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  1. CB Female Two Headed Split Hatchling for a Giftee, or Yourself, It has been Stunned to Allow some Extra Time To Pick Up & not Grow Up, but already gendered! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! ETA: Two 3G Pure Thuwed Eggs. All from Different Parents so they can also be bred together if you grab both, would love it to go to a giftee, but ok for givers to take too: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! ETA: 4G Pure Thuwed Gold Wyvern Egg, From both GW Thuwed Parents, with Perfect GW Outer Arc. Lovely Pretty Shiny Pure Thuwed Line. Prefer for giftee, but fine to take for those also giving: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. (2) "Purebred" 3EG Soulpeace Hatchlings, One Male, One Female (so can be bred together and/or gifted as a set), Please leave any junk egg so I know you will regift it to giftee or keep for self, just needs to find a good home Thanks! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Natayah

    The name traders!

    Below are some names that are useful as Prize Names, Special Valued Dragons & Holidays, Puns, etc. If any of these seem in any way edgy, they were all done as heartfelt fun puns ans love and/or I was reserving them in case I might use them in the future should I ever win a "Prize Raffle." But I won a Prize Raffle and named my dragon something different. And to also possibly let others have in the future. Also, there are some other funny/fun ones on my scroll so you are welcome to scroll thru it. I may not be willing to part with a few, but for the correct Price I'm happy to free up a name for anyone. Send me a PM, and we can discuss the name, I am happy to swap names and/or other things. Some may require a swap or trade of some type, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily expensive. You might also want to include the dragon you wish to name it and a short reason why as if it seems the perfect name for the perfect dragon/home, I'm going to be much lower on trade value. Because I believe in connecting things where they truly belong. But here are a few to look at: Greatly Prized Shimmer Perfect Shimmer and I Know It Princess Shimmer Shimmer God Getting Lucky King Bronze King Shimmer Fragile Ego Shimmer Envy Sir Prized A Catch A Joke Neon Sister (again, not offensive, the Pink has the Old Bright Pinks, which seemed to me, to be Neon Pink Dragons, again, fun puns.) SurPrize Dragon SurPrized SirPrized Born This Way Lotto Dragon SirPrize Dragon Raffle Prize Chocolate Love Auto Drop Lotto Love Silent Knights Peanut Gallery Gimps Bustier Love Parade Black Male (this was originally reserved to be for a literal Black Male Dragon, but also as a pun on Blackmail, please don't take it any other way). Moral Stance Moral Corruption Your Own Personal Jesus No Other Gods Before Me Her Pleasure Still Your Daddy Hormones Raging A Prize Lineage Self Love SelfLove Burnishment Sex in the City Mistletoe Kisses Chocolate Passion Chocolate Temptation Main Attraction Booty Call Venus Guy Trap Resonates Math Queen
  4. CB Pyro Xeno, you are welcome to regift it, keep it, or trade it for your giftee, but please at least have it related to Secret Santa in some Way Thank you & all enjoy!
  5. 2 Red Hatchlings, please help them find good homes: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. Don't forget to vote & support this great ongoing Art Thread & Competition & Enjoy the Art! You can always join in the future, or at least remember to watch for the next round to enjoy and vote again too!
  7. 2G PB Moonstone Hatchling, Looking for a Loving Home, Gone to a loving home
  8. If you log onto the game & are active during a release and/or DC Holiday/Events: You get fun games and New Dragons. If you log onto the forums and/or chats & are active: You get community fun of various types including ways to be gifted and win dragons. If you log onto the game just itself and are active in all sorts of various ways from catching dragons, growing dragons, breeding dragons, etc. Normal Game Play, you earn Shards which you can use in the Market to Buy Dragons of your Choice you Desire. You can save up and spend as you like. There is also a Trading Market for Players and you don't have to log into the forums/chats. Just the Cave. And the Prize Raffles Every Month that don't require much to be able to enter for free. I'm not sure how much more ways you can get free dragons and some very nice free dragons you earn, but you have to be active. At least a little. And it doesn't matter your play style as there a bazillion ways you can do this. I already feel like the idea of an "anniversary gift" has been given to us thru all these different forms. You just have to decide how you want to cash in on your activity to get them. You don't have to grind away hoping to be lucky enough to score a lucky catch or trade or gift. I mean, you can buy at least one CB Gold/Silver Plus other stuff a year by doing some not super hard activity with your 100 shards a week and if you miss some here and there it isn't a huge deal. I don't know how many and much more free nice ways we can earn free nice dragons. But you got to put in some effort in some way. And you choose however you want to. But just because you won it or earned it or were gifted it or however you got it, and it wasn't just once a year doesn't make that dragon less special. If anything, remember when the Prize Dragons could only be won once a year? That was crazy on how much demand were placed on those dragons. The once a month wins have really helped with that. Having something with more chances helps spread the love and wealth around a bit more, and it just ripples out into people being able to offer nicer things of all levels more to all people. But you gotta put in some effort. Sitting around and saying "well I'm busy I will only do this" is fine. TJ has spent a lot of time along with others developing ways for you to cash in and get special dragons thru all those play styles. But you don't get random dragons showing up on your scroll because you didn't do anything. Just having an account for a long time may or may not be an accomplishment. I mean, there are tons of scrolls that have been inactive for forever. Or ones that were made and then people left or forgot about the game and may return later. They don't just have free magical rare dragons showing up on their scroll and auto hatching and growing into perfect adults without work. You have to at least monitor them a bit and put them in hatcheries and stuff. Even with Badges, you have to do a little more than just log in and