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Willing to breed anything off of my scroll, PM me!Looking for 2nd Blue Lunar from Almandine!Wishlist in profile

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    Always looking for:
    Unbreedables (especially paper and cheese)
    Checkered lineages
    Other Pretty lineages
    Wishlist Hatchlings

    Will also always accept CB Gold or Silver :)

    AUTO on almost all trades:
    ****Currently looking for Bright Pink X Frill checker, Bright Pink X Gold checker,2nd Gen Pink from bright pink and gold, and a 2nd Gen Gold****

    Wishlist/Scroll Goals

    CB Canopy (M)
    2nd Gen PB Dark Green Alt (M,F)
    CB Red Dorsal (F)
    CB Greater Spotted Drake (M)
    CB Nocturne (M)
    CB Ochredrake (M)
    CB Spring (M)
    CB Sunrise (M,F)
    CB Water Walker (M)
    2nd Gen PB Yellow Undine (M,F)
    2nd Gen Avatar of Change (M,F)
    2nd Gen Avatar of Creation (M)
    2nd Gen Avatar of Destruction (F)
    2nd Gen Two-Finned Bluna (M,F)
    2nd Gen Ultraviolet (M,F)
    CB Liver of Sulfur Copper (F)
    CB Verdigris Copper (F)
    CB Gold (M,F)
    CB Silver (M)
    2nd Gen Tinsel (M,F) all colors
    2nd Gen Shimmer-scale (M,F) all colors
    CB Neglected (M,F)
    2nd Gen Val'14
    2nd Gen Halloween'14
    2nd Gen Holly (M,F)
    2nd Gen Pumpkin (F)