two per month in here though.
  6. Got this guy in a trade Of course, it cost me an arm and a leg and my first born child, but this little cutie is sooooo worth it <3
  7. I'm equally frustrated....but, you give people an inch, they want a mile. Who said this is even the end of it? Maybe there's more to come. But trash talking someone who does this in his free time for EIGHT YEARS isn't going to do anything but build resentment. Shame on anyone who doesn't appreciate the new addition- the eggs are stunning. That's what we get for being brought up in a everybody-gets-a-trophy culture.
  8. Nine, I have started one on my first post. It's the second post after TJs
  9. My magi x GON gave me this: -view spam removed- view/7DiHh]purdy![/url]
  10. For those interested, I'm updating my first post (the second under TJ's) with successful pairings. Just FYI
  11. We broke the cave hahaha. I'm curious on the vagueness of the breeding, it seems only certain breeds will produce the 'avatars'
  12. Whoooo! Thanks TJ! Edit/// Doesn't look like the feature is available yet :C Boo. Astapori is ready for business! And the heavens trembled with a thousand summons.... For those tuning in.... These are pairs that are confirmed to have the new babies: Gold Tri Horn Frostbite (fogged eggs?) Magma Radiant Angel Holly Ice Silver Magi Red Solstice Water Walker Grave Copper Seasonal I'm going to bed now. Play nice.
  13. Nhiostrifes are also legless? I think? I'm so excited, three more hours! I've been eyeing the alabaster dragons for a long time now, I'm in love <3
  14. Or if he wanted to torture us, he could put up eight new breeds with seven slots, throw a random rare in there, and watch everyone squirm edit// Anyone notice how nobody is picking up eggs from the AP? those guys are going to get super ignored
  15. Spitfires were part of the Beat the Heat release, not the 6th anniversary?
  16. After thinking it over, my guess is that some of the 'event' things will be (and these are just possible guesses) -- Frills are re-released, either in their old form or in a new alt coloring. -- The encyclopedia and name claim features go public -- If the frills get released as regulars, they might have a hybrid breed. -- A couple new dragons -- Possible raffle? I'd love the idea of starting a summer 'holiday', since the real holidays are a 5 month stretch of holiday dragons with virtuallly none in the summer.
  17. Really? I just watched a name change ownership...how strange
  18. Have the name changes been made available to everyone yet? I'm peeved because someone grabbed the name I was eyeballing, but I still don't appear to have the ability yet...
  19. ~Spam removed; please add some text to your posts~
  20. Again, I'd be more comfortable with the idea if you had the option of being sent an email when someone was trying to swipe your name. Sort of like a 'Swiper no swiping' thing. You could get a notification that "hey, someone's about to steal your dragon's title! Better shoo them off!" through your verified email. I know sometimes I'll be SUPER busy with life stuff, but I still check my email, and if the names mean that much to me, I'd make a note in my calender to log in within the next few days to lay the beat down on name thieves. I really like the name claim idea. Not because I'm miss anti-creativity, but because it prevents this site from turning into Neopets with the names "Dragon41010111" and "IMREALLYAWESOMEHI" for the sake of not having any even remotely available names.
  21. what I'm imagining is something like the warning message at the top of your scroll when a hatchie or egg is sick, like "Someone is trying to steal your dragon's name! Stop them before it's too late!" Or maybe an email? Or both? I love the idea. I just hope it's only sent to people who haven't logged into their accounts in a while (>6 months), can you imagine how annoying it would be to shoo people away every week? haha.
  22. OH MY GOD I am so excited for name stealing!!!!
  23. Derwent (Name of a watercolor paint company) Antarticas Dracarias (from Dracarys, meaning 'Fire' in High Valyrian) Widows Wail (Geoffrey's Sword name from GOT) Westerosi (Meaning one of Westeros, GOT reference) Essosi (Meaning one of Essos, GOT reference) Lorathi, Myrish, Pentoshi, Novorshi, Qohorik (dialects of low valyrian) Bunch of Latin Roots like Carcin (Cancer), Tritic (Wheat), Tympan (Drums), Vulner (Wound) Quantum Creep (Family Guy reference) Tennis Match Readings Gazelles Gotya Chips Challenge (an ollllld game) Caique (Type of domestic parrot) Adjustments Informity
  24. I'm pretty sure I've given away more golds than I actually own CBs of. And I'm CERTAIN the same is definitely true for Silvers and Coppers. If people don't name them, who is it harming? The people I have a bone to pick are the ones who breed their massively messy critters with no other terms than to fill the AP, but again, if there were someone telling me what to do with my dragons, I'd tell them to mind their own beeswax.