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  1. i don't get it... my friend who has 6 ppl in her family has like 10 chickens and they are adorable but they poop everywhere! my other friend who also has 6 ppl in his family has chickens
  2. love it especially the nebulas but could you possibly make a channukkah dragon for those of us who celebrate it in cue ur wondering i do
  3. the egg because you have eggs for breakfast and chicken of dinner lol!
  4. i hate stuffing and am allergic to potatoes, but i love sweet potatoes and pie (and sometimes turkey lol)
  5. mud brown, or on a good daw amber or chocolate. i want blue eyes like this person use probably never heard of, Asa Butterfield. i love blue eyes sooo much more then brown, unless the brown are sparkly...
  6. pencils because i love erasers lol! i scan actuarially write with erasers!
  7. i lovet hem, but hate the imposter ones that aren't red lol
  8. BUTTERFINGERS!!!!!!! i also like the oldies but goodies (lol that sounded really lame) such as 100 grand (or something like that), charlston chews, whatchamacallit, etc. i also like kitkats and almond joys and big swirly lollipops, but not the tootsie roll poips, i only like the brown ones of those.
  9. do hermit crabs count? i had 3 for a few years... oh and also i had some guppies that are from the amazon, and ghost shrimp, and this exotic snail-thing
  10. pumped up kicks - foster the people sexy and i no it - lmfao pearl - katy perry super bass - nikki minaj lollipop - mika i dant decide - scissorhead sisters i love music and know sooo many songs theres are just the first five or sos that popped into my head
  11. why did they take his kidney out????????????????
  12. ok so i am im luv with pirates of the carribbean... i always spell that wrong. jack sparrow is amazing i love to draw him. i know every line from every movie... i personally hate will and elizabeth because they are so irritating... plus elizabeth killed jack, although i do like one of the lines from that part that kylipso say: witty jack is closer than you think. in the fourth movie i thought it was good but i thought that the mermaids would be portrayed as prettier, not that they weren't but... Serena had a cool accent. wat really irritated me was how the religious guy never died (i am jewish but thats not why i just thought it was wierd, ya know) overall i love the movies
  13. read all the books didn't see the movie cause i thought that it would ruin the books. how was it?
  14. lol wat an interesting topic. i <3 perry he is so cute. I'm a lttle iffy on the fact that he's blue, but...
  15. I like basically all sad books. i am very stubborn about this, and thus have not read Percy Jackson, eragon, etc. some of my favorites are: tigers curse series poison study series love aubrey help
  16. I don't get it! every answer leads me to the same path someone please help me
  17. um I use pencils/pens but when I do homework I use a mechanical pencil
  18. amyrokz

    Rebecca Black

    oh poor rebecca... not only is she one of the worlds most hated people, but obviously she is gonna get the middle seat in the back that no one wants
  19. lol u are kidding, right? she shows almost as much as lady gaga
  20. i like either kate or milligan... they r so random yet cool... I'm happy that they got theyr family back, but does it ever talk about her mom?
  21. amyrokz

    Cirque Du Freak

    o my friend brisingrrider told me about these... should i read them?
  22. dumbledore obviously, because i have no idea who gandalf is...now i feel stupid
  23. also adding to it I have: gone the art of racing in the rain going for the record across the universe the breadwinner trilogy
  24. I know now neopets sucks, but it could be worse. I kinda like it…. I mean, I just wish that u could do more stuff without having to pay for neocash, especially in petpet park. at least you can't buy neopiont, I mean right