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  1. Wow, I cannot believe this thread is still going! Ahh so much nostalgia ^^ Seems like it needs a litle reviving! What happened?
  2. I, kayla0297, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. Now... there was an instance where all the names of my dragons were wiped, but I am currently working on it, as you can see ^^
  3. grrr. Missed yet another Halloween. Sucks being me heh? Anyway, Congrats to people who caught them.
  4. I have been doing chores for a full day. One afternoon, then the next morning. Trying to get some pocket money to buy the full game! Dad just settled with a downloaded beta 1.8 version, but I am determined to let me buy it! I already love it, and this is WITHOUT many of the features <3
  5. My latest creation: http://mikki09.deviantart.com/gallery/32557962 Took me just about 3 hours.
  6. I'm just gonna say what everyone else has said I do however, dont like the idea of tabs at all. We have pages, isn't that similar? Line separators however, are a different story. It would be handy to have everything organized, instead of using frozen hatchlings, etc to divide them as some people do now. Thats my say on this topic
  7. http://dragcave.net/view/n/mikayla http://dragcave.net/view/n/leigh First and middle
  8. I love them, but until me foot gets better (don't ask about it, please) I can't ride. I am excited though, as I have never ridden before and have always wanted to. Horses are also the only thing I can draw I fail at anything else
  9. Becuase of the 2 dragon limit. that means 2... EVER! not just that year.
  10. Was at a few parties... Only got 2 of them
  11. Too many to choose from But I would love to see the birthstones.. Amethyst especially.
  12. Haven't got any yet, just came back from holidays anyway, I know what one of them is, but I'm not spoiling it, even if it's a bribe... so don't try
  13. My ideas (haven't tested them yet) is because lots of people are saying that there are shorter cave drops, and not many eggs is the AP, is that we MIGHT have multiple clutched to keep the egg ratio correct. I will soon test this theory, but as soon as I am unlocked. And I do have one question. At the moment, the AP is actually blocking the cave. So does it just go down to a few during and around the drops? Or is it random? Thanks, Kayla EDIT:: I jest went breeding, and this is what I got: (you can scrunch up this theory ) 1: 1 egg 2: 1 egg 3: 1 egg
  14. I haven't bred my blacks in ages. Of course I'll sign Up!!!
  15. kayla0297

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Wow. TJ really does have power... He turned back time and froze some!
  16. No. It finished hours ago. I wish it had've gone for an extra day though...
  17. They showed up every 12 mins... Or are you talking about something else?
  18. Marionetta said they are here to stay, as decoration. No one knows if anything else is going to happen.
  19. Woot! Just collected my last one! yay
  20. they come up every 12 mins... around there anyway
  21. How long left until it ends? or until midnight? I'm in a different time zone so...
  22. The basket stays, and you can still view your eggs. Even after the event has finished. It a memorable thing, To say "I caught XX/38 eggs during the easter egg hunt in 2010" or whatever. You get what I mean
  23. I have 29/38 so 9 left to go! Getting closer. My sister has 8/38, but I only just startig catching for her. I didn't think of it at the time I started.
  24. I second this post! Though the only other event i ahve been part of was christmas