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  1. This isn't to comment on any one comment, as I haven't read anything and got a bit bored when the subject turned to scripting so I skipped a few pages. I saw someone mention that with a few clicks, you can easily find resources to play this game in a way it wasn't meant to be played. I agree, for curiosity's sake I did a quick search and it was well within anyone's reach to find. For that reason, I support the swapping egg images for descriptions. I'd wager to bet the vast majority of script users do just that (they google what and how to use) and haven't the foggiest on how to adjust anything to search for certain colors. Sure, some scripters will find ways around it, but I think assuming that even 3/4s of people who are smart enough to do a few downloads are smart enough to rewrite a script is giving them WAY too much credit. You'd thwart a good chunk of users, without affecting the way people hunt (besides those that take a SAFMEDS approach and learn to look for just certain keywords in certain spots of the page, but we'd adjust). So yes, totally for it. You give 'most' a fighting chance without affecting game play to find golds and silvers and thwarting those who would just do quick google searches instead of hunt honestly. That's just my two cents. (I just realized this sounded more of a discussion of scripting, I swear it's not, just an argument in favor of switching to images to promote an equal gold/silver catching playing field for all.) And for anyone not familiar with SAFMEDS, it's a teaching technique I learned in uni (say all fast minute each day shuffled) in which you create flashcards and memorize key words on the cards to recall the information quickly (40-60 terms a minute, once you get used to it). Same idea I think applies to me as a hunter, as there are certain keywords I look for that sort of stick out (like "glow" at the end of a caption for silvers). So that's what I call it P:
  2. It's the same thing to a university. Trust me, I've gotten my blood pressure boiling from this so many times this year it isn't funny. When we asked our Student Life reps what to do if a rookie COMES UP TO US and demands a nickname, because they feel jipped because we weren't allowed to name them this year, what do we do? Their response: "Well maybe so-and-so two chairs down feels offended that you call your friend here Indiana Jones/Marilyn Manson/Wangles/King Kong. And we need to create an environment that feels safe to everyone." I agree with you, if someone WANTS to be part of something who are we to stop them? But the laws around hazing and the guidelines set by universities are purposefully vague. And yes, if a uni caught you blindfolding willing participants in any kind of ceremony, you bet your butt you're going to get in some crap about it. That's just the way it is. I hate pulling the 'I've been there' card, but I have. This was my life for three years, and I was around these people for another two when I was dating someone in it. It's one thing to sit on the other side of the glass and say things you'd never do, and trust me, if you told me five years ago I was going to streak butt naked in the dead of winter across campus to win a scavenger hunt, or that I was going to watch some of my friends get 'bearclawed' and thought it was ok, I would've asked you what drugs you were on. It is REALLY difficult to say what you would and wouldn't do until you've been there.
  3. But see, that's the problem. Universities around the country of the USA are redefining it, and yes, every single one of those things listed were things my organization did that the university deemed appropriate. That dictionary definition is far outdated. Here is a copy of one sorority/fraternity's definition of hazing: "“Any action taken or situation created that produces mental or physical harm, discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol, paddling in any form, line ups for the purpose of intimidation, creation of excessive fatigue, physical and psychological shocks, quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, unnecessary road trips, wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste, engaging in public stunts and buffoonery, morally degrading or humiliating games and activities, and any other activities which are not consistent with academic or musical achievement; Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma law, ritual or policy; or the regulations and policies of the educational institution, band program, or applicable state law.” So you can see how the two just don't relate to each other anymore. We need to have an intelligent conversation on exactly what does and does not define hazing. Leaving it a 'gray area' is confusing, and unless heavily monitored will always allow for windows of opportunity to happen. Here's another definition, from a university website: "Hazing may also constitute additional behaviors, including but not limited to: forced cleaning running errands/menial tasks forced interviews scavenger hunts mental and/or psychological abuse public or private displays of humiliation forced use of alcohol or drugs providing alcohol to minors use of alcohol or drugs during the new member education/intake process or other membership events line-ups forced eating or drinking of items being yelled at or cursed at by other members of the team or group sleep deprivation public nudity forced wear of embarrassing clothing depriving you of regular hygiene practices (brushing teeth, bathing) making you steal or destroy property "drop-offs" or "dumps" in unfamiliar locations lock-ups or being confined to small spaces being duct taped or some other physical restraints violence sexual assault beating kicking calisthenics creation of excessive fatigue any activity which seriously endangers the health or safety of another individual."
