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I gift CB rares. READ PROFILE for details. Current status: Gold: Closed, Silver: Closed, Copper: Closed On hiatus until the real world stops kicking my behind.If you buy something from my shop, use the coupon code DRAGONSRUS for 15% off!Banner.jpg


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    Just a quick mini-rant about how I find it funny that people who pre-prize were all "I will make sure I accept any offer for my prize because I know how it feels!" are now only accepting offers of prize-swaps. You do you, just don't be two-faced about it....


    I give Cave caught rares to those who have none.

    The rules to this:

    You must pick up your egg within 24 hours, or I will remove you from the list and offer it to the next person in line. If you alert me ahead of time, you are exempt from this rule. No other exceptions will be given. First offense is a one month graylist, second offense is permanent blacklist.

    I ask if you do request a rare, that you take a second to pin a few things from my etsy shop (the banner in my sig) on pinterest or tumblr or share it on Facebook, it really helps me get into the google and etsy search engines!

    You may not freeze/trade/kill/Neglect/gift away the rare. I will check up on it once it is grown up, and you will be banned from requesting another if caught.

    I give rares at my discretion. I may choose to keep certain eggs for my own scroll, that is my decision. Put the secret message "Wahoo!" as the title of your request so I know you read these rules. Please do not message me demanding an egg I have decided to keep.

    If you have a gold, no silver, and three coppers, you're still eligible for a Silver, etc. etc.

    Rares given away since April 1st, 2014: 29

    Gold List: Closed, 0 waiting
    Silver List: Open, 1 waiting
    ---1. Doublelift
    Copper List: Open, 0 waiting

    You must respond within 24 hours of me offering the egg, and you may not trade or gift it away or I will blacklist you.

    They owe me...

    Valentine 09 (1) (LittleSatCat / CB Silver)
    Valentine 09 (1) Bankotsu / CB Silver)