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  1. Pretty much any egg that was in the AP before the breeding season started is almost certainly dead by this point. It's been 6 days since it started :C Also if anyone needs a '14 egg, let me know. I have seven and odd numbers bother the pickles out of me.
  2. Came to the party late, but I was able to snatch up 6 eggs within the hour- coast seems to be the hardest to grab.
  3. This is better news than a release, thank you!
  4. Just bred mine and got undine eggs from Undine x Stripe, Spotted Greenwing x Undine, and Undine x Green Copper. I've got a couple more hatchlings due to hatch soon, saving one for my Guardian o nature breeding planned for tomorrow.
  5. Kind of like when someone mentioned the carmines looking phallic...CANNOT UNSEE. A bit bummed we can't get these yellow ones as CB...would've loved for it the other way around (the gold's being the regulars) since we have a limited selection of yellows to breed with
  6. All of mine went green.
  7. ~Removed~ Honestly people, I feel you. I do. This is TJ's game and if he wants to throw us curveballs to keep it interesting to him, so be it! I'd rather he do that then get bored with doing the same old thing to appease all of us. This place is NOT a democracy.
  8. I'm excited to see these as Alts. Why it makes lineages a headache to create, the alt'd dragon types are usually more more beautiful to me (the entire species, to be clear, not just the alts). It'll be interesting to see how they vary based on biome/gender
  9. oh my gosh, if I wasn't afraid of getting whiplash from all the "that's a horrible idea you stupid ape because of xyz" from the suggestion board, I would be ALL over that. Could you imagine, having a secret biome for "Expert cave hunters" that, even if it dropped the same eggs? I would die. just....just die.
  10. Then you should also PM him regarding the issue and what you think he can do to resolve it. I would understand if you posted your views once or twice and left, because he does follow these boards and reads everything, but that's not what you're doing here. You're trying to use the argument that not everyone who uses DragonCave utilizes the forums, but short of creating a site-wide poll, there is nothing that can be done about it. Presenting this argument does nothing for discussion. This is the kind of thing that needs constructively discussed in forum feedback or via PM with TJ or a moderator. But this is a discussion for another time and place, if you want to open a topic that suggests a way to reach non-forum players, by all means, but until then I think the argument of "Well they aren't here but we have to cater to them" should reside with TJ, and with TJ alone.
  11. Aren't much chances to it? The Cave has changed a LOT since I first started, and it's only grown in my absence and recent return. I'm sad that you are getting frustrated, and I understand that it's frustrating when no one seems to agree with you, but quite honestly that's life. This site will continue as long as TJ wants to continue it, it's not all going to crumble just because we choose to or choose not to implement a bunch of BSAs, nor should that be the basis of your argument. Regarding unfreezing in general I'm still against it, unless dragons were to chance a insta-grow or had a chance of dying. That, in my mind, is far more interesting of a gameplay direction.
  12. This whole "There are lots of people who agree with me, they just aren't on the forum right now" mentality absolutely baffles me. While I agree some people may be intimidated enough not to speak up, that happens on both sides. How can you possible claim to know what the people who don't frequent the forums think? And how can we be expected to cater to them if they decide to ignore the forums? To address another point of yours, creating limitless (or even a limited) unfrozen hatchling BSA isn't going to attract more people to this game anymore than it would deter them. People come for the dragons, not the BSAs. To claim that those with differing opinions than your own are trying to make the game "boring, uninteresting, unattractive and painfully slow" is a pretty far stretch.
  13. Great, I realize there are some that are super dedicated to bombing. I'm offering an alternative. If Fuzzbucket is going to fog all his/her babies in different tabs, wouldn't it make more sense to fog the entire scroll?
  14. Have you tried just hiding your scroll? Almost all the click sites I've seen won't add a hidden scroll. I doubt your stalker would be so diligent as to jot down all your codes on a piece of paper and enter them in manually one by one P: Generally speaking these people are juveniles with short attention spans.
  15. My Godmother is medically infertile, but that doesn't mean she can't conceive. Just means she has miscarriages. Infertility is not a one-size-fits-all, I would imagine the same could be true for Dragons as well. Alternatively, you could make "Unbreedables" into Breedables, just render them infertile regardless of what they breed to. So they might produce an egg, but that egg would never hatch. It would fit nicely into RP lore while not really changing the way Unbreedables are used, since all their eggs would never hatch. Edit// Meant to include this, but it could be labeled as "Inexperienced" Dragons or something like that too- anyone who has ever raised birds knows that the first time a couple tries for babies, they are rarely successful...but still produce eggs! They just never hatch.
  16. DC is my only game too. I'm 22, I don't have the patience for much else anymore (except maybe the neopets stock market, which I revisit maybe once a year to see what my million np investment is at now? I don't think that counts.) 99% of my time is shared equally between Etsy and DC. I also would agree that there should be a failure rate, and that failure rate should mean death./i] I can easily see people (especially those who trade) taking advantage of it otherwise, freezing Caveborn Golds and Silvers and hoarding them until they have something insane like four gendered golden hatchlings for trade. It would make people trading for the golds more greedy, and make trading golds (and anything really) easier- if unfreezings were limitless, what would stop people from keeping and saving gendered, caveborn hatchlings, hoarding them, until someone wanted to trade for one? Then they could just pick out one they hatched oh, say, two years ago, and trade it off when they have a spare slot. A lot of trading is pushed by the limited amount of time you have to do so- what would be the point of even trading eggs when you could ask for gendered hatchlings? So I think there should be that risk, if we are going to gain something that could quickly change the way people do trading.
  17. Just curious, why do you think they are good ones, if they hinder how some people play the game?
  18. If people want to hoard frozen nebula hatchlings (or whatever), that's their choice, that's how they play the game. I'm for it, mostly because I collect all stages of dragons and right now can't hatch anything off the AP because my freezes are used up.
  19. This would also be a feasible option to not get view bombed- a lot of us who don't have links to our scrolls get bombed because our forum names are the same as our scroll names :/
  20. Something else I noticed- TJ's dragons all have the "it against the rules to blah blah user's permission" on the bottom of their page. But did anyone notice that his eggs had been added to Silvi's lair and a bunch of others? I doubt he did that himself. If people are ballsy enough to add eggs of the ADMIN to a site...I don't know. I feel like there isn't a lot of hope for something to be done about it.
  21. You mean after the release? Or after they've voted (but prior to the release)? I don't think that would be helpful, Say the poll runs for two months and in the meantime TJ releases a buttload of pygmies or easterns, but I've already voted for pygmies? It would be too chaotic to have month to month polls, and a lot can happen in the time in between
  22. Does Anyone have adult Cassares yet? I'm anxious to see if they have a BSA
  23. Probably because old habits die hard? I know it was a surprise for me, not everyone stalks the forums like you do fuzz It's kind of like when a store changes it's hours. They can make all the hoopla they want about it, but there will always be times when I show up an hour after closing and be all "ohhh....".
  24. Congratulations, you are now responsible for my newest wyvern's name, "Phallic Dragon".
  25. I've gotten a few times in the past, mostly whenever I catch a gold or something and some vengeful little brat gets jealous, because it's usually just that egg :/ I've come to the conclusion that to avoid scroll bombs, best thing to do is change your forum name so that it no longer is identical to your scroll name, and don't link to it. Sucks, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Edit// and now I'm realizing that it doesn't change your actual username, just your log in name. How dumb.