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  1. Thank you so much for the descriptions! Had to go through a few posts to find them. You're a lifesaver! ❤️
  2. So... I randomly checked the Market, looking for prices on things I don't have... and all of the Dinos are currently priced at 300. AND... I had enough to buy one of each... I don't care that they say "Market", because I FINALLY have not just 1 dino, but all 5!
  3. There are a LOT. Pretty sure it isn't a Pirate, nor Pipe... nor Pint-Size, nor Pip-squeak. But, Pinnate? pinnate [pin-eyt, -it] adjective - resembling a feather, as in construction or arrangement; having parts arranged on each side of acommon axis:
  4. I asked that as well... 😕 Maybe it's a clue?
  5. Has anyone else noticed/asked why the title of this thread is "2018-09-01 - September Dragon Release" ... when today is the 30th? 😕
  6. I waited all day with my scroll ready, and nothing happened. I took a nap, and woke up to late day new eggs, and a cave full of people grabbing. I had to switch to mobile to load/click fast enough. I did manage to catch 3 of each, with the three tinies being from 3 different biomes. Scroll hidden. I haven't checked my Pink to see if their BSA is available yet. I wonder if some viewbombers get the individual egg's code on the rejection page, and they copy its code to post just that egg? They get mad that you beat them to it, so they try to kill it?
  7. I took this one, Thank you! ❤️
  8. Snagged an AP 2G egg with dOA code. (Sweet!) Bitten successfully by my vamp, (Sweet!) but repulsed from the scroll (Oh NO!) Saw it on AP (What?!) But was too slow to grab it back. 😪 Congrats to whomever grabbed the little dOA Vamp - I hope you appreciate the code on it.
  9. I want immediate knowledge of everything I missed in my (way too long) hiatus. ---> Before my hiatus, there was "the cave". That's it. No biomes. ---> I want to know why some biomes make a difference to people in trades. ---> I want to know when codes went to 5 digits instead of 4. ---> I want to know what is the deal with Frill Dragons and "Old Pinks"? I want all of the Holidays/Valentines/Halloweens I missed to magically have 1 of each appear on my scroll. I want all of my old Dragons' names to go back on their respective dragons, instead of just codes, due to being offline too long. ---> All of the names were themed, and someone has taken the names. ---> Now I look like one of those people who doesn't name dragons, when really, I liked the old names so much, renaming is sad. ---> The thought of renaming 300 dragons scares me. AND... I want to donate money to BUY MORE SLOTS, not donate to only get rid of ads.
  10. "It is thought that the social status of a dragon is determined by its incubation period—in addition to having different coloration, dragons allowed more time to develop are considered wiser and of higher status." there is the answer!
  11. Well ,my incubated and well viewed eggs hatched green. My well viewed (but not incubated) hatched blue. I have 3 eggs that I nabbed after the incubated ones hatched, and got them well viewed (but not incubated) before I knew this was a time based difference, not the location based... so they are now all fogged. Any ideas on how long they should stay fogged to aim for purples, since I have 2 green and 2 blue already?
  12. Woke up to empty caves, so I browsed the Biomes and found new descriptions in the forest. 30 minutes of refreshes, and I've nabbed 2 pygmies, and 3 spotted (1 alpine, 1 coastal, 1 forest) ❤️ Thank you! (Now... if only I hadn't used all of my Influence powers earlier this week...)
  13. These look awesome!! Thank you to the spriters! *huggles my 3 of each happily*
  14. I've offered these in The Giving Tree, but I want to offer them here, directly to people involved in X/metallic lines, who might need new blood or who might want to start a new line... All three of these have CB parentage, so they are as clean lined as you can have for X/metallics. White Egg, parents are CB Silver, CB white http://dragcave.net/lineage/MFPh no influencing 6d 7h left (will have 1 day added) Sun Egg, parents are CB Silver, CB Sunrise http://dragcave.net/lineage/8DEi no influencing 6d 7h left (will have 1 day added) Magi Egg Parents are CB Magi, CB Gold http://dragcave.net/lineage/b4Zp no influencing 5d 3h left (will have 1 day added) PM me if you're interested in giving one of them a home. Please, no killing the egg - and naming would be really nice...
  15. I've got some great codes in my brood... dzzy, 5jew, pity, bg4O (the big 4-O), run3, ozie, aakn, vppp, irim, sugs, iddo, tia2 ... However, I name my all of babies in French, with a common prefix of "Heart of". Even with those priceless codes, I just couldn't seem to name them by code and still fit in the theme. Until this week... I was gifted an alt vine, code: syke. The breeder and I repeatedly joked about what prank syke might pull, such as hatching alt, but growing up regular... or choosing to be female, but growing up male... She is named Coeur de sottise (Heart of mischief).