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  1. Shadows Of Gallifray Love it, wish I had thought of it first!
  2. Everyday brings a new surprise! I love them all. The deep sea dragons look so cute with the lights down their sides. Thank You All!
  3. I love the holiday dress up dragons. I wish we could keep one of each on our scrolls. The other events are also quite awesome. But it was a sweet surprise to look at my scroll first thing and find the dragons all dressed up for the Holiday! The Balloon Dragons as Santa, so CUTE! Perfect! Thank You!
  4. tis the season for Aztec Rose
  5. I bring Trotsky's Child of the Racnoss the female Black Marrow chick, home to my cave. The poor thing looks cold and I have Hot Chocolate.
  6. Fowl Space Creature so many good ones, this one is for today.
  7. The Lady Zia D'Orisaarm the gold Tinsel is invited to my cave to tea. She finds that we have cookies and decides to move in.
  8. Banned for having Trotsky's dragon's. He would kinda like to have 'em back, ya know?
  9. I got bronze Tinsel and didn't post it for the first day. It STILL got soft shell and I was so worried that even though I hid it I was too late. Luckily it all worked out and he grew up big and strong.
  10. Zombie attempt - failed New Halloween eggs - 3 (considering my connection is so slow and they are all gone in 5 min after they come out I'm AMAZED!) Tinsel Dragon from abandon page - 1 (even more Amazing, I was trying for a Pumpkin or Marrow) Hopefully I can get one more new Halloween egg sometime today. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  11. Once again Draco Knight your help was invaluable! This was great fun, even though I needed help. I agree I would like to be able to click on the Halloween icon and see all the fun items that we collected. spoiler- and/or being able to click on the icon and read the part of the story where we free the dragon spirit, and at the bottom of that page we could see all the collected items. Thank you to all who made this possible. You did a Brilliant job!
  12. Draco Knight Thank you for your help! I've gotten everything but the chicken.
  13. Ok, I'm stuck. And I have been since last night. I can't find what looks like a jar of eye balls, the skull, what looks like bones from a wing and what looks like dinner. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  14. Blast I need 5 more items and I bet there is a room I haven't been able to find. ARRRGGG the cave just went down. oh Piffle!
  15. Thank you, that was a great help.
  16. So we can have as many as we want of Black Marrows and pumpkin dragons?
  17. Forum Name:ginevra Scroll Name: ginevra with link http://dragcave.net/user/ginevra Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: This thread or PM Number of self bred Doctor Who 4th gens you already have if any: none Secret Word:cyberman. I love Dr Who, but never been in a breeding project like this so I may have a lot of questions. I have many dragons with Dr Who related names but not from qoutes. So as an aside if folks want me to breed my Who related Dragons (not part of this project) let me know. At this time I have no special requests I would be happy with any combination. Thank You.
  18. So they seem to be still dropping but VERY rarely?
  19. Congratulations! Where did you find it?
  20. Liz was such a great role model! She continued to be an action heroine from her early days with the Dr and as a mature woman on her own. Lagie you are so lucky to have met her. We hare having a potluck get together this Sat at my house for the new season. I'm hoping that some one can bring some of the older DW with SJS in it to show before hand.
  21. I love the golden dear, it reminds me of a small statue we used to have of a deer. The clear ornaments are very pretty.
  22. The only thing I would add is have some ornaments that look like some of the Dragcave eggs or dragons.