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  1. I'm a Trekkie at Heart the alt vine is transplanted to my cave.
  2. Zhenya The Coquettish CB
  3. Somewhere In Vine I love puns and word play. Also i would love to have one of your alt vines
  4. sneak sneak lurk lurk grabs purple dino egg and makes a break for it, leaving hot chocolate and marshmallows in it's place.
  5. The baby undead named deds, is coming home with me.
  6. Takes what is behind the fog.
  7. ANOTHER Female Dorsal Made me laugh cuz i've been there myself,
  8. Ahhh! Spring! Time for planting, or in this case transplanting. I'll be transplanting Duskthorn your alt vine to my cave.
  9. ginevra


    This is Horrible! But sadly not as uncommon as one would think. But it does not get talked about it because people would rather be blind and live in their little perfect world. I have a friend who has found out that she is carrying a severely handicapped, child. Before my health got bad, I worked with handicapped children and I saw how it can either bring a family closer or tear them apart. If you can't physically or financially take care of the child, it becomes very hard. And what happens if the parents die? Then the child, if it doesn't have relatives able to take care of it, ends up in the state system. Which is already over burdened. Many states do not even have programs to help people with special needs children. My friend will have to make a very difficult decision soon. What ever she decides I hope it will be her choice and not a government mandate. Whatever her choice I hope that if she chooses to end the pregnancy, that she can do so safely and with out added shame and guilt from our legal system. This is not a choice one makes lightly. It is a choice that should be left up to the mother, with help from her husband and full cooperation of her Doctor. The government has no place in this decision.
  10. Grabs up all your dino eggs, OH, and the paper one, and the vampire one, and the baby cheese dragon, and the sitting alt black, and the dino hatchling, and.....
  11. Edward the Annoying ( I found this very funny as my friend just raved about the Twilight Books to me)
  12. I could not beleave this name wasn't already taken. It was inspired by the dragon's code. (do not ask me why but that was what popped into my brain when I looked at it again) http://dragcave.net/view/KOSBW So why did I name a pink male Kobayashi Maru? It was kinda like a Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash song) he was in a no win situation.
  13. All your hatchlings are belong to us. Strepi, Rayole, Rosue, and Pernia Nogard come to my cave for a play date and stay. We have chocolate.