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  1. Okay now, this is seriously annoying. Thought I could catch some new dragons, since I have time today, but instead I am dealing with a situation where I can not catch anything, and only one type is dropping. I'm getting pissed off.
  2. So, now that I have some time again, I'm back and will be sending as many flowers as possible. There is also a list of what I currently have and don't have. Not that many currently, but hey, let's try this again. edit. Oh, wow, thank you so much <3 only missing one anymore. Will try to send out thank you messages now. edit2. I have them all now, thank you~
  3. Been trying to send flowers to as many as I can, might have missed someone (sorry...). Will keep on sending some more!
  4. Okay, thought about not saying anything, but... while I do think it's nice that everybody gets a chance to get the old holiday releases, I must admit that I have never been this frustrated and annoyed during holiday breeding/and now catching season. Yes, managed to snatch my second CB Yulebuck, having gifted my original second one to someone back in 2008, so yes, that's good. But, Hollies are uncatchable to me. I have been trying since this thing began, and while I have seen more than a few, I haven't been able to catch any. Just clicking at everything doesn't work, incognito doesn't work, and
  5. Oh, they look so pretty~ Somehow managed to catch two leaf eggs and four diamond eggs. Would like to have one more leaf, but I'm egglocked until a spirit ward egg hatches...
  6. Yeah, only managed to get blue ones, no orange ones for me then, it seems. Especially since I am lousy at catching, and my 8-year-old computer isn't exactly that fast anymore. Well, congrats to those who managed to nab them.
  7. Yeeeeeees, got my three pairs and influenced them Now I just want that tan ridgewing to hatch so I can get one more~ Happy birthday Dragon Cave!
  8. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Revangelis Will be throwing some snowballs when I can.
  9. Happy holidays and thank you for the event. Had fun with it