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  1. Thank you Jazeki, that answered my question. Next question I thought we could have more than two of the older Holiday dragons. If so, why did the Holly I bred auto abandon? Thank you!
  2. Thank you that was very helpful yes that link showed me was the tower I was asking about. I'm level 25, but none of the higher level snow items, like the corner tower are showing as available to me.
  3. I've got some questions about snow forts, hope this is the right place to ask. I was in the hospital when the event began so I'm playing catch up. How high a level do you have to be before you get the corner towers and trees? Thank you!
  4. Your Gold Hatchling looks lonesome, so I'm taking it back to my cave.
  5. How does one send flowers? Is anyone else getting hung or bad lag when trying to access the flower part of the event? Thank You!
  6. All your Black Alt Hatchlings are belong to me.
  7. Disguised as a gardener, I transplant your Alt Vines back to my cave.
  8. Fowl Space Creature made me LOL I love your chicken army
  9. Still not fast enough. It looks like the cave is back to almost normal as I saw more of the usual Desert eggs this drop. Hope I can catch one soon.
  10. WOW! Under a minute and the desert biome was cleared out! I think that is the fastest I've ever seen it do that.
  11. Thank You everyone who answered my question. I can't be on much do to family in the hospital, so it is good to know I can try another time.
  12. Are they just for today? Or are they a totally new, and will be here for ever?
  13. I transplant your ALT Vines back to my cave.
  14. DONT PICK ME IM NOT FUNNY ( I just had too.....)
  15. Aragorn Elessar Son of Arathorn Love LOTR!
  16. Ignis Donum sounds very noble (Independency was named for the date it was stolen July 4)
  17. Transplants the alt vine, I'm a Trekkie at Heart, and while leaving the cave takes the Icicle egg back to my cave.
  18. After following one of my chickens across the road, I find yours as well and take them home to my cave with me.
  19. Shadows Of Gallifray wish I had thought of it