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  1. Final Count (96): Desipis: 11 Marrow: 12 Caligene: 13 Shadow Walker: 18 Pumpkin: 5 Witchlight: 12 Grave: 15 Cavern Lurker: 10 And here is my pumpkin in her final costume as a mummy: https://dragcave.net/halloween17/munificent
  2. Current Visitors (47): Desipis: 6 Marrow: 5 Caligene: 10 Grave: 9 Shadow Walker: 7 Pumpkin: 4 Witchlight: 3 Cavern Lurker: 3 The Graves are having a surge and will overtake the Caligenes soon, I am sure. Everyone's costumes are so cute! https://dragcave.net/halloween17/munificent There's my pumpkin, currently ready to climb the yardarm and buckle swash, though I expect I'll change her outfit again later today. Maybe go straight mummy for a little while...?
  3. Bleh, never mind! I poked around more and it ended up being a glitch on my side. I'll update my list above accordingly. Sorry for the false alarm! Nyxity: Did you ever think to screencap it? Nope, sorry! It just looked like the full ghost costume by itself.... as the dragon sprite under it was being stubborn about loading, apparently!
  4. 16 vistors so far: 3 Caligene 3 Desipis 2 Grave 2 Shadow Walkers 2 Witchlight 2 Marrow 1 Pumpkin 1 Cavern Lurker
  5. Ah, it was a hard choice! I was this, this close to going with the cute Cavern Lurker, but my eye kept sliding over and I had to pick the Pumpkin. Can't resist that pretty orange!
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    Cool Codes

    Snagged that egg, thanks Draketeeth! Up for grabs: NSFW CB code egg, Claim my eggs/hatchlings! You're welcome, Wiz, thanks for letting me know!
  7. munificent

    Cool Codes

    Up for grabs: CB lowercase name code egg, yumie CB uppercase egg, code MYJOI You're welcome, thanks both for letting me know!
  8. munificent

    Cool Codes

    Up for Grabs: CB Vampire egg, Bruzo Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. You're welcome, glad you like it! I had to memorize that bit in school, so it tends to come to mind. I picked several myself this year: 8th gen pb & 8th gen pb - A matching pair, thanks mystery breeder! 2nd gen from sunrise - Thanks Singalana! (and then I snagged three of my own since it was late and that was what was available when I unlocked from the 3 above, and also... I can't resist codes. ) 2nd gen from pyro xeno - Thanks, Lesh4537 2nd gen from mistletoe & 2nd gen from shadow walker - Thank you Confused Cat! 4th gen pb stair - Thanks mystery breeder! 2nd gen pb - Thanks, Fly-by-Night!
  10. CB Aeon Egg StormBirdRising, thanks for letting me know & you're welcome!
  11. It's not that I didn't think the celestial mechanics idea was interesting, but it's all about the brutes today for me (...pluuuus I am discovering I am bad at the willpower for mass breedings). I got through about 40 brute breedings with various pairings and had... about half brute results (also bad at counting ). I also got this extra if someone would like it. Singalana: You're welcome, thanks for letting me know! Glad to hear he'll have a lovely home. <3
  12. I bred my Celestials to join in! I got about 25 celestial eggs, I'd estimate, from about 20 Celestial breedings with various pairings? More Celestials than I'd realized I'd had, in any case. I might try Monarchs in a bit, but shout out to those who do go through the effort and mass breed in vast quanities, phew.
  13. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: munificent Giftee: heyninja Lineage LINK: bZJO5 Breed: spessartine pyralspite Status: Accepted
  14. I saw that in the other thread! Congratulations - great codes, great pairings!
  15. I'm not going to lose sleep over the issue (losing enough of that over other stuff in the world, these days) but I've been kind of turning it over in my head. In general, I think I'm just really uncomfortable with the use of the concept, in this case. If the previous spriters are the concept creators, will they get alts of the redone sprites? Assuming they even want them. It seems there was some trouble before release, though it doesn't seem to have been too serious - I can only speculate, of course - as immediate action wasn't taken. It can't be that the concept was plagiarized, because here it is? And if it was that serious, still, why keep the concept, why not just cut them out and lay out a harsher response? I know someone answered before that there might have been an even greater furor over a totally different dragon, but there's always going to be a furor anyway. I don't know, I don't know anything about it really. It just sits uneasily.
  16. It's just a very strange situation. If the originals were unable to be used for some reason, why replace it with such a similar but distorted design? I understand if it was rushed, but then why not just go with a whole other dragon?
  17. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Caught this holly in the ap. Messy, but also has a bronze shimmer as a direct parent... just an interesting thing I thought I'd post it here in case someone was... interested!
  18. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Munificent Giftee: Terrafreaky Lineage LINK: LEnwE Breed: Black Status: Accepted
  19. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Munificent Giftee: Pandalf Lineage LINK: nGwiY Breed: Copper Status: Accepted
  20. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Munificent Giftee: Starscream Lineage LINK: oMNvD Breed: Vampire Status: Accepted
  21. Because it suits my level, I've been looking out for a 7ate9 code practically since we switched to 5 letter codes, and I just couldn't resist this egregious failure: 7eat8 Ah. So close and so, so far.