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  1. Yup, my sino just showed up
  2. I got a normal egg.... How did all of you guys get the upside down one?? Also thanks for the untradeable birthday present? Hahaha
  3. Wait, I'm confused what this is for and how this works? Is this the right board?
  4. H A V E : CB holly - you have your choice of code of YXgp0 or HL7JZ, both stolen 12/25. W A N T : Pretty open to offers. I'd love a 2G prize or neglected. Other than that, pretty open. Feel free to browse my wishlist on my profile. PM offers only, please, since you have your choice of code.
  5. Bump! The CB Caligene is now an ungendered hatchie!
  6. H A V E: CB Caligene egg born on Halloween - currently fogged; can unfog if you want CB Witchlight egg with code zvHHo, also born on Halloween - message me to offer (debating holding onto it) - currently fogged; can unfog if you want W A N T: Any other CB Halloween, any year. Preference for Pumpkins, Black Marrows, or Shadow Walkers. Not accepting: Caligene, Desipis. Will consider any other interesting offers; PM me. Message me with any questions!
  7. Here's a messy little celestial! And a messy little golden wyvern! (BTW if anyone knows where I can find any Valentine’s new releases, I'd be forever grateful as I completely missed the drop!)
  8. o3o I'm trying to get caught up on the game - does anyone know where I'm supposed to go after I visit the seamstress (who is taking in the mayor's tuxedo)? She said something about somebody digging in a farm to the west but I can't find where I'm supposed to go... I've knocked on pretty much everyone's doors to the west already.
  9. Quoting random post but I'm 2 pages and 2 months late but guess what I'M ALSO ASIAN (also I swear this is the game on the internet I've met the most asians on... I don't do MMORPGs and there are like no asians on any of the others, or at least 1-2)... Have one of my graduation pictures! (Linked instead of posted because it's kind of big) lol
  10. Yeah I can't give it to him either! How do you give things when you already have them with you? Enter/space doesn't do anything.
  11. -removed, game bug discussion- Anyone else who doesn't want to bother with the puzzle can wait for the deer to come to you too. Now that I see there's also a tree maze... how do you get to that??
  12. I briefly hit this problem too. Go back to the original screen (from the screen you have the reindeer on), walk left a bit into the snow, and you'll get a prompt asking what you want to do with the reindeer.
  13. I did the same thing and it only affected falconforms for me. turned them bloody white
  14. charball mushroom + dragon's breath = sooty white dragons: here
  15. click on them and they should load in
  16. Tanglebracker + rainbow water = blue desipis: this alabasta baca + red fireflies = bloody white falconiform: this
  17. Oooh this is a cool potion to use on desipises I also got an egg with the code xeviI heh hehhh
  18. What exactly are alt blacks going for? I'm willing to offer pretty much anything I can within my possession but nobody seems to have any...
  19. I've been here apparently since 2008 I took a HUGE gap between 2009 and 2013, though. Came back in summer of 2013, then summer of 2014 until now.
  20. I used it for zombies, and it's the only way I was able to get one of my most prized dragons - a 6th gen pure tinsel deadline. I personally did not kill any of those dragons, and I only collect deadlines killed the old way where their name or lineage does not remain so I guess I don't really use kill for anything but zombies then...
  22. I had a whole SLEW of deaths when I first joined because I couldn't find a way to get enough views on my dragons, hahahaha. First 4 that survived were a purple, bright pink, water, and white. The AP back then didn't have many eggs in it. Was more reliable to pick things up out of the cave.
  23. By itself, what would a CB gold egg trade for? (Assuming I'm the one with the CB gold.) What about two? Are neglecteds or 2nd gen prizes reasonable to ask for either or both?