  4. That's a pretty broad generalization, considering how vague the 'definition' of hazing is. For example, one of the 5th years in the baritone section was labeled a 'Hazer' and sued by the university because he told one of the 1st years to switch places with him. It's a practice that causes nervousness and some undue distress, but kicked out of every school in the world and unable to get a decent job (because the label of 'HAZER' appears anytime someone looks at his transcripts)? That's pretty extreme.
  5. I also might add that when you're part of a prestigious organization, with a 100+ year military inspired background and whose activities went largely unchecked for over 40 years, things can absolutely get out of control. But there are so many facets in a situation like that, that it's damn near impossible to pinpoint 'politics' or 'student environment/ student life' or anything like that. I know from experience, asking my group nicely to march in formation is like whining and nagging. "Please stop moving around", "Please stand at attention", "Please do that again but better" are all great ways to make me tune out on the field and ignore you completely. "But those are university approved methods!!!1!" - The university cries Sure, maybe. But nothing gets me motivated to do better than saying "HEY, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR #@$#@#$ AND GET THE #@$$$ IN FORMATION". Especially when used after gentle prompts. Or think of it like this: Do you get more done when your mom nags at you to clean something, or when you have a personal interest in getting it clean?
  6. Chyea. My band (ohio state) got into some pretty unpleasant crap about it last year. THAT BEING SAID!! The guidelines on what is 'hazing' are incredibly vague and designed to be in the school's best interest, not the student. I sat through about 17.5 hours of 'hazing training' following the firing of my band director and this 'report' that had conclusions on my organization and how it works without ever getting a chance to defend ourselves. Physically punishing people because they are of a certain rank (rookie or veteran)? Not ok. Never ok. There are some ceremonies my section performs that were questionable. Extremely questionable. Throwing me in a basement, blind folded for 5 hours listening to Whitney Houston's "And I will always love you" on loop overlayed with "What's new #$#$%cat" and "Fight the team" played backwards while feeding me pizza crusts, insulting me, and making me stand in front of my section and tell in detail what each fault I had was was in NO WAY acceptable. But the fact that I have a rookie name, something that is special to me and identifies me apart from all the other generic 'sarahs' or 'tims' out there? The fact that I ran out in my underwear and marched a pseudo performance because I freaking wanted to? Or the fact that I tell my rookie or second years to give me some funny drill that will make me charge through an unsuspecting tour group? Let's not forget the vulgar songs we used to sing on busses when we pulverized our rival up north into the muddy turf? That's called being in college, folks, and if you don't have an outlet (some people choose excessive drinking, I choose to make an idiot of myself) you'll go bonkers. So yea, hazing happens. It happened this year. I see it happen all the time in other organizations. But take my little 'quiz' on the many shades of hazing can take place, and you'll find quickly just how easily the line is crossed. Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt, the kind they hold in boy or girl scouts where you go and collect things on a list? Have you ever called your significant other by a nickname (boo, baby, honey, sweetie) or something more playful? Have you ever sang the lyrics of a song differently than the actual lyrics of the song? Have you ever done something in order of eldest to youngest, or more experienced to less? (for example- all 6th graders can get lunch/leave the room first, followed by 5th and 4th) Have you ever been given special perks because you are of older academic rank? (All 4th year seniors please leave to go on a field trip) Have you ever been given special perks because of individual performance, determined by special 'tests' or 'exams'? (for example, you have an IQ of 130, you get to go on this field trip) Has your teacher ever made you stay after school because you were an idiot and started a food fight, or got a lower grade? If you answered 'yes!' to any of the above, CONGRATS, you participated in something that, by most universities' standards, is HAZING. I could literally go on all day about this, but I won't. I could though. Just give me a reason.
