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  1. I just wanted to post that i am leaving DC if some one could take me off the spreadsheet I'd appreciate it. Thanks and good luck with the project.
  2. Mods can lock this thread... TJ almost never listens to users anyway when they make sugestions on his new shiny features... so why even bother. He's not going to change things and older users are still gonna get flipped the bird that their collections count for nothing. This on top of all the other poor new feature implementations is causing me to leave DC for good (in the process of releasing all my dragons) so I don't really care any more. I'm gone for good this time becuase of how often TJ just ignores the people who have been playing the game for years and have opionions and ideas and want to make things better... but he just keeps ignoring older problems and putting in new things that don't work or are not fun / make the game harder or more stressful.
  3. But having the hatchies and eggs on your scroll would count as observing them. So it would still be observation vs having them owned already. Or maybe add in a legacy ownership under the "owned 0" right now to count those we already have.
  4. This is actually something I may quit over if nothing is done about it... a lot of the new changes to this game have made it less fun... and this is just kind of insulting... idk...
  5. True. But if you link the opening of information to observing and growing and not to the number of owned you can have it import the number of owned from our scrolls and still have every thing be opened by discovering it.
  6. If the unlocking of information can be linked solely to observing dragons then having the number of dragons already owned should be able to be imported sepratly into the encyclopedia pages. That way people who have thousands of dragons get credit for it and not have pages that say own 0.
  7. I've been playing for years and it says I own 0 dragons. that's why it's unfair. It's not giving credit to those of us who have been here and playing. It's kind of a slap in the face and feels like the years of time and work we have put into the game mean nothing.
  8. The problem I have with it is that I own Black Marrow dragons and the page says I own 0. I think it's fine to keep opening of new information to clicking / observing... but the encyclopedia should import the numbers of each breed we own already. It's just lazy that it is not doing it already. Even if we have to click on our own dragons to make them count as owned, if we have the dragon on our scroll it should count as being owned in the encyclopedia.
  9. With the release of the new Encyclopedia it's a little disturbing that it says we have 0 of a breed. Can it please be fixed to show how many of each breed we already own? I don't care about the unlocking of information, keep it so that as we click on things we open up new features... but don't say we own 0 if we have tons of dragons. I know there are members here who have played for years who have thousands of dragons and the encyclopedia says we own 0. That is really not fair and not a good reward for people who have been playing for years. Keep the unlocking of information linked to the observations, but please, please, please let it update to say how many of each breed we have. We have worked a long time to get the dragons we have, and this just is kind of a slap in the face. If we have the dragon on our scroll it should count as being owned in the encyclopedia. As we observe dragons or grow more we can unlock information, but if we own a dragon we should have credit for owning it.
  10. It just kinda feels like another added feature that was poorly implemented so it's not as cool as it sounded like first announced... like the site revamp and how the actions pages on dragons are still all messed up in columns that are hard to use and don't look as nice as the neat lists we had before. Still waiting for a resolution with that issue but now hey look it's something new and shiny, look every one let's talk about that and cover up other issues that people have complaints about, yeay! I will say I am VERY unhappy about the "Owned 0" on the over 1,000 dragons I have. We should get credit for the dragons we have raised already.... maybe we have to click on our own, but if we have taken the time to breed and grow our dragons, and they are on our scroll we should have credit for them and not be told we own 0. I'm sorry but that is just a big red flag on this project. Some of us have spent years getting the dragons we have and it's kind of insulting to have a big fat 0 in the encyclopedia things.
  11. Do observations need to be of adults or do frozen hatchies / growing eggs / babies count for observing things?
  12. I'm kinda meh about the whole not having it filled out if you already have the breed... I know some things are really rare (like dinos) so it'll be hard to even observe them let alone try to grow one if you already have them. Also if you freeze a hatchie does it not unlock the full listing? I know myself I perfer frozen babies to adults... so would be more likley to raise something and freeze it than have multiple adults. Would that still unlock the breed or would I have to observe others still to get it unlocked? Also do leetle trees have an entry in the enclycopedia? or do we not know yet? been clicking all my dragons but nothing's showing up yet.
  13. Oh dear... So... I tried breeding Amrita and Dris and got... Very sad. I will have to do more breeding to fix this I guess. Figured there was enough time to try for one egg before Halloween... oh well. I don't think Vik will be able to breed again to try for another before then.
  14. A new little one is born Link to egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/pw630 Inbred percentage: 0% This will be my first female offspring that grows up, so kind of excited. Sorry I dissapiread for a little, been ill so can't play much. I probably won't do much breeding until after Halloween, just to make sure I have space for the holiday eggs and such. Also I think it's kind of cool is this is the third type of offspring he has had. His first two with Rani were Tri-Horn Wyverns and the two he's had with Venessa have been Pyralspite. I find it kind of amusing.
  15. A new little one is born Link to egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/xZ8is Inbred percentage: 0%
  16. An extra egg slot would be nice, uneven numbers make your head spin when you are ocd trying to get an extra from a new release after yours have hatched to get an even amount. One question - if more egg slots are added would the max amount of dragons you can have growing at once be changed? Currently with gold you can have 21 dragons growing in egg or hatchie stages. Would this number be increased to 24 to compensate that fact that the 3 clutches of eggs you'd get to be full would have one more added to them? I also like the idea some one had posted a few pages back of possibly adding more for being on longer like 3 years, 5 years, ext like that... It would be a nice reward for people who have played the game a long time and still are playing.
  17. Part of the challenge of this game is the consequence of our actions. I was actually saying this in another thread about the change to releases but it is relevant here a well. DC has always been a game where you collect dragons. Part of the challenge of the game is the limits we have and weather to choose to freeze things or let them grow. Do we breed this one or that one, do we leave room on our scroll in case there is a new release or do we catch more now. When you freeze a dragon it asks if you want to freeze it and that it is permanent. When we froze our holidays, yes we had no idea that TJ was going to make it so you could get more. But that's the thing, we still made a choice. I am against unfreezing because it would make the consequences of the action mean nothing. Just because something changed going forward does not mean it should effect past actions. Yes things change, but some things should not be changed and should be left alone. I would see unfreezing an old holiday dragon as an unfair advantage to newer players, as other can get something older and special and they still have no way to get them. If you are going to regret freezing something then don't click the button. TJ never said he would not increase the holiday limit, so him making a change should not effect what you have done in the past when you did agree that the change would be permanent on your scroll.
  18. I'm a vet player myself, been here since Sept 2008. And I am having a very, very hard time adjusting, due to a vision problem. There are also lots of people who have posted about misclicking. there are also the other issues with there still being incompatibility problems on mobile and in zoomed in views There's also the fact that it was easier to read and looked nicer as a list rather than what it is now. As well as it looked a lot nicer when it was a list rather than spread out with all the blank, empty space on the page that makes your eyes cross. TJ really needs to fix this or give players a choice in the options so we can use the cave. Changing something just for aesthetics that has a negative impact on a large group of your users is not a good change.
  19. See that's how I was feeling with the stagnant, every month at the same time, with the same amount of dragons being given to us... it made it so you couldn't breed the first week of the month, you couldn't do anything except sit and wait for sat. Now there is a feeling of challenge, of strategy. Is there a release this week or no, if I breed now will they be hatched by the time things are released. It puts a lot of fun that DC had when it first came out back into the game. It makes catching dragons A GAME rather than giving you every thing with no need to actually play the game, just show up the 1st week of the month and you are set. Too many adoptable sites are like that and it gets really boring, because they just give you every thing... there is no strategy behind it. Yes I would like to see the new eggs drop longer with no other mixed in, like 24 hrs would be great. And it's one reason doing it at midnight would be better, because if you did that and had it 24 hrs for the drop it would be all day. And every one would have a chance to grab them. I think having the drops random is more fun, yes it can be more stressful as well, but the 1pm drop caused me more stress than the randomness of it because of the extra lag and more people catching so less dragons to go around.
  20. The rules may have changed for catching dragons, but when they were frozen we were asked if we would make it permanent or not. Making it so that you can unfreeze any dragon you have frozen when you decide ok I'm done with it being frozen takes way the point of freezing kind of. It takes away that mechanic of being permanent. Like releasing a dragon or killing one (unless you are trying to get a zombie) it's permanent and there is no way to get it back. There is a risk factor in every decision we make in the game, to some extent. Do I grab this egg now or save room in case a rare pops up. Do I breed these dragons or those ones. Do I let this dragon grow up do I freeze it. I think making it so you could unfreeze a dragon would take away part of what makes DC so unique and special. We have those choices that we can make and that is part of the fun, planning who to freeze, planning who to breed. Making it so one of the fundamental actions of the game is not a risk choice like all the other actions undermines the structure of the game. Myself I have frozen holiday dragons when they came out, and even with the new catching rules I am still ok with having frozen them when I did. I am very happy I did it, and every time I get a message from some one who is trying to make me feel bad about it I report them, because it's just uncalled for. If there was the option to unfreeze them I can see these people potentially attacking those of us who chose to freeze our holiday dragons, and want to keep them frozen. Freezing is an important part of how the game is played, and by changing the fact that it is permanent or not would change the way the game is played and make it so freezing didn't mean anything.
  21. Myself I like the random, un planned releases better. I when I started there was no such thing as every month on the first weekend ext. Knowing when to expect the dragons each and every month kind of takes the fun out of it. I like that he has made them random again. I also remember TJ's post saying that he would try to make most of them on the weekend still. It's more exciting when you get an unexpected dragon release, and doesn't get as stale. It keeps you coming back to DC each week, rather than only being on / checking the forums one week each month. It also spreads out dragons so when we have a month with a holiday there is not as big a gap between holiday breeding and the last month and next month's normal releases. Like we had one in the middle of September. The next drop will not be until Halloween, so if the drop had been the first week of Sept there would be no dragons at all for over a month until the holiday, and November either has no dragon or the release is later in the month, so the new random style works well with that so we are more likely to get regular releases in the months between holiday ones. Maybe we'll even get a Jan release now as well! What I would love to see, especially if he keeps the dropping in the middle of the afternoon instead of midnight, would be 24 hr drops without mixing. That way people who work, have school, live in different time zones, have family plans on weekends all have a chance of getting a cb.
  22. I still personally disagree with this suggestion and hop that freezing remains permanent. As some one who generally prefers frozen sprites to adults I know I would not want to use this action. And I would be concerned with people trying to harass those who had a dragon like a frill that was discontinued or a holiday that was frozen to try to talk them into un-freezing them, making them feel bad for their choices they made. I could also see people going and yelling at people for "freezing" babies that were their dragons children and telling them off for it and trying to "require" them to make them unfrozen. I know I've had people tell me off for freezing a hatchie I got in the ap... and it's not fun. Being able to unfreeze hatchies would make this an even more common thing and verbose. When you freeze a dragon you are asked to confirm that you want to do the action as it is permanant. So we have a choice already if we want the dragons as adults or as babies forever. It would kind of take away part of the fun of freezing if you could just be like oh I changed my mind, I want it as an adult now.
  23. Thank you. It seems this thread has become less populated... thought no one did answer my question from before. If we wanted to start a specific thread as a petition to TJ to ask for this to be changed back would it be in this section or would it go some place else?
  24. A wedding has occured Male: Viktor The Ruthless Shahrizai Female: Venessa The Bold Shahrizai - http://dragcave.net/lineage/WgBRz Egg form CODE A new little one is born Link to egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/H0xtI Inbred percentage: 0% Love the colour of the new dragon, so wanted to put her into the line.
  25. That would be the most perfect thing ever lol