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  1. TBH, I'm hoping they don't include the battle scenes. What makes ASOIAF so compelling for me is that the battles happen but it's not the heroes on the field that win; most of what's important are the political and personal machinations that set up everything long before thousands of people fight uselessly. Even winning a war doesn't make you successful. The plotline requires why the battles happen and what their impact on the outside characters' actions are, not what happens in the battles 90% of the time. So with the budget, I'd rather they shoot awesome character scenes or worldbuilding C:
  2. As someone who had used Windows computers for fifteen years, I needed about an hour to get used to basic, non-program-specific changes on a Mac. With so many things we do moving into web browsers instead of on the computer itself, there isn't that much of a difference.
  3. Everyone has a personal note pad on the forum: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=UserCP&CODE=00 and the forum is very, very rarely down. It's much more reliable than the site itself. Perhaps store there? As for the "how many trades done", I'd have a very high number and still think that's not anyone else's business.
  4. That is incredibly helpful (900 adult dragons of each gender here), thank you!
  5. The hellfire is gorgeous <3 Thank you so much! I probably have to shrink it a lot to fit it in signature, but it'll definitely go in my rotator as soon as I remember my password. Sorry it took me so long to check this thread again.
  6. I don't care/mind if new breeds do - probably prefer it - but like several people above, I very much prefer that old breeds not be given dimorphs. Lineages were hard enough without being upturned by new sprites :'P
  7. Your post implies that you think changing the sexuality of a character makes them OOC - is that what you meant..? I know nothing of Eastern fandoms, but for Western ones, I think the biggest at this time are Harry Potter, Supernatural, Doctor Who (including spinoffs and the old series), and collectively Stargate.
  8. Do you take IOUs for the tinsels, and do you have any requirements for their lineage? I'd like to make a request.
  9. I'm interested in economics- theoretical, not business- and possibly law school after, but my parents (who are paying for much of college and thus able to guilt-trip) think that's impractical and wish I were going into engineering or a pre-med track instead. To all of you whose parents are trying to force you to be lawyers, I'm sorry ;__;
  10. TV Tropes is a great way to find examples! heel face turn: good guy goes bad over the course of the story grey and gray morality or morality kitchen sink: everyone is ambiguous and/or mixed then let me be evil: the world treats good/neutral character as if they were evil, character eventually goes evil freudian excuse: evil character has abuse or similar trauma in the past well intentioned extremists: what the name suggests - decent purpose, ugly/evil/violent execution For loose definitions of good and evil. There are so many variations and subtropes, and the site has pages f
  11. http://dragcave.net/lineage/n/Nxod%20Rejj%20Thuwed Pygmy Thuwed spiral, at 10th gen. Ran out of pygmies and besides, I'd run out of visible generations soon.
  12. I don't see why this person absolutely needs to have examples..? It's a thread that connects possible spriters to people with ideas. S/he is not asking for payment.
  13. Trying for the 4th spot-- I WANT THIS DRAGON DRAWN! Username: kadoatie Dragon type: adult hellfire (either gender) and a leetle tree DC: yes Stage of the dragon: trying to burn the tree down? staring at it in curiosity? pointedly ignoring it? whatever drives your inspiration Other: the more horizontally oriented, the less I have to shrink your gorgeous art to fit in signature, so please please horizontal posing? And here's the tinsel: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Brp6o It's a silver tinsel, 5th gen staircase from Penk. Would that work for you? [/hopes :3]
  14. Curious, how do you guys prefer to interact (or not interact) with other writers in fandom?
  15. Curious, question for anyone into LJ fandom: Do you guys not have an anonymous prompt (kink) meme or similar anywhere? Even the kind that repeatedly run for a few days and die out?
  16. The thread title still says closed but the above post says open, so please ignore if your requests are not open n__n I can get you a cb trio or a 6th/lower gen tinsel within a week. Would you be willing to draw a DC adult hellfire?
  17. Purebreds without dimorphism are boring to me too, sorry @__@ I like chequers with naming schemes, but I tend not to like naming schemes that require exact words (like a family suffix)- prefer thematic naming.
  18. Would you be willing to draw a female hellfire? I have a silver tinsel hatchling with not-so-pretty, but not inbred, lineage right now, or I could IOU one of prettier lineage. :3
  19. Sickness is a reflection of too many views- it's not a problem in itself. Usually I don't care if my tinsels get sick shortly after they hatch (I incubate and ER) because I know the approximate amount at which hatchlings actually die, and it's nowhere near what it takes to make them sick. As long as no one's view-bombing they'll be fine with the leftover stream of views from ERs.
  20. I really like the idea of this thread, so please don't die @__@
  21. kadoatie

    Watership Down

    When copying Wikipedia's description it would be polite to credit them :3 Definitely heard of it, never bothered reading it.
  22. Curious, do you have any examples?