  7. My roommates will be wondering why the house is so clean for lack of better things to do at 1am...
  8. IMO as someone who has caught all types of rares in the cave, the holiday season is the WORST time to catch anything valuable. There's usually a larger number of people trading off 2g holidays and 2g spriter babies, and those usually are the ones asking for CB golds and silvers. Factor in the fact that you've also got the cave at its most active points (people who on hiatus or are collectors who might only stop in for the holidays), and it's downright impossible. I hunt when I'm at work. I work at a computer lab as a proctor and my job entails unjamming the printers and making sure no one eats in the lab. That's it. So I literally just sit there and refresh with one hand, clicker in the other, or jump from biome to biome for 5-6 hours at a time. Also, in my experience the US summer season (June-August) are the easiest times to catch them. No holidays, and everybody's outside enjoying that summer air with their friends.
  9. D'aww. I've been off my game with the blasted metallics lately. Graduating semester of college and early onset carpal tunnel (haha, go figure) have left me off the cave hunt for a while now t-t My catches have been limited to mostly coppers. Aangs sister, these dragons are an absolute blast. I'm so excited to see some nice Eastern style(or is it western?) dragons like the shimmerscales that aren't just limited to prize winners. *_*
  10. You don't need Prizes/Art to get Spriter Alt babies. I have several I got from metallic trades (golds/coppers/silvers). They are pretty hard to get but if you're determined you can definitely make it work.
  11. Pretty proud of myself for ruining this lineage, haha.
  12. brb, freezing all my dragons now. Really though, we even have an action that says "Kill". I have to wonder how the two are even similar?
  13. CB Male Silver hatchling up for trade: http://dragcave.net/teleport/a84b35284bb97...ca1e12d1768d796 Best offer of Caveborn Hatchlings in the next few hours will get it, I will delete all offers except my first choice.
  14. Dragons I have for trade: Brown Copper Dragon, Caveborn (Desert). Ungendered Silver Caveborn Dragon (Coast). Dragons I am looking for: I am in search of a number of Caveborn and non-caveborn HATCHLINGS for my collection. Please do not offer eggs, I'm not interested in eggs. Caveborns I still need: Two headed, Green & Blue Lindwurm, Albino, Balloon, Black Tea, Blacktip, Bleeding Moon (MALE only), Gilded Bloodscale, Blusang (FEMALE only), BBW, Brimstone (FEMALE only), Brute, Carmine (MALE only), Cassare (MALE only), Waverunner, Vine (MALE only), Daydream, Deep Sea (MALE only), Purple & Red Dorsals, Duotone, Electric, Ember, Fleshcrown (FEMALE only), All three 'Garnet' dragons, Glaucus, Day & Night Glory Drakes, Gray, Pebble, Greenwings, Guadian (FEMALE only), Golden Wyvern, Harvest, Hellfire (MALE only), Horse, Howler, Ice, Water (FEMALE only), Lumina (FEMALE only), Magma, Mint, Moonstone, Blue/Purple Nebulas, Orange/Green Nebulas, Neotropical, All Pygmies, Ochredrake, Purple BSA (FEMALE only), Pillow, Pink BSA, Red BSA(FEMALE only), Tan Ridgewings, Royal Blue, Seasonal Summer (FEMALE only), Seasonal Winter, Seragamma, Skywing, Speckle Throat, Spitfire, Stone (MALE only), Stripe, Yellow Crown, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunsong, Sunstone, Doubletail (FEMALE only), Terrae, Thunder, Red Fin, Tri-Horn, Tsunami, Turpentine, Nhiostrife, Water Walker, Water Horse (FEMALE only), Undine (MALE only), Whiptail, White (FEMALE only). Lineaged Male HATCHLINGS I need for freezing: Two headed, Green & Blue Lindwurms, Albino, Black (ALT), Gilded Bloodscale, Bleeding Moon, Bluna, Brimstone, Cassare, Carmine, Green/Brown/Red Copper, Vine, Daydream, Deep Sea, RED Dorsal, Duotone, Ember, Fever, Frostbite, Fleshcrown, Orange/Red/Purple Garnet, Geode, Glaucus, Night Glory, Gold, Hellhorse, Horse, Ice, Howler, Creation/Change/Destruction Avatar, Mint, Purple Nebula, Olivine, SeaWyrm Pygmy, Crimson Flare Pygmy, Nilia Pygmy, Pillow, Pink BSA, Red BSA, Tan Ridgewing, Seasonal Fall, Soulpeace, Speckle Throat, Stone, White/Black/Red/Blue/Green Stripe, Yellow