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  1. Something dramatic, like probably a line from a song or a quote or sum thin
  2. please add me, amyrokz, to the list lol thankz
  3. lol so fun but im having trouble getting eggs...
  4. amyrokz

    Your Theme Song

    um... sexy and i no it by lmfao... DUH!
  5. i <3 katy perry, but i also like lady gaga...
  6. i hate to admit it, but at the moment "fireflies" by owl city
  7. fancy cheese is good... like Brie or like french onion... and so is fresh mozzarella... especially on a panini... *mouth watering*...
  8. happy valentines day to the world... everyone needs a little luv
  9. i have wild world. fav character? WART JR.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was originally in my town and when he moved i cried
  10. well i love dr. seuss lots and lots (and i know tons of his quotes) i like grimms fairy tales, up until i read a book about them i like princess stories by walt disney and i like all those weird stories no one knew (like who knows about the 12 dancing princesses? obviously less than repunzel)
  11. well, not hufflepuff, i like books n stuff not ravenclaw, cause I'm exciting between griffondor and slytherin is tough, because i love snape so id say slytherin, but I'm kinda nice so probably... GRYFFONDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh btw i stink at spelling these names!)
  12. love twilight, never actually got to reading eragon, should i?
  13. either animal crossings or nintendogs, but the first games i SAW were mario and pokemon
  14. well... i like sad fiction and normal fantasy, but i would suggest: across the universe tigers curse series
  15. pop cause its really spunky (I've always wanted to use that word!)
  16. personally, i like animals AND people. plus, humans are animals. anyways i think that we should help animals more than people, but still help people. here is my explanation: there are way too many people with all these '19 kids and counting' and all those shows about teen pregnancy, and so there are tons of people having babies out the wazoo (lol I've always wanted to use that word) and did you know that elephants are pregnant for two years, and all animals are killed by humans but in comparison, barley any people are killed by animals. but don't get me wrong, there are tons of ways people could improve.
  17. I am kinda ambidexterous, double jointed thums, and this other thing I can do. So I can lay down and stretch both arms back completely then cross my pinkies. Sounds wield but looks cool. I can also move one eye at a time, and put my feet behind my head.
  18. In north California near San Francisco it doesn't get very snowy but some mornings it's cold enough to. Like I think it snows once every fiver or do years for a few minutes.
  19. broke my arm tripping over short person. got head slammed in car window and chipped two front teeth (now fixed, thankfully). cut elbow extremely deep, should've gotten stitched, but didn't, now cut sticks out like an inch, very gross
  20. well amy was taken and amyrocks was just too normal so i chose amyrokz cause its cool and my name is amy. surprisingly enough, sometimes its taken so i have to do heartamyrokz. some of my others are koalaloverrock and koalaharrislover, because i love koalas tons!
  21. freezing a limited dragon is kinda selfish because it makes less ppl get them, but most people don't even put their eggs in the ap
  22. i have all christmas eggs but no holly. i would trade if anyone wants a different one. or i might be able to get u a tinsel
  23. i collect polished rocks, those little erasers that are cute shapes, and any item that is a koala or is shaped like a koala