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  1. I really enjoy decorating the tree. We didn't get to have one this year so, this is such fun! Hope it doesn't go away, like the Easter Eggs, so I can come back to it and play.
  2. Got one! and I'm scroll locked LOL....however if all goes as planned I will try to catch another same time tomorrow. crosses fingers. The only thing that would make it better is if I could grab a Holly.
  3. I am SO enjoying the tree decorating I hope I do not forget to catch holiday eggs! hehehehehe. What a great new gift! Thank You TJ!
  4. Thank you all! That helped clear things up and gives me hope for the pair that has as of yet not given me an egg.
  5. 1st - Thanks to AlternateMew for the great banner! 2nd - When i left this morning there were only 5 pages now we have over 100. I was wondering if this question had already been asked and I do not have time to read all the pages.: It says that if dragons refuse each other then they will not even show up for another attempt. That seems cool. What I'd like to know is, if the dragons have tried to mate but produce no egg, and then the next time do not show much interest,does that mean they can't mate or does it have to say 'refuse to go near each other'. Also if they do not seem interested can they try to mate again another time? Thank You
  6. 70/92 hope I can find them all.
  7. saddly I bred my pumpkin before the event....and he can't breed again till after. Hopefully I can catch one off the AP page later.
  8. yeah I feel silly now. It just showed up AFTER I posted.
  9. Yeah, like the Easter Egg hunt we need a little basket or something...I'd think a Jack o Latern would be cool
  10. I clicked on it but where did it go?
  11. I clicked on the little treat...do we get to keep them like the Easter eggs? they are very cute THANK YOU!
  12. I know what you mean, I had the same problem when they came out.
  13. I totally agree with you on this one.
  14. I wonder if there will be another chance to get the leetle trees. They are so very cute.
  15. LOL I still need a sunsong and haven't gotten any of the new ones yet. And now I'm scroll locked. Accidentally got an egg I didn't want and need to wait to abandon it. Then I will try again.
  16. yes i rather liked the old sprite. When is it coming back?
  17. I would like that. Though I still haven't gotten them all.
  18. ginevra

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    The new eggs are hard to get but I'll just have to keep trying. I like the new dragons for some of the old breeds but i kinda miss the old ones, too. Thank you to bothe the artists and TJ.
  19. I have four adults and one frozen hatchling. Two of the adults are CB.
  20. I agree with almost every thing stated above, except for Number three. If folks want an army of eggs so let them. They can have hatchling armies, why not egg armies? Also, I do not like the idea of 'piecing them back together" That is not freezing, that is rebuilding it. And as another poster said, it is like having your cake and eating it too. If you freeze a hatchling you can't then turn around and unfreeze it to let it grow up to try and breed or trade it. You made that choice when you froze it and you have to live with consequences of your choice. The time limit is a good idea, like breeding, influencing or biting, or most of the other BSA's, you should have to wait to freeze another egg. I agree that if you do not, there is a potential for misuse. The dragon of choice for me to have the freeze action, is the Ice Dragon. Any egg should be aloud to be frozen. CB or bred, just like hatchlings. Yes I know wome folks get upset when you freeze a 'lineage' dragon, but once you gift it, abandon it or trade it, you have given up the rights to what happens to it. ( You can always make conditions before with the person who is t receive the egg or hatchling. However if you do not, then they can do with it what they want) Freezing eggs seems fine to me. As stated, the sprites are very pretty and many people would like to have a complete set. Knowing me I would probably for the most part only freeze my own eggs. Though I have frozen many hatchlings that I got from cave born eggs or the AP that no one has claimed.
  21. ginevra

    Squiby anyone?

    Is it just me or is Squiby down? I haven't been able to get into it for two days now. Thanks
  22. ginevra


    OK I'm missing some thing... Where do I get them? They are adorable! must....get....plushie...dragons... No, really I can quit anytime. What makes you think I'm obsessed? Ok on closer reviewing I think I need to contact the person who makes them directly. Is that right? I saw the dragon cave tage and thought that maybe they were on sale in the shop.
  23. ginevra

    Squiby anyone?

    LOL just what I need more adoptables. But darn it they have some really cute ones! @Ethereal I love the hedgehog one you have in your sig, what is is called?