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    It's okay to try again, no matter how many times
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Still here, just getting old and tired.  Please poke me if I can be of assistance!


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    North Country, New Hampshire
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    Also known as kourabiedes on basically every other site. I'm just a very shy, disabled artist with a passion for shiny things. :>

    Currently hard at work on Raison d'Etre, a urban fantasy webcomic started by my wife. You can find it at http://raisondetrecomic.com !
    Announcement Board!

    Won a bronze shimmer in the September '19 raffle! It has been influenced female. For now the breeding list is only open to those I contact directly, unless you offer me something ridiculous. However, it will be open to all as soon as I have completed my gifting plan!

    I always pay my IOUs, usually quicker than expected. Can call upon many people to verify this claim. A few recent ones are listed below:

    My personal greatest DC wish was a 2G prize from sunset, which some sneaky person managed to get for me. I still don't know who you are, and I'd like to - to thank you for what was the single best birthday present ever in a year that was nothing less than a living nightmare. You don't know how much you helped by just that random act of kindness <3

    My current avatar was drawn by me! :>