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  1. the only 'magic' thing I can think of would be the Magi's teleport, or the spells we cast by freezing dragons.
  2. With a name in Italian that means cancel, and abilities that cancel out or weaken magic, I have a strong feeling they might.
  3. Please refer back to my original post, I have explained my reasoning thoroughly there.
  4. But you're talking about a fraction of the people who actually play DC on mobile, and a fraction of a fraction who actually want this feature. Like the person above, I think this would really create more issues than it would solve, and hurt more people than it helps
  5. It's a question I think of what direction TJ wants to take this. Would we rather our gameplay based on favoring the individual(s) who would rather not be in a habit of double checking before they breed for their lineages/trades? or would we rather play the game as is, and if we auto-abandon, then kudos to those hunting in the AP for such accidents and poo on me for not paying closer attention. Personally I'm in the mindset of the latter. I don't want to take away a very entertaining element of this game (hunting for pretty lineages in the AP) from those who enjoy doing so (I'm not one of them) for the sake of appealing to those who could just as easily breed the *same* egg at a later date. The time you have to rebreed dragons to get another egg is unlimited, whereas the people who prowl the AP have limited opportunities. I don't see how inhibiting this feature would hurt those who have accidentally auto-abandoned, rather than making them have to rebreed those same dragons for a few weeks. I DO see how this feature would hurt those AP hunters, though, and therefore I am against it. If I'm silly enough not to CTRL + click the Dragons page to open another tab to double check, then IMO I don't have a claim anymore to that egg if it is bred. Don't depend on the cave to manage your scroll, that's your job. But that's just me.
  6. This is still bugging the crap out of me, it seems to be a very obvious hint or reference but I can't make anything of it.
  7. get your logic outta here! *shoos with a broom*
  8. to be fair, the dragon description of "the egg is hidden in the trees" still shows up in the desert. with no trees.
  10. "Some eggs to tide you over" Subtle. I wonder what that means?
  11. The biggest drop is on the :00, followed by :15, :30, :45, and tiny drops every five minutes in between
  12. Just saw a handful of uneasys in the desert
  13. Kecemis drowned while fighting witch! sigh...
  14. ~Spam removed; please comply with game rules~
  15. I'm confused, if you have one hand on the mouse and the other on CTRL, how do you refresh the page??
  16. I giggled when I read the first post here, granted it was written in 012, but still. A few days? Now it's more like several months To be honest the delay has kind of killed my creativity in describing them. When my first nebula got described, I described the rest of the nebulas on my scroll to compliment them, giving them stories....and not one has been approved yet. And god forbid there be a spelling error in there and it has to get redone and start over the wait.
  17. Mine's actually pretty old, but dates back to when Stripes and Spitfires used to appear jointly in the cave. I was on a mission to get stripes back then, and it seemed like EVERY time I clicked on the "bright markings" description, it was a spitfire
  18. They are starting to go the way of tinsels, IMO. Too many people looking for either bloodswaps or 'best offer', and maybe it's just my fatigue of the initial "OH SHIZZLE NEW DRAGON" feeling but I haven't noticed any interesting offers when I put mine up. So off to the departure board they go Back to the main idea, I think we were given enough 'upgrade' to the GoN situation when we were given a boost in the percentage of getting one, and given the three new babies. Changing them any further just makes them too common, which defeats their whole mojo.
  19. But you're comparing Apples to Oranges. Ebay has billions of users across the globe. Dragon Cave may have a few thousand trades, but like I said, just opt out of it if you don't want it. I feel like it would benefit those who want it, and would literally do nothing to those who do not.
  20. No no, you're misunderstanding This would be a feature WITHIN Dragon Cave. So you would never go to forums at all. You would search for trades of "Chicken" eggs, and any active transfers with a chicken egg would show up. I guess the best example I have of what I'm trying to say is searching things on ebay. You type in "Blue car" if you want to see all auctions with a blue car in them. I think adding descriptions of what you wanted for it would be too much for DC, but I love the idea of just being able to list a trade I'm sure I don't want, but not sure what I want for it and don't want to be hassled of outlining what I expect in a forum post (which is both limiting and discouraging to offers I might actually consider).
  21. Right, this is why you could hide your trades to avoid getting ridiculous offers from off the main trade page.
  22. Just had this thought last night- why not make Trading more accessible to those who don't frequent the forums? You could search "All trades" for specific dragon types directly on the website instead of sifting through pages and pages of dragons you aren't interested in. This could be something you would check/uncheck on the teleportation page (Do you want this trade to show up in the main search, yes/no), it could be on the account settings page (show trades in trade search, yes/no), or it could be on the page you view all trades from (would you like to hide from main trades, yes/no). What are your thoughts?
  23. I understand, please remove me from the list of breeders. I'll be happy to contribute once this thread is updated regularly again.
  24. Metropark Stalls CVS FashionBug BigLots Applebee Armaretto (possibly spelled that wrong) Selkirk Rex- breed of cat Tonkinese Somali Burmilla