show up. You usually have to at least click a few things or a few buttons if nothing else. It isn't a game if you aren't playing to possibly attain something. You have to put in some effort. Just being around long enough isn't enough of a reason to be rewarded. I don't personally care how long you've been around unless you have been around a long time and you have been an active person involved with the Player Community, in any way, if I know you or not, and you do something that contributes to the enjoyment of others, however you do that, because you are giving back and helping the game be more positive for other people and that keeps the game going and growing and it ripples out in very many positive ways that pay it forward. A lot of people try to go out of their way to reward that or give opportunities to reward that however they can. And it doesn't matter if you've been here for 6 months or 65 years, if you are contributing to the game, many go out of their way to reward that and regift and pay forward and are very generous. It's OK if you just want to play in the Cave. The Trading Market for buying with Shards was an awesome addition. I love it and love the dragons I've bought with it. I consider them very special to me. You get Monthly free Raffles that now earn you more chances to win than the original inception of it. I don't think just being "older" means you should get or earn a special dragon. You can earn or win or be gifted special dragons all day long for reasons or no reasons. I appreciate long time players, and appreciate those who take time away and come back. They are awesome. But I appreciate the newer players just as much. Older players are usually, not always, but often, richer players, or certainly richer and sometimes even bitterly envied by those with less time and/or luck or whatever than them. I don't think we need to add to that gap. Just be active in the way you are, and the game already seems to have a lot of ways of rewarding that. I don't think an Anniversary Dragon just because your scroll (because its the age of your scroll, not your activity) hung around long enough is a really great addition though.
  9. I don't know if zombie breeding is any better on Friday the 13ths, but if you want to take a stab at neverending love unlife, why not get yourself something or someone special a little early for the holidays?
  10. Friday the 13th is the perfect eve to breed vampires.....
  11. @Solaries @bonvoyage I love my gifts thank you so much! They are perfect!
  12. As a reminder, for the gifts you won from me specifically, if for any reason you prefer not to keep it (isn't your style or already have like), you may regift and/or trade it for something else. I want you to enjoy the process of getting the gift and enjoying it as you please. Thanks!
  13. I donated, if you donated, or are looking to participate, consider posting so others don't forget either!
  14. The badge seems kinda fun. I would say if you like the idea of a yearly fun reward event, there are a few Player Events, while not "official DC Events"; these things happen once a year. That is the DC Birthday Gifting for getting Gifts on your Birthday and the Secret Santa (which is open now and only during Xmas); those might be something fun. I know there are lots of raffles and giveaways and such you can win and enter on the forums and Discord and such by players that are ongoing frequently, but I get wanting to get something more "special" during a once a time special time of year, and those threads kinda seem to fit that niche at least a bit. And they let you request some nice things. So I hope that helps with some existing alternatives if nothing else.
  15. Greetings, if you won a prize on my scroll, especially for those that have fallen under 3 days, if it is not picked up within the next 8-12 hours; It will be hatched and not regifted and/or put up for a FFA gift for others here or elsewhere. If you did NOT get a teleport link or it is not working, please let me or dragoness know. Thanks!
  16. Thank you I am very excited and love my prizes so many great donations & I hope everyone enjoyed and thanks for Hosting Dragoness and thanks to all who participated!
  17. Natayah

    Z Project

    2G Z'coded Egg Galvanic Wyvern with ONE Z'Coded Galvanic Wyvern Male Parent. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Female Pink hatchling, hatched from AP, messy lineage but great influence! Please find it a good home with you or someone else! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. @TerraAnne - Overall, that is an awesome amazing "problem" to have from a Player Community Engagement and Involvement standpoint. And I'm super thrilled how much gifting and trading and planning and fun has been going on all the Discords even though I don't have time to really visit them myself. I know how easy and fun it was to do it on IRC and to be able to do it in real time to people you know a bit more via real time interaction ongoing vs. just forum posting (both are great though)!! I had an inverse problem. First I bred a Shiny for this Raffle (2G Prize) but did it after the Donations had closed and then forgot about it and then suddenly had to dump it somewhere because I forgot about the egg and fortunately Secret Santa was willing to take it off my hands. THEN I bred a 2G Shiny for the Giveaway Exchange (which worked out again) and forgot this place was just a few days later opening. Although I have donated 2G Babies here so it is not like I am on purposely being greedy. Then to make it even worse, then 3G Shinies I did donate I accidentally FIRST sent to The GGG Raffle because I mixed up the forums/donation forms and TheDragoness was kind enough to let me cancel those, donate other things, and get them correctly over to here. So @wheeloftime13 I have been trying to get more shinies to you, my timing and execution of intent really is bad!! Sorry!! Thank you for my prize as I love Prize Checkers and Double checkers and all the Prize Checker fun. That goes back to super early days of Prizes. I can write another essay but I've done enough of that today so it is well loved on my scroll. Thanks to everyone who donated and participated in all the Shiny Prize Raffle Love!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the upcoming Player Events, DC Events (Holidays and Sneaky releases and whatever else they got planned!!), and have fun enjoying the game and the company of the players, show love and thanks however you do and always appreciated! Happy Holly Daze! Keep Peace and Joy, not Stress and Dismay, or try to get some time away from them when you can!
  20. I think you need to decide and/or admit and/or share (either with yourself or posted here or with another CB owner in PMs) what are your current and/or near future DC game goals/accomplishments. Are there specific types of dragons you want? Rares you really want and/or lineages to collect and/or build? Build armies? Help others? Donate to Raffles and/or Prizes? Add specific dragons to your scroll and if so how many and for how long? As you have over 1K dragons, I don't know where you are in your collecting scroll, ambitions and what ambitions in you still have in this game vs. real life. Because owning a Prize Dragon and Keeping an IOU list and actively trading takes time. I don't know how much irl time and interest and investment you have to give to this game at this time. If you are super active you can do all sorts of things. If you have less, then you really need to put very firm boundaries on what you are willing to do or not do. And you need to be realistic on your energy and time vs. what you hope to gain. For example, from when I have had more time and to when I've had less time, I've never kept IOU lists. If I agreed to gift someone something, or for whatever reason, it was one person at a time, or maybe telling someone they could get something, but it would be at a future time of my choosing. Almost all of my gifts have been gifts to people I've known for awhile for various reasons and/or gifts to Player Events that were Raffles, Giveaways, etc. If I had won a prize maybe 4-5 years ago, I'd have been more ambitious with my trading and/or things I wanted. With less real life time and as I get older, and just me as myself personally, I just never needed like 10 Rares of each type of dragon or such. I'm good with a few rares of each. The trading market is also fun with that especially since there just isn't much I am actively seeking these days. I've bought a few of the dragons I wanted off the market if I couldn't get myself from Xenos to Gold to Maybe Silver or soon to Rift Wyrms to Purple Florets, etc. There are also lots of prize owners who like to swap babies not only to swap and have 2G's, but also build out checker lineages. If you are interested in that, especially with Holidays coming up, Pick your fave Holiday combo and maybe swap 2G PrizeHoliday babies. I really have firm limits on what I do on DC these days, as I just don't have as much time for digital online stuff much less things outside of real life. But even if I did, the one thing you have to do is pick a few specific goals, order them importance, and be really strict on your limits. Don't make large IOU lists, don't try to trade or get too much at once, and you need to really dig down deep about what makes you happiest and what you really truly want in your game experience vs. OOO RANDOM SHINY. If it doesn't invoke joy, it isn't really worth the payoff of time. You can always shift objectives and change your mind and expand yourself on your limits if you are balancing it well. Just start off very simple. And you do you, don't let other people influence you. I know plenty of Prize owners who like to be open to requests, but just as many who only breed what they breed and then trade when they have bred something and never take requests, and just as many who mostly Giveaway and or Donate to People for fun, or do that in between Trading and Gifting on a List or their friends and/or other Prize Owner Swaps or whatever. And if someone random starts begging or asking for stuff, just tell them No and Block them. If it happens again report them. End of story. Like I mean I wouldn't do that to people I know super well, but I might tell them No, don't ask again, or maybe in the future, ask again in 6 months, or just I'm too busy with IRL and I'm donating them all to Raffles. There is like less than a few fingers worth of people or random moments I'm like Sure I'll breed for you why not you are awesome. Or offered to someone. Not unless there was a very specific reason for them being just beyond awesome for years on end since I've been playing.
  21. Female free hatchling pink now for anyone to enjoy please give it a good home or regift to one: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  22. I'm also going to throw in, definitely see what Holiday Fun Themed you can do, but if you happen to have hatchlings, BSA's (Reds, Pinks, Aeons, Bolts, Magi, White can be very helpful over the official Holiday Breeding Times, Trios, Zyus to help summon special dragon, even if they are lineaged, it is just nice if they have a patterned lineage), Holidaykin/Holidaylines, Wintery Dragons, Popular Dragons and/or lines (Hybrids, Things that Can Alt (One Alt Variety or Various Colors Options), Lines w/ "Special parents" Like Thuweds, Dorkface, newer releases, especially more recent but even in the past 12 months, Dragons that people Collect a lot - Nebula never seem to go out of vogue for example), Shiny/Metal/Pretty, Special Lineages (Like Lyric/Poem/Quotes, Rainbow, Various Interesting Patterned or Lineage Projects, Interesting Checker Combos, Codes/Numbers, etc), honestly it is pretty limitless, I think the real question is - would this be a fun or lovely gift I myself or I know someone would enjoy? If you ever have questions for future raffles that is a good starting place.
  23. Got some stuff donated, make sure you share so others enjoy the donating and/or participating!
  24. Got in my donation and I am excited to see all the people who participate!!