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  1. mud brown, or on a good daw amber or chocolate. i want blue eyes like this person use probably never heard of, Asa Butterfield. i love blue eyes sooo much more then brown, unless the brown are sparkly...

  2. BUTTERFINGERS!!!!!!! i also like the oldies but goodies (lol that sounded really lame) such as 100 grand (or something like that), charlston chews, whatchamacallit, etc. i also like kitkats and almond joys and big swirly lollipops, but not the tootsie roll poips, i only like the brown ones of those.

  3. pumped up kicks - foster the people

    sexy and i no it - lmfao

    pearl - katy perry

    super bass - nikki minaj

    lollipop - mika

    i dant decide - scissorhead sisters


    i love music and know sooo many songs theres are just the first five or sos that popped into my head

  4. ok so i am im luv with pirates of the carribbean... i always spell that wrong. jack sparrow is amazing i love to draw him. i know every line from every movie... i personally hate will and elizabeth because they are so irritating... plus elizabeth killed jack, although i do like one of the lines from that part that kylipso say: witty jack is closer than you think. in the fourth movie i thought it was good but i thought that the mermaids would be portrayed as prettier, not that they weren't but... Serena had a cool accent. wat really irritated me was how the religious guy never died (i am jewish but thats not why i just thought it was wierd, ya know) overall i love the movies

  5. I only read sad books so I have a nice list:


    love, Aubrey

    poison study (series)

    tigers curse (series)



    will post more later

    also adding to it I have:



    the art of racing in the rain

    going for the record

    across the universe

    the breadwinner trilogy


  6. I know now neopets sucks, but it could be worse. I kinda like it…. I mean, I just wish that u could do more stuff without having to pay for neocash, especially in petpet park. at least you can't buy neopiont, I mean right