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  1. 2 hours ago, Chococat0815 said:

    Your flower list stays the same, sending or receiving cards doesn't change anything. Only when you gather flowers from dragons you will get more.

    After the event is over, only your cards will be still visible, the flower list will disappear. That's why the people on this thread want to receive every flower through a card, so that it remains after the event is over.

    That is to bad, the descriptions are so fun. I have also been enjoying all the different dragons. I doubt I will get through all the dragons to see all the flowers; work kinda gets in the way. This event has been SO MUCH FUN.


    Still trying to send out as many flowers to folks and trying to help them complete their list.

  2. Yep, they're still dropping, they are a permanent release after all. tongue.gif


    You can find them in every biome, but you need to be fast at the 5 min drops.

    Thank You!


    You are so right they are going fast!

  3. I miss the bases... I hope that they go for a realistic base again.... Am tired of the distorted chibi avatars that dominate all websites....

    By far my favorite avatar site. I loved the more realistic bases, all the different skin tones and all the fabulous clothing options! My nieces and I would spend hours designing outfits and making up characters for role-play.


    In fact, since the sight has closed, they have been trying to draw more themselves, having been inspired by the artists there. They keep asking me if the site is coming back. I've told them to be patient, rebuilding from the ground up takes time.


  4. Thank You for keeping us informed of the progress.


    Like you, I do not mind waiting, and i trust Seidh todo what he feels best.


    I also understand things often take longer than first anticipated.


    Please send my good luck wishes to him, and thank him and the team for doing this to help keep the spirit alive.

  5. Thank you micamone for posting the poll. It was a difficult choice, but i did pick one.


    On days like this when stuck inside because of snowpocolipsegedon, I really miss the site.


    I could spend hours playing both collecting eggs and dressing up.

  6. Thank You for all the information, Thaliel and Ailsa.


    Unfortunately I do not have Facebook. Nor am i on deviantart, so I appreciate the post that gave us all the information.


    So, what can we do to show support and pull together as a community? Is there going to be at least a forum for us all to stay in touch? The community was one of the most supportive I've come across.


    Personally, I want to support our old staff members Seidh, Weezee, Pegasus, as they worked so hard for us. I'd love to see what they come up with and would like to keep the community together.


    What did I love:


    How it was a safe place for you to come and get support. I'm a really really shy person. Even on the internet I do not talk much. But reading how others were handling their problems helped me. I gave encouragement when i could and learned so much from everyone there.


    That is all for now. I'll will post more later when i have more time.

  7. I've been chatting to friends on other places. All that is known is that the owner turned off all the sites w/ no warning early Sat. morn. Those sites probably won't come back.

    That is very sad indeed. The owner should have at least given us a warning. To see if someone else wanted to buy/run/take it over.


    *heavy sigh* sad.gif

  8. I hope it's not permanent. It's the only forum I actually participate on.

    I know this was my favorite site. I shares it with my Mom and we had fun creating avitars. I really hope it comes back.


    Does anyone know how to contact the site mods or owners other than on the site itself?

  9. I am so sorry but can anyone help me!!


    I see my screen black


    user posted image

    Sorry but I have had this problem for days now and refreshing doesn't seem to work.


    Please, any other suggestions?


    Also, since I have missed the first several days, is there anywhere I can just read the stories I missed?


    Thank You!

  10. I've really enjoyed this event!


    But has anyone else had this problem?


    It says:


    'After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, Valentine Frill has attracted an admirer: a golden wyvern! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company.'


    But I do not see her in the cave? I've logged out and back in. Refreshed the page and moved items around, but she is not there.


    Does this mean she could leave? Will a different dragon come in her place, or will my poor dragon be lonely?




    Thank you for the help!

  11. I think it's still a constant that you can only have one egg out of your bred brood (or w/e it's called); if no eggs are picked after a certain time it's auto-abandoned

    I thought that too, and had picked one, but they where all gone when I got home.


    Thank you for your help!