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  1. Anyone got a pic of this year's Christmas Dragon egg? I missed the whole event this year and haven't gotten to see what they looked like yet.
  2. For me, I can't ever get the Golden Wyverns, Leetle Trees, Gold or Silver Tinsels (somehow lucked into a Copper Tinsel), Holly Dragons, have had no luck summoning the Guardian of Nature Dragon or making a Neglected Dragon (though I did finally manage to make a Zombie Dragon last Halloween), and do I understand correctly that there's now a Black version of the Striped Dragons that can be bred?
  3. It's just a jump to the left and a step to the right. ^,^
  4. Check the first page. It runs until 8 pm EST tomorrow.
  5. I've found all 53 eggs, but someone mentioned a Phantom of the Opera egg? I don't see that. Can someone tell me where in the line-up that one is? EDIT: Also, I don't see a Stitch egg but that grinning one is most definitely a Cheshire Cat egg.
  6. Nappa: Vegeta, why are there more than three pages on this scroll? Vegeta: It's OVER 9000!! Nappa: What?! 9000?!? There's no way that can be right!
  7. I got 81 of 94, so it looks like I missed 13. Ah well. It was a fun run. Hope everybody had a spooky fun Halloween weekend! =)
  8. 37/92 And can someone tell me what this one is?
  9. I happened to be online past midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning and decided to check the cave, hoping to maybe snag a CB Water and/or a CB Magi, you know, to breed Goldfish dragons. Instead I caught the new release early on and managed to snag 2 of each before the rush got bad. Only reason I wasn't locked was because I've been mainly breeding to freeze hatchlings lately and was down to the point where I didn't have enough freezings left to keep at it. Lucky me that I only had 2 hatchlings and no eggs at the time. I hope there aren't so many people having trouble catching this time arou
  10. Yes, every 12 minutes a new egg would appear somewhere on whatever page you happened to be on and you would click it to collect it in your basket. If you happened to miss seeing it and click to another page that was fine because the egg would follow you around until you noticed it and clicked it. There were 38 in all if I recall correctly. The festival lasted for 2 days, which was good because at a rate of no more than 5 eggs per hour it took over 7 hours to catch them all. That and it also gave those who weren't around Easter Sunday a chance to still catch the eggs before they went away.
  11. Well who can blame him? He's a male Pink!
  12. You're in the wrong thread if you're looking for info on Zombie dragons. Try here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=57168
  13. Oh dear! There's some really funny names on this thread! I wish I had that kind of imagination, but alas I fail at coming up with humorous names. Here's the best of my feeble efforts. Scraps Shardborne - frozen Paper hatchie sans wings Scrivner Shardborne - adult Paper dragon Munsterella Shardborne - adult Cheese dragon Henrietta Shardborne - adult Chicken Hither and Yon Shardborne - adult female 2-Headed dragon Guardian Angel Shardborne - adult female Guardian dragon Pebbles Shardborne - frozen female Stone hatchie BamBam Shardborne - frozen male Green hatchie Yammer a