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  1. Stupid question but how do you get a weapon in the first place to attack people with?
  2. I like the combo with Black Zyu!
  3. So, I don't have a clue on current trade prices. Are the market prices in gemshards a good indication of whether two species will have the same value on the regular trading market? I'm looking to trade a CB Alpine Zyu for a Chicken, Paper, Cheese, CB Ice, CB Xenowyrm, Cb Aeon. Are those reasonable demands? Really aiming for a chicken but don't know how they compare in rarity.
  4. 🙄 In addition to the suicide thing, I specifically asked when to accept/reject/abstain... The description in question was, indeed, 'painting a scene' (at least that's one thing we can agree on XD), more specifically the process of him becoming a zombie. But yes, it was a misunderstanding, thanks for clearing that up. I'll refrain from reviewing descriptions, stick to the happy descriptions I used to write and we'll take this up further through pm to stop spamming the rest of the forum. My sincere apologies everyone!
  5. @Lagie Story is fine as long as it explicitly demonstrates their personality! (Background: dragon commits suicide to reunite with lost love, son revives him against his will, becomes a rage-filled Zombie. I pm’ed to check whether suicide was allowed or not.) (And don’t worry I’ve stopped reviewing descriptions altogether.)
  6. In all honesty though I’m not sure that rule is enforced as strictly as it was worded. Leigheastar‘s description was re-aproved even though the only direct reference to his character is the word ‘greedy’. On the plus side though, it is absolutely :censorkipz: amazing how fast descriptions get approved ❤️ The dark old days where you’d go on a six month hiatus and they’d all still be in the queue...
  7. That would have been me, actually, sorry! I always admire your descriptions but asked a mod recently about some of my own descriptions and when to accept/reject/abstain, and was told "Descriptions aren't a place to write a story, they should describe the dragon's personality" and "You can include an anecdote/story in that description, if it demonstrates that personality." (literally). Also that 'Dragon is characteristic-X, and this thing that happened is an example' is fine but 'this thing happened to the dragon' is not, so I've been accepting/rejecting according to that new information. I also have a number of 2008 descriptions with the %nsbp-bug I need to resubmit but which I have to rewrite first because they don't follow the new rules
  8. @Herk “Descriptions aren't a place to write a story, they should describe the dragon's personality”. Was that always a rule? I’ve been gone for a while so I guess I just forgot Edit: I used to write about the history or a key turning point in the dragon’s life so takes some getting used to focussing more on explicit descriptions of personality. I asked a mod for advice regarding some descriptions involving a zombie-by-suicide and a murdered hatchling (to keep things PG-13) and when I should accept/reject/abstain while reviewing.
  9. Two to pick from! https://dragcave.net/view/TQJfl Describe that dragon! She has beautiful cream-colored eyes, similar to pearls. She also loves to collect pearls, but there are few and only small ones in the pond where she lives. Males try to woo her by bringing large pearls from the ocean to her. https://dragcave.net/view/v8dsD Describe that dragon! He is generally a kind and loving dragon, but when he is stressed or otherwise under pressure, his demons come to haunt him. Dark silhouettes moving in the corner of his eyes. Whispering voices in his ears. He knows they're not real, but they can be difficult to shake off. Had to rewrite my description because it was a story instead of describing his personality, whoops. Attempt two! I think I might rename him, the bad pun feels a bit mismatched to his depressing story haha! I have a Description To Do List, though any undescribed dragon on my scroll is eligible! I also have groups for my approved and pending descriptions. Open to suggestions!
  10. Accept: I think I liked this better without the new final sentence. Accept: I know, but I'm still trying to figure out the new rules that descriptions aren't a place to write a story, they should describe the dragon's personality. I have so many descriptions I need to edit because they focus on their history too much 😥 I have descriptions I've had since 2008 that I've had to resubmit due to random &nsbp thingies appearing in the text, that are probably going to be rejected now.
  11. Having come back from a long hiatus and apparently having missed the memo that dead dragons aren't cleared anymore, I fully support this 😂 Either unnaming or renaming would be a great solution.
  12. Abstain: comma needed after worry (inside the quote) --- other hatchlings would make (you have more than one, I'm guessing!) --- Accept: Accept: So sad:( It's well written though I actually took the comma out because I was at -1 characters But completely missed the missing s, so I shuffled the text a little bit to make things fit. By the way, can I just say I appreciate everyone leaving comments, I love getting feedback on my little descriptions so thank you all!
  13. I'm very sorry... Cheezy Pun, Paris Stilton, Gorgodzilla, Roarquefort, R 'n Brie, Brieyoncé, Shopping Brie, Briebay... I need more Cheese dragons for the amount of possible terrible puns. Not to mention start writing them the descriptions they deserve. A hatchling you froze because you didn't like the lineage?
  14. Thank you! Looks like I need to hunt the cave to collect all the different sprites.
  15. I have a question regarding Zombie lineages. Say you have a 4rd gen dragon, you kill the 3rd gen parents and succesfully manage to Zombify them, what will the 4th gen's lineage look like? Cut off with tombstones like regular orphaned dragons or will the rest of the lineage be visible? Figured I'd check before massacring my CB Wyrms for a zombie evengen project
  16. Definitely Fluffiness! A dragon that turned out to be the wrong gender?
  17. @Peachycupcake525 https://dragcave.net/view/hrz1E - Write that description! He grew up in an Alpine region, but has a terrible fear of heights. How did he cope with that? Did he move to a less elevated region as he grew older or learn to overcome his fear with practice? Maybe he meets a buddy who supports him? Mom And Dad Wanted A Soulpeace Taking suggestions! I have a Description To Do List, though any dragon on my scroll can be suggested. I have my approved descriptions grouped here while my pending descriptions can be found here. Suggestions are welcome but not obligatory!
  18. https://dragcave.net/lineage/x5zkU Vampires need to eat too! #vampirelivesmatter A dragon with a 5th even gen checker?
  19. Legitimacy ======= Sausage
  20. I really, really want to buy this €188 heavy duty sewing machine so I can finish my Altaïr cosplay before the renfair two weeks from now. But then next month I'll have only a €20 buffer for uinplanned expenses. Plus with the current weather it's probably going to be too hot to wear my cosplay. I need self control.
  21. Bred my oldest breeding pair, Silver x Guardian. Miraculously, they actually produced a Silver for a change - and I forgot I was still egg-locked Whoops. Sorry little egg.