Crown, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunsong, Sunstone, Thunder, Tri-Horn, Tsunami, UV, Green/Gold Undine, Waterhorse Lineaged Female HATCHLINGS I need for freezing: Two headed, Blue/Green Lindwurms, Bleeding Moon, Gilded Bloodscale, Blusang, Brimstone, Green/Brown/Red copper, ALT Vine, Red Dorsal, Duotone, Electric, Red/Orange/Purple Garnet, Geode, Glaucus, Night glory, Gold, Goldfish, Gray, Hellfire, Hellhorse, Howler, Creation/Change/Destruction Avatars, Lumina, Magi, Magma, Mint, Moonstone, Ochredrake, Sea Wyrm Pygmy, Nilia, Misfit, Dark Myst Pygmies, Regular Pygmy, Pillow, Royal Red, Tan Ridgewing, Seasonal Fall, Seragamma, Silver, Soulpeace, speckle Throat, White/Black/Blue/Red Stripes, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunsong, Double Tail, Terrae, Thunder, Redfin, Tsunami, NhioStrife, UV, Gold Undine, Waterhorse, Waterwalker, White Please PM me if you have an interest in trading. I have been View-bombed too many times to count. Thank you.
  15. I have to trade: CB ER Silver Egg from the Coast TWO Copper CB Ungendered, Uninfluenced Hatchlings. Both from the Alpine. Ungendered CB Gold Hatchling, from the Coast Want: 2g Spriter Alt offspring 2g GOLD undine from Radiant Angel 2g Tinselkin EVEN gen prizes, will not consider stairsteps, sorry. I dislike stairways heavily. Will also consider offers of common/uncommon hatchlings at my discretion for ALL of these dragons. Feel free to PM me for the link, I've disabled them due to view bombers. Thanks!
  16. I got on the Thuwed list! I was so excited, I basically clicked whatever looked nice and hit submit. It's funny because I literally JUST mentioned about how difficult and impossible it seemed to get on. There is hope!! Now I just have to remember to keep that egg slot open
  17. stoopp. I have been hoping and waiting for a Thuwed of such to be paired with a gold dragon. You're making my heart hurt. I personally, if I won, would absolutely not do lists and breed for my own fancy. I've been so frustrated with other prize owners trading their dragons for 5-6 gold caveborns at a time, or impossible to acquire dragons like 2g spriter alts....like really? No normal mortal can afford that. So they would absolutely get randomly fairy gifted at my discretion.
  18. On a slightly more serious note, the American drinking age of 18 is a load of horsecrap. Why is it that an 18 year old man can be drafted into the army to shoot people and die for our country, but he can't have a beer?
  19. I just got back from the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, LA, had a boozing good time, and now I get to go to Dallas, Texas for the National Championship!!! I play in the marching band for Ohio State, so we get to go for free and get money for food for all bowl games. And my mom wonders why I don't want to graduate yet....free paid vacations!! with all my friends
  20. I just named mine CactusButt from the hyena jabs in Lion King
  21. Can we link to one way transfers in our gift message? I would absolutely love to do this, but I also don't want to be the first one to try it and get my scroll burned for putting a link in there. P:
  22. Grabbed two already, happy holidays!
  23. So I'm desperately trying to snatch a holly. Any holly. Literally anything. Like an inbred, dirty, mongering one would do. And I'm also snatching up Solstices to see if any of them have GoN parents so I can match it sorta-checker with my Alt solstice x GoN Change avatar. And then I grab a solstice. I look at the parents. Huh, that name seems sort of familiar. http://dragcave.net/lineage/KCCj3 Bricks are being shat, ladies and gentlemen. I can't believe my luck. Edit// Hidden for safety as I'll be away for the holidays. It's a Sephiroth baby (Artist's Alt Radiant Angel x Solstice)
  24. I wouldn't go that far. People who monitor their babies (like me) know to put the code into places like Silvi's before we ditch them so that in situations like this, they'll hatch before they die. Plus, the number of people who grabbed CB regulars and then threw them out when they realized halloween season was here and people who just breed for kicks will also have babies in there. There will be lots of babies waiting to be adopted, just you wait