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  1. So many good ones, todays is Aztec Rose
  2. Goes to swipe your alt vine, realizes you seem not to have any ice dragon's and sends one of mine to visit.
  3. I love Miyazaki's work. I have since Totoro. I love Howl's even through it is not like the book. My friend won't go see it as it is not like the book. I was a bit confused by some of the creatures in Spirited Away but I have watched it so many times now, I love it for it's blend of Japanese and Western folklore. Have you seen the new one? The Secret World of Arrietty?
  4. While you are swiping a CB gold egg, I'll gladly take the 2nd gen gold egg you already have.
  5. Serenedipidity, the female Moonstone comes home with me to live with her cousins.
  6. I lure Nightfall Bliss to the 'Dark Side' (aka my cave)with brownies.
  7. I use said brownie to lure Mind Your Step on Your Way Out, the Guardian of Nature back to my cave. Distracts Lagie with a big hug!
  8. JohnJacobJingleheimerSchmidt (but I also love all your Dr Who names, I also have several you should check out)
  9. I transplant Hintashai Loki the Alt Vine back to my cave.
  10. I don't like the colour pink for a pink dragon it made me laugh
  11. Your Purple Dino, Artuelle is coming home with me.
  12. Gently transplants Head Scholar Skeo Bedrock your alt vine to my cave.
  13. Let me help you tidy up your cave. I'll just take that chicken egg and those gold eggs, they look like they are taking up to much room. Oh OH! the black alt hatchlings are going to help me carry all of these.
  14. I'm going to have to go with Unnamed
  15. All your sitting black alts are invited to a party at my cave. They end up staying. We have hot chocolate and marshmallows. And Cake. The Cake is NOT a lie.
  16. Your Alt Vine hachling is taken back to my cave and planted with my Leetle Tree and my other vines.