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  1. Thank you! Very nice lineages.
  2. Thank you for letting us know. Thank you also to all the spriters for their hard work.
  3. I love this series. This is one of the few books I do in Audio format. I started it on a road trip with my son and the readers are fantastic.
  4. thank you this is so helpful.
  5. Another from 2008 here. I am fairly certain my first Dragon is Luzerne who is a White. (Not sure how you all are looking them up.) I compared a few of the ones I know were around the first batch and he looked like the oldest at Sept. 18 2008. I was reading the posts and saw that quite a few of you found the site through links at the bottom of other forum posts. That is exactly how I arrived here. It was a link on Renn site I frequented.
  6. Scaleless Luminas freshly bred. didn't even know about it till I came here looking around. http://dragcave.net/view/dVbHI http://dragcave.net/view/r6fqM http://dragcave.net/view/KH0K0 http://dragcave.net/view/Na9Qa http://dragcave.net/view/EQnDM
  7. Leaving: Avatar egg Claim my egg!-gone! Enjoy :-)
  8. Thank you for the Copper. I will keep and name it. Now for the thread. How about this Two headed Lindworm Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. Wow very nice Dragons! Way to go Spriters. Thanks TJ for another well done Halloween.
  10. What beauties! Great job again spriters!
  11. hey prior warning is always good even if it is short notice. Thanks TJ.
  12. I have 13 out of 474 according to EDS that still need names. Not bad I think. As far as naming schemes go, it varies by breed. Each dragon inspires me differently. For example: The stripes are all Latin names for butterflies. The Silvers are all first name Argentum then something to do with the lineage or how I acquired it. The Ice are all Iceland glaciers, because its obvious and I was just there this summer, lol. My mom says I put too much thought into it but I figure i have to see it all the time so if that's what it take to make my OCD happy that's what I'll do.
  13. I have a red dragon with the code stke.. She is now Pyr Strike
  14. OK, I may have to name this new mint of mine something according to it's code. the code is I Fly and the interesting bit (which may explain my Avi) is that I am an aircraft mechanic. It was a low time egg I was just going to hatch and release till I saw the code.