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  1. harvest moon ds and on the computer... I no it's lame but neopets
  2. Who else loved Jack Sparrow? Which is your favorite movie? Who is your favorite character?
  3. The Box was terrible. So was the Pery Jackson movie. never read the books was forced to see the movie it was terrible. I was also forces to see How to Train your Dragon. hated it. no offense but I wish the guy wouldve died at the end. o and I also was forced to see avatar the last airbender and I hated it so much. never bothered to see avatar. who cares about blue people?
  4. amyrokz

    Katy Perry

    I luuuv her my faves are: firework, not like the movies, pearl, hummingbird heartbeat, and last Friday night
  5. amyrokz

    Lady Gaga

    luv her her new album frwas me out but it's still pretty good
  6. amyrokz


    first of all I am obsessed I've gone to two movie premieres for this and have my ticket to the first breaking dawn one. anyways my face is when Edward says to Bella "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"
  7. I only read sad books so I have a nice list: room love, Aubrey poison study (series) The Art of Racing in the Rain Hurt Go Happy will post more later
  8. yeah but I got a Mac so my sims 3 game died... so bummed. I also had like at least 6 sims 2 things, like apartment life and seasons and pets and deluxe and university etc. oh and my fav sim got stuch in a wall and died... I'm so unlucky
  9. the wierd stone face from Kirby superstar ultra because it's so har to beat that after I beat it I celebrate. sorry i forgot what it's called I'll post it later
  10. don't worry when wart jr moved away I was sobbing but at least I got his pic...
  11. yeah I luv this game but I hate resetti
  12. I think it's totally ok, just like how some kids see pg-13 movies that aren't 13