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  1. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name:tetra Scroll name: tetra Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/tetra Birthday: July 15th List: Transformers The Movie (1984) 1. Neglected 2. Copper (Green or Orange) 3. Gold Shimmerscale CB or low gen would be fine
  2. I got an honorable mention and did my due diligence by going to the page to select what I wanted (a silver), not seen it arrive yet. There a waiting period??
  3. This will be my final count: 499 adult spitfires
  4. Update: 475 spitfires Getting same breeding issue as everyone else.
  5. Updating my adult spitfire count to 397.
  6. Its not official at all. As I stated in my original post I didn't do any research.
  7. Top five based on what's quoted as current counts (no research done): 5 Lady_Dragonrider: 227 4 tetra: 256 3 cerulean-skies: 266 2 TroupeMaster: 317 1 AzureMist: 339 Edit to add that I've just bred some spitfires and 16 eggies went to AP. So if you happen to catch one with something like 'th Spits' or 'th Spitz' or 'Spitfire' in the name, then its one of mine. Let me know if you catch one in about 3 days time.
  8. Update adult spitfire count to 256. Thanks.
  9. Just a small peeve, but the 'update' part of the list is never changed. It's still set from Jan of this year. Could that be updated too when the next update of numbers is done? Thanks.
  10. Update to 187 adult spitfires. Thanks!
  11. Update total to 157 adults. Thanks!
  12. Please update my count to 100 adults. Thank you.
  13. Update count to 77 adult spitfires.
  14. Anyone besides me just a little worried that the counts haven't been updated in a good number of weeks now? I even did a PM to the host/hostess and no reply.
  15. Please update my count to 39 adults. Thx.
  16. Please update adult count to 22. Thanx.
  17. Please update my count to 13 adults
  18. More new adults SPm7N saC8U nmiS4
  19. I'm going to give this a go, already began breeding and collecting off the ap over a week ago so I have a fair start. My Scroll Adults thus far: 1 Sboaq 2 4adcv 3 Ko22f 4 tZuem Will update as hatchlings become adults. All 2013 spitfires are at top of scroll.
  20. Gift Report: tetra -> Mistshadow: silver Metallic: http://dragcave.net/lineage/AqoCq accepted
  21. Would any of you lovely breeders suggest what species tend to breed best with Gold and Silver so I can repay my 2nd egg from this list. I'm having a horrid time getting anything out of them!
  22. Gift Report: deblogan -> tetra: Silver egg Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/view/a6n85 TYVM Will keep breeding and help out as I can.
  23. Forum ID: tetra Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/tetra PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=14959 Proof that I read the rules: holding hands