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  1. All your Neglected's are belong to me. Where they wont' feel neglected any more.
  2. All your baby Black Alts are belong to me. (and your Guardians of Nature)
  3. All your hatchlings are belong to us! (Specially the gold ones the shimmering ones and the new old ones)
  4. I'm hoping this is the case as they get snatched up so fast. As to how rare they are, I am assuming the gold will be pretty rare as they seem to be dropping less often than the blue. But that is just a guess.
  5. Anyone know if this is a limited release or if it is permanent?
  6. My Holly invites your Holly, Trotsky's A-OKhay Cuffs, over for a sleep over, untill next Christmas. Hey Lagie, been to long. Lots been going on on my end. Hope you had a great Holiday.
  7. Transplants your alt vine Duskthorn, to my cave.
  8. For me, I do not really like the new Golds as they look to much like the Harvest Dragons. They do not seem to 'glow' the same way as the old ones did, to me they just look mustard yellow. Which is kind of dull.I was very fond of the old sprite. The new sprite for the Horse Dragon, I wish they would have made that the male and left the old one for the female. Or visa versa, but have one sprite for one gender and leave the old sprite for the other gender. I do like it quite a bit, much better than I like the new Gold sprite. The new Sunset sprite is very nice. I think the changes are subtle enough, but do make a marked difference. The new Sunrise sprite is so subtle, that I can barely tell. I like this one, too. I hope they leave all the other older dragons the way they are. Or if they do change them, then do as they did with the pinks, let us keep our older sprites. Thus making it more fun to collect older dragons in a new form. Unless the original artists do not want their older works to be used. But if the original artists do not mind, let us keep the older sprites as retired. PLEASE do not change the Hollys, they are such an iconic dragon unto themselves.
  9. The Promise That is to Come
  10. All your little frozen hatchlings come to live in my cave. We have pizza on Fridays.
  11. deds the little undead hatchling is coming back with me.
  12. Christmas is over so you won't be needing those Holly Dragons. (Brings them to my cave for safe keeping)
  13. Thank you to TJ and the Spriters. They are lovely, can't wait to see what will hatch from them. Happy Holidays one and all!
  14. I'd have to say reading the names of all your vampires made me crack up! So I choose all your vampires. but I'll post And btw I'm team Jacob
  15. My Neck Is Fine especially now that it has a little red scarf around it.
  16. Purplexa You have very clever names.
  17. I agree! And I wonder the same thing. I liked the Bright-Breasted Wyvern's in gold. The new one is cute too, but IMO I like the gold. I'm loving how every day there is something new to see with our dragons. THANK YOU!
  18. All the Holiday Hatchlings come to my cave for a caroling party.