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  1. Entering, please. Scroll: PiccoloRose My dragons are on pages 6 and 7 of my scroll (250 view - legacy breed sort) and are clearly labeled and numbered for the contest, under my older fog dragons. They start with "2016 Contest A - 3eg x Ch - 1" and end with "2016 Contest H - 209" Thank you!! https://dragcave.net/user/n/PiccoloRose/6 https://dragcave.net/user/n/PiccoloRose/7
  2. Updating my final total - 378 . They are still at the top of my scroll (under assorted growing eggs and hatchlings), and go over to the 2nd page. All labeled for the contest and numbered. Good luck everyone!!
  3. I would like to officially enter, please. I was waiting to make sure I would keep up with collecting them before entering. I didn't want to enter early and then give up on it. My purple dorsals are at the top of my scroll, right under my eggs and growing hatchlings. They are all numbered into 2 categories - adults and hatchlings. Right now I have 329 adults and 29 hatchlings for a current total of 358. And some more growing. My scroll is: http://dragcave.net/user/PiccoloRose Thanks!!
  4. Armadillos are part of the Dasypodidae family, which is the only surviving family in the order Cingulata. They also can transmit leprosy to humans. Armadillos contract the disease systemically because of their unusually low body temperature, and can spread it to humans by the humans handling them, consuming their meat, or by handling products made from them (belts, shoes, purses....). It is believed that armadillos first contracted leprosy from humans - after European explorers and settlers came to the New World in the late 15th Century.
  5. This one is really old (and grainy), but I LOVE this pic. And I still desperately want that gorgeous, and ridiculously expensive, contra-bass flute! Another old one - me and my husband on our honeymoon, many years ago now. This one is recent. Me with my geezer kitty, Neo.
  6. I'm 31 and have been playing since 2008. I love my dragons!!
  7. We currently have 6 cats, all the same breed - rescue. My daughter and I both want more, but my husband doesn't. However, if another cat chooses us, I don't think he would say anything about it. As much as he swears that he isn't a cat person, I know that he loves the ones we have. He currently has 2 of them sleeping on him and he's absently petting them both. Our oldest is 15 and our youngest two are both 6. Their names are Neo, Dewy, Bear, Mel, Gus, and Buddy. All males. And Neo is exactly who he sounds like he is - I dug him out of a dumpster the same night I saw The Matrix with some friends. They are all my babies. <3
  8. Thank you SockPuppet! Sadly, it is just how some people feel. And it is how some people will always feel. We try to just keep on keeping on.
  9. My daughter has a medical exemption from vaccinations because she nearly died from a severe allergic reaction to the first one that she received. She has many severe allergies that have caused several life-threatening reactions. She also can not take most medications of any kind because of her allergies. She has been hospitalized due to reactions to commonly prescribed medications. The school she attends has several other kids there who have medical vaccination exemptions on file. It is one of the few private schools in the area that will take children with exemptions. Private schools are not required to take them, whereas the public schools here are not allowed to refuse children with a valid exemption form. But the school she is in has a high number of children with severe allergies, a nurse who is top rate, and a staff that is very attentive. It is somewhere that I can feel safe sending her. And I have had a parent from there (she has since moved her child to a different school) try to get my daughter and all the other children with medical vaccination exemptions kicked out. All of our children could quite literally die from vaccinations. This parent told me to my face that I should just let my daughter die the next time she was having a severe allergic reaction because it would be better for HER child for mine to be dead. None of us are trying to "rage against the system" or be "trendy". We are simply trying to keep our severely allergic children alive. We know the risks of them not being vaccinated. We also know from horrific first-hand experience the risks of them being vaccinated. I, myself, have severe allergies and there is also very little in the way of medication that I can take. Just last year I had an anaphylactic reaction to an antibiotic I was prescribed for pneumonia. Not the first time that has happened, but with a different drug family. People often misunderstand our reasons for not vaccinating. We have no fear of Autism. We're not "hippies". The reason myself, and the other parents I am personally friends with who have medical exemptions for their children, do not vaccinate now is because we DID get our children vaccinated. And then learned after the fact that we shouldn't have. But had no way of knowing that until after it happened.
  10. A+. As are both of my parents, and my husband and our daughter.
  11. This is awesome, but wearing me out! I'm hunting my own, my husband has me hunting for him while he is at work, and I'm helping my daughter hunt them. Getting closer, though!! 29/38 for me 26/38 for my kiddo 24/38 for my husband