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  1. Sending out as many flowers as I can before heading off to work... I'd love to get a few more of my favorites, but I love all of the flowers (and non-flowers) really and appreciate all of the ones sent to me! You're all amazing! <3
  2. Still sending out flowers to as many people as I can! Especially to those with wishlists! I'd love to get a few more of my favorites, but I love all of the flowers (and non-flowers) really and appreciate all of the ones sent to me! You're all amazing! <3
  3. Wowza! I've got them all now! Thank you all so much for the lovely flower bombs!!! You're all so amazing! <3 I'll continue to send out flowers where I can to help others out with their wishlists! <3 Flowers I still need: None!
  4. I'd of course love to get one of each flower before the event ends, but regardless of whether or not that happens I appreciate any and all of the flowers I receive, and will be sending out flowers as well. Thanks guys! Flowers I still need:
  5. OMG... They're absolutely stunning!
  6. When the baker came out and caught me trying to steal one of the pies it really caught me off guard. Totally wasn't expecting that after not getting caught doing all of the naught stuff I've been doing, lol. Did everyone who chose the steal option get caught? I'm curious if it's possible to get away with it...
  7. I can't decide if I want to be nice and give the cat back... Or be really mean and keep it... And I wonder if being "naughty" actually affects the story line or possibly the badge... hm...
  8. The one thing I don't like about the new Silver sprites is just how white and washed out they look... They're not very silver looking anymore imo. :3 Other than that I like them well enough and I'm sure I'll get used to them in time...
  9. Awesome! Nakase's art is simply beautiful and I could seriously stare at it for hours. <3 I love the addition of the time stamp too. I don't really need it (I'm just 2 hours behind site time so it's not too hard to remember, lol) but it'll be very beneficial to lots of people I'm sure.
  10. Indeed, lol. Never hurts to have a little hope. Though I do feel kinda bad for winners who miss out. :3
  11. Been here since 2008 as well and still never won any of the raffles. But that's perfectly alright honestly. I've never been very lucky when it comes to raffles anyway, lol. Anyway, just wanted to congratulate all of you that won something! I can't wait to see all of the pretty lineages you'll make.
  12. Yes! I've been waiting for this! Can't wait for it to be fully implemented.
  13. Eh... To be honest I can't say I'm all that thrilled with this decision, given that I'm not usually awake around that time (I'm a night owl, lol), but if it does in fact end up helping more people to get their eggs then I'm all for it I guess. And it's not like the eggs are limited editions or anything (I hope, lol) so there'll be plenty of other opportunities for me to catch some later on. I'll just miss being able to snatch them up early and not have to fight the crowds.
  14. Thank you to everyone who sent me flowers. I wish I'd been able to send back to everyone before the event... Just know that I really do appreciate them. Thank you! <3
  15. This is excellent news! Though I wish I didn't have to wait for snow to accumulate again now... Ah well... :c
  16. I really hope the glitch with the new items is fixed soon. D: I had my fort looking just the way I wanted and now half of the items I added have disappeared and I have no more snow and will have to wait for more to accumulate. So frustrating... :3 Other than that though I'm loving the new items! Thank you to TJ and all of the spriters for all of the hard work put into this years event! <3
  17. Wow! These eggs are really intriguing looking. I love their colors! Can't wait to see what they turn into!
  18. Yay! More two-headed dragons! Can't wait to see the hatchlings and adults.
  19. Oh wow... The poses for the ungendered hatchlings are absolutely adorable! ^.^ Can't wait to see how the adults look. I'm liking what I see so far.
  20. Oh, very nice! Definitely reminds me of seagulls.
  21. I knew my Horse and Hellfire hoards would come in handy some day...
  22. What an interesting and pretty design. Definitely can't wait to see these when they've grown!
  23. A bit sad that there isn't a bright-breasted wyvern among the new avatars, but I guess I'll live. They all look so wonderful! Thanks so much Mysfytt! <3 And I seriously can't wait for the releases to start! I've been going stir-crazy over here in anticipation, lol.
  24. Awesome! Really been looking forward to this event! Happy Easter everyone!
  25. Oh my goodness! What a pleasant surprise! I went offline for about 9-10 hours (sleeping and such) and came on to find an extremely full vase. Seriously, wow! Thank you so much to everyone who's given me a flower. It's greatly appreciated! <3 http://dragcave.net/valentines13/Roonie